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Some Thousand Years Pass…

He paced narrow walkway outside his mate's room hoping to hear cries of some unheard origin. She had gone into labor before dawn and he feared to lose both of the lives in there that he cared for, with how long this was taking it seemed likely. He paused to look at the silver bird-like statue that sat upon one of the forest trees. It never moved, never blinked many said that it was there to watch over the lords of his house, it brought him a few minutes of calm.

It was beautiful spring night now the sun's rays settling little more than a few hours ago and he could see the nights crescent moon rising in the sky above signifying its early hours. The nearby forest was alive with its many mysteries. The owls could be heard in the distance making ready their hunt for food. Deer could be seen from the corner of his eye from where he stood on the 4th floor balcony, but they were not his concern at this moment. He looked at the the door that kept him from his mate's side and hated it.

The wait was unbearable.

A deep windswept by over the forest bringing the scent of white jasmine and sweet thunderstorms to his nose. He knew this sent from years past; though it changed from time to time with owners changes. "Is it the wait or is it the uncertainty of their fate, dear friend?"

A wide and bitter smile marred his features, as he turned to stare at his old friend as she stood only four feet in front of him. She was beautiful in her midnight kimono highlighted by the silver under kimono that peaked out at the bottom by the wind. Pictures of forgotten times showed upon her kimono some in hues of purple, silver, black, and blue, the obi a simple silk cloth of silver with white flowers. She was a vision with her black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin, yet it was a sin that she did not know it. She was standing at her side to him staring at the crescent moon, "Great goddess, it is the fear of losing them." She was here, he had to know why.

She did not move, and she did not respond in kind for quite some time.

"Milady, are you going to take them? Am I to be alone?" he was frustrated to no end, HE had to know.

She turned her head to fully see him, "You're never alone," the fear permeated the air, "but I wait for not your young my friend or your mate this night." She paused, "there is another."

The tension eased in the air but he had to know. "Who?"

"You shall see," remarked his old friend, in her hunting tone of mystery.

"Fair enough," he said with a wide smile. "How have you been these many centuries Kagome?" his smile growing a bit dim now that he directed his full attention to her. "How are your many siblings," he joked in light humor.

She turned closing the gap between then and embracing her old friend, "I've been well my duty is never boring these days with some humans in the land west of here at war with each other." Pulling back to taking in his aged face, "You, Jiro, are the favor of the gods of heaven, hell, and the beyond taking up their curious minds."

His mate's screams shattered the peaceful night instead of the joys cries of a newborn that should come from the room behind him. He saw his old friend smile, and he knew she only smiled when life is born, or taken.

His eyes bleed red even with his friend earlier words. He was pissed, he was enraged, he was mad, he was … helpless to the musings of his own beasts demand to be with his mate.

Time slowed down as he turned and shredded the doors to the birthing room down. Once he was inside he was able to see his mate pushing out the other of two pups, the first being a male pup that gave off waves of power equal to the goddess outside, his white hair and golden eyes were a trademark of his age old line. The second, a female, was not that far away in looks, however her power was lacking in comparison to her brothers, though she was strong in her own right.

The healer was shocked that his lord rushed in tearing down the door in the process, and knew the lord was not allowed in the room during the birth of the new pups. But he did not say a thing in fear for his life. Instead he handed the newborn female to him to pacify his lords beast. His aid, a relative of the lord, held the male pup. He was not a man who dawdled in his duties but one who valued his life.

The desired effect was achieved.

"Sumi!" was all Jiro could manage for the moment as he stared into his daughter's eyes while she purred in his arms, "they're as beautiful as you are."

He could feel his friends aura enter the room slowly. He could feel his mate tension and fear as she watch the ancient goddess enter the room. He could hear the soft purr of his daughter instinctively turn to a small warning. His son stayed calm only the midwife started to whimper. The healer took on a sad look that he could mirror if he had not traveled for some time with the goddess centuries before. He knew their reaction was natural, but his son's was not.

"Their truly a testament of your line, Jiro, my friend," whispered Kagome for all to hear. "What will you name them?"

Looking deep in to his mate's eyes to calm her fear, he responded, "The female shall be known as Leiko in honor of a dear friend we both traveled with once," he said sadly with a slight note of dismay.

He saw her glance to the side of her, "And the boy?"

At the moment that he was going to speak the midwife let out a small shriek of pain as she crumbled to the floor. He leaped forward to catch his son as she fell Kagome grabbing the girl, a look of forlorn on her face. "What is the –," he bit out at the girl before the goddess shot him a hand of silence.

"It's alright," she said not to him, but to the girl in her arms as she writhed in pain. "Soon there will be no pain," she crooned to the girl. She held the girl patting her head and engulfing her in her power. He did not knew what was going to happen next and so he backed up knowing that she could release a door to her land at any moment.

