Just Dance

Chapter 3: Fans (pun intended)

A.N. I had this chapter nearly complete a long time ago, but my computer blew its AC Adaptor and when I got a new one it wouldn't charge. I can't remember which dance it was so I'm starting over. Hope it's just as good as the last one was. Ruin.

Sakura twirled again as the beat picked up. She dipped to the side and flung her arms wide jazz lines accenting her next turn. The gravel and dirt under her feet shifted as she spun again, flutes and drums took the lead as the accordion accompanied for the special occasion. A little street festival had kicked up for the commerce portion of the civilian population. They were just starting the trade season and many of those present were going to be leaving to walk the trade routes and hawke their wares. The song ended and a group of women skipped onto the 'stage' for the women's dance, mothers, daughters, granddaughters (and sons who were little enough not to care if they weren't 'exactly' like their mommy's.), and even grandmothers tripped out into the center of the street. Sakura smiled at a little girl no more than three that proudly stood in line next to her, pigtails swaying. The dance started, red and yellow fans snapped open simultaneously and the little girl's hands fluttered into the pattern.

It's amazing what women are capable of, Setsuro mused as he watched women from several different walks of life synchronize with women they had never met before. It was beautiful and awe inspiring too see them all get out there with no practice and look like professionals. Passed from mother to daughter this specific dance and a few more like it were things of great importance, almost like a dowry. To see Sakura out there with the civilians, smiling and showing the little girl next to her how to twirl the fan in the palm of her hand was something of a fairytale, like she sprouted fairy wings and started singing the Macarena, he grinned.

At the end of the song Sakura lent down and whispered something in the little girls ear and then strode over to the impromptu band and chatted with them for a second before two of them stood, one walked off and the other shouted, "All right all! Clear the stage for a special performance!" he grinned and waved his arms about, invisibly sweeping people from the street floor. Sakura dutifully trotted over to center stage and the little girl booked it across the now vacant space with ribbons bunched up in her arms, lots of them spilling out behind her and flowing in the breeze.

"Here you go!" Micka chirped shoving the blue, orange, red, and white cloth ribbons into Sakura's waiting hands.

"Thank you very much!" Sakura beamed back at the happy girl, "Now off stage with you," she shewed.

The band members got back together as the two errant ones returned, one with an acoustic guitar in hand. Sakura wrapped what turned out to be one really long ribbon around her shoulders, ends draping around her arms and pooling on the ground. "Around the World!" she shouted and the crowd reciprocated screaming, whistling, and cheering their delight. The music started and she griped the middle of the cloth on both sides and then swept them up and forward looping them around themselves in large cartwheeling circles and then turning to envelop herself in a cocoon of rainbow colored cloth. A large circle spun above her head and the world emerged. She created waves and skies in looping, swaying forms. Sweeping currents of prominent blue waved about near the ground and twirling falling greens fell and swirled like leaves, arching her back Sakura swung up curling the ends in imitation of mist. She flipped over and weaved the two ends together only to split them as she leapt into the air kicking off a nearby building and floated down in swirling blues and greens as the world came to rest in the white ends. The music stopped and the people cheered with wild abandon, crowding around to congratulate her on a superb performance.

Setsuro shimmied his way through the throngs and tapped her shoulder, darting to the other side as she whipped around to see who it was. He laughed loudly, a big brass bell of a sound as she pinned his arms behind his back.

"Not so fast lover boy," She jibed as she jabbed him in the side with her elbow. Grinning she leaned back into the hold till he whimpered slightly.

"Now, now, no need to be brutal," he chided gasping in pain as she tugged harder. "Just trying to show my support -" Setsuro edged a foot back between her feet, hooked her ankle and jerked hard and fast. "and all."

Sakura landed on her butt.

Grinning he offered a hand and helped her to her feet, generously helping her pat the dirt off her skirt. She slapped his wandering hand away but smiled up at him.

"Truce?" she inquired with a quirked eyebrow.

"Truce," he intoned somberly before his ever present grin stole over his face and he grabbed her by the shoulders for a hug. He spun her around and sprinted for the edge of the crowd, "Dinner at Tsuno's, I'll pick you up at Eight," he shouted over the noise. Band blaring, people dancing, he soon disappeared.

Sakura grinned so big Naruto would have been jealous as she flicked her hand and between two fingers a little calling card appeared.

Setsuro Shirihama

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