His mate was confused her anxiety was rising as the young girl was her sister's daughter, Mori, ironically it meant death. Looking at him, her eyes held the question he once asked out loud.

Mori let out a cough of blood that was pitch black in appearance, the healer, who stood beside his mate taking care of the afterbirth, noticed the color and frowned whispering, "poison," under his breath in hush tones. He watched as the healer moved from his mate to the Mori's side.

"You're to late healer, the pups natural poison's have already attacked the vital organs she's to be mine in a few more beats of her heart," lamented his friend.

The healer not knowing who she was looked at her and said, "'Mine?' Who do you think you are? She needs help."

Jiro smiled faintly and answered for her in a grave tone, "She is the great and powerful Goddess of the dead and ruler of the land of Yomi; the Queen of darkness herself sits before you to ease the suffering of my niece."

"No," cried Mori from where she lay clawing to get away from her.

"Don't move the poison will move faster in your veins young one," said the calming voice of the goddess. "Besides I can do something for you when you die, and you will die." She said the last part without empathy to the young woman in her arms so she would stop moving, which she did. "I wish to give you the gift of a celestial robe baring you from the immortal death of Yomi, but your appearance will change slightly as well as your sent," offered the goddess, his niece looked up hope in her eyes, "but I can not bestow this gift lightly for you must agree to serve the one who bestowed the gift to you after receiving it."

Mori was crest fallen.

"It is a hard life to serve the whims of the gods but the rewards are great. You could also still see your family from time to time." Taking Mori's hand she asked, "Would you risk Death's Choice."

The room sat silenced, even the pups were silenced, at the offer of the goddess gave to his dying niece. Mori, looked thoughtful for a moment, "what would I be doing," she asked hoarsely.

The goddess smiled gently and said, "What needs to be done, never will I make you do what you cannot," calming the fears of the young woman.

Mori nodded her head knowing she got her answer, she would serve the goddess for the rest of eternity. Using her last ounce of strength, she whisper, shakily, "I risk it," with her last breath.

"Hn," motioned the goddess and with a flick of her hand a ribbon of pure white silk materialized from thin air wrapping around his niece's body cocooning her in a soft glow as she took her final breath. Kagome let go of Mori so she could floated of her own accord and fade from the room.

"Where'd she go? You...You," screamed his mate. She was panicked now believing her pups endangered from the 'dark' goddess, if she only knew, "heathen. Will you take my pups as well?"

The goddess just looked pleased with herself ignored the second question and said, "she has gone to the center of the universe to face the mother of all, who is more powerful than all the known gods and goddess in heaven. So I must leave to see her through the gates. I'm sorry my friend," she turned and faced the new mother, "your family deity sends his blessing only to your son, your daughter was an after thought. Be sure to name them well. Your son is strong; know he will never enter my gate."

"I see milady, may darkness embrace you in everything," he said the customary good bye in a sad, wistful voice as he watched her slowly fade to darkness.

She looked forlorn as she slowly moved to speak. "it was the pup, my friend, that killed her body I fear his natural poison that flows through his veins touched hers and overpowered her system." A shimmer was all he could see now, even with his superior sight. "Train him while he is still young," she was completely gone now. "He's a born warrior," remarked a disembodied voice no longer comprehensible. "I will visit again."

The room was silent now; the healer was shaking in his skin as he packed his tools preparing to clean the fluids on them at another time to remove the smell of his lord's mate blood. He was intent on leaving after meeting death in the flesh. Who could say that they met death, and not go insane was a mystery. The fact that his lord was a friend of death was scary; no wonder everyone feared and respected the western lord. Before he bolted from the room he wondered briefly if there were consequences of meeting death, like death for example.

Jiro bundled his pups in his tail while his mate was huddling close to the fire. It was set to keep her warm during the birth, but as he ripped the door down letting in the evening air it was the only source of warmth in the room. He was holding both pups in either arm, the male to the right and the female to the left. The female Lieko was still whimpering to be held closer to the warmth of his body. The male he had yet to name was silently staring at the place where the goddess was standing, as if he expected something to happen.

"I should name him," whispered his mate. "You named our daughter, I should—"

"You will not name our first son, it is my right as lord to name the first of both and all our son's thereafter the first," he said calmly to his mate to reaffirm his dominant position, as was his nature.

"His name should be Yuki for he is the color of snow," remarked Sumi in a quieter voice than before trying with without conviction to stand against him.

"No," he growled softly, "his name is to be Sesshoumaru, and that will be the end of it." He looked down to the pup struggling in his arms knowing she is going to be a strong female full of life and energy. It was his son, still expecting something, which he was afraid was going to be a challenge to raise. Walking over to his mate he hoped and prayed that his friends in heavens and that below were there to help his son should he need it.

In the distance, high in a budding birch tree a silver sparrow, that never moved from its seat, let out a cry to the night before it spread its ancient wings and flew to his master to give him the news he so long to hear.

In the garden soft unguarded pale gray eyes looked to the ruined porch door. With a pleasing smile on his lips he whispered toward the newborn pup, "I hope to greet you as a brother one day Sesshoumaru." Little did he know the young pup he spoke towards heard him before he departed for the mist.

In Heaven A few Hours later…

"She took another pure soul." Wined the rough voice of Otohime the dragon goddess, "that's the fifteenth one in the last three days, what is she doing? She has repeatedly said to the courts that she never needed the use of Celestial Maidens and don't get me started on Heavenly Guards she one shy…"

"That's enough!" said Tsukiyomi, the king by extension of marriage. He was looking straight at the pool that stood in the center of the room. The pool was the source of knowledge to the other worlds it also showed the movements of the gods of Heaven and Hell while they were traveling the earth. The downside is that you could not overhear what they said. Past the pool he could see the white marble columns that opened to the skies that continued on both the right and left of the pool, and behind him were the two shojin doors leading to the separate palaces of the Sun and Moon by way of an enclosed hall that acted as the back wall. Amaterasu, the Queen of Heaven, was sleeping at the present moment.

There were a thousand gods and goddesses in attendance, some out of curiosity, but only a few knew the answer to his questions. Tsukiyomi looked to his right and spotted one. In a quiet calm tone he asked, "Benten what is your opinion?"

"Oh my heavenly lord, I do believe the Death Goddess is starting a host of actions to secure her seat of power," said the quiet crystal like voice of the oldest of the seven lucky gods. She breathed softly making no sudden moves; she had another suggestion, but did not voice it out loud.

"What do you mean?" Came the playful Inari with a hint of concern.

"She think sister feels threatened by some unknown person or persons trying to overthrow her power and she is just securing her power from this threat, by gaining a court to administer her power," supplemented Fujin as he faded into sight from the surrounding mist.

"Can you all stop calling her sister," retorted a voice from the back. The slight scent of demigod hit the noses of many, the fast retort left many to sigh and others to inwardly groan.

"Izanagi, demi-god of life, what brings you to the Heavenly Court of Night where my word is law," boomed the commanding voice of the king. He looked directly towards the demoted god, the father of hundreds of gods and goddesses, the lone creator of the human race, and the only god to ever have, what humans call, a divorce. He hate him.

"Well milord," Sarcasm dripping from his voice, "a demon of considerable strength was just born this night to your favored line of inu," stated Izanagi. "I was wondering if you knew this newborn killed a few moments after its birth."

Tsukiyomi just bore his eyes into the lesser demigod in a show that he really did not care as he did in all things, but inside he was elated do to the fact that the inu clan was his blood in a sense. "What prompted the visit demi-god?" he really did not like Izanagi since the time millennias past when Izanami died and Kagome was born. Really they were the same the only difference was Kagome was more strong willed; Izanagi did not like strong willed women and deemed them taboo among other things. He was kicked out of the Heavenly Court of Day for those believe.

"I asked him to come here Tsukiyomi-kun," came a haunting voice from nowhere yet everywhere. "May I come into your court brother?"

Gasps resounded across the room, Otohime gave a deep pout, the demi-god a frown, and Fujin lips were graced with a smile rarely seen in court. Otohime turned to Fujin with a glare and said in a quiet but rasping voice, "you KNEW of this visit Fujin, did you not."

Fujin's smile was lost in that statement as he returned the glare. He did not say anything, which was rude but he was not of his brother's court and not obligated to answer. He nodded once instead.

He watched as Tsukiyomi outwardly sighed, and then said loud enough to wake the sun, his wife and mate, "come in sister of Yomi, you are always welcome to my court you need not ask." More gasps were heard around the room, and Otohime all but growled a tell-tale 'no.' Izanagi however now shook with rage.

"Thank you brother, your hospitality is comforting to hear," remarked the earth real voice of charm, home, and innocence. Her features were known to many as breath taking, yet she was a danger to everyone that did not bear a Celestial Robe infused with immortality. As she moved the shadows behind her moved in with her; all 19 of them.

"What is this, the Heathen brings slaves for the great king of Heaven," remarked the seething life giver. "Should–"

"That's enough, dear brother," the contempt rolling off her lips, "least one of my handmaidens cuts your tongue from your mouth." Her lips curved in a cruel smirk that was in contrast to beauty.

"Great Goddess Kagome, please do not insult other visitors of the court, it is rude, though in light of his own words I say the same to him as well," came the quiet voice of Benten. She had moved towards the center of the room to peer more closely to the pool. "I see you brought your entire court to be seen by the heavens. You're one man short of a full court."

The goddess obviously relaxed at the sight of the 'young' goddess, everyone was young to you when you're one of the first beings created, and said, "my niece it is so good to see you once more, too long has it been since last we talked."

"Like you don't travel to her palace in the far south every century to dine at her table, fair Death," came Otohime's short retort. "Your last visit was no more than four decades and a year ago."

Several people of the goddesses' court visibly stiffen at the careless remark of the dragon goddess – she realized her error. "Well I see someone in heaven is watching my coming and goings. I always wondered if anyone kept track," laughed the goddess, but her eyes held fury as she continued. "Maybe next time I come to visit my shadow can travel with me to hold a conversation on current event," eyes showing the possibilities of pain, while the tone did not change.

"As much as I love to hear of your travels, heathen, why have you come?" the anger unmistakable, in the life-givers voice.

"Oh, do be quiet Izanagi. You've been told already, but you are here out of formality," came the rumbling voice of Fujin in good humor. "If sister has come to have her court approved then I will approve the court in the name of the gods of the Court of Earth, in the presence of the Court of Heaven, you have no power over the court, you're a figure head."

The bluntness of the statement shocked many of the gods and goddess in attendance except the ones that mattered most like Tsukiyomi and Kagome. Everyone knew these two were powerful in their own right, but no goddess was equal in power to Kagome not even the Queen, Amaterasu, was as powerful as her sister. Tsukiyomi was near equal but held a brazier to Kagome's bomb fire. Many felt only the holy couple together could overcome the death goddess, however they were not on speaking terms since he killed Uke, a lesser goddess.

"Well, brother, you will not have the pleasure of judging a whole court, but only nineteen of twenty members," came the distilled voice of death.

"Though, I feel you saw my twentieth member. What did you think of him?"

Shock was not reseeding at any moment among the lesser gods in attendance.

Kagome knew how Tsukiyomi felt of the future warrior as she felt the same when she created the demons that walk the world before humans. However, they both knew it was not him that she spoke of. The one she spoke of wields the power of three powerful swords which combined could destroy an entire plane of existence. She spoke of Lord Jiro, the pet peeve of the gods.

"What position and title would he hold?" asked Fujin, guessing at who she spoke of.

"General of the Armies of Hell, as you all kind labeled not long ago," it was actually 15,000 years ago when she first heard that name, but it suck. "I really can find no other for the position."

"I agree to the position before his death," Tsukiyomi said. "Though it will be another six hundred years until his scheduled death, can you wait that long?"

"Well, Tsuki-kun, I have no doubt about sister's patience, and having figured out who it is that you both speak of, I agree as well to the choice," smirked the playful wind god as he spoke.

"Thank you brothers for pre-judging one you are not meant to judge," Kagome said in a passive tone of boredom. "Moving on. I give you Nyoko, collector for those who died of being buried, the first of my handmaidens."

Tsukiyomi looked on in disinterest as the female mentioned stepped forward. She wore an elaborate kimono of different shades of earthly browns that faded into pitch black with silver skeletons piled on the bottom some in clothing, but instead of a traditional obi was her celestial robe a soft brown color tying the robe and the the look together. Her eyes were a mud brown along with her long hair that was braided with dark jewels interlaced. Her expression was blank along with her pale skin; she was most likely the northerner.

Fujin had to suppress a laugh as she was reminiscent if the earth goddess, and just nodded his approval. He also had nothing to disprove of the choice, and nodded as well, dismissing the maiden.

"Hmm, keep this up I'll be gone in no time," mussed his older sister, with a smile. "Next is Mina, collector for those who died in flames. As you know fire is in as a means for death among humans."

An auburn haired female with green eyes stepped forward this time. She had a bright colored kimono that was yellow at the top and white on the bottom, the many colors of flame in between. Dark figures and shapes could be seen the bottom folds of her kimono, but you could not tell for sure what they were as she moved. The obi was black with the many different symbols of fire shown in red and the pink heavenly robe was draped gracefully on her shoulders. She had olive skin that shown with the sun, and was most likely from Greece.

Tsukiyomi was most tired not only was dawn approaching, but he did not want to sit through all fifteen girls, but Fujin most likely did. He approved of this one as quickly as the first along with his older brother. This continued until the ones he really wanted to judge was called forward.

"Midoriko, collector of those who died of the spiritual energy of another, and Protector of the Holy Relics of Yomi," remarked Kagome in triumph. The only reason she was their first to offer the deal was because of the conditions of the former miko's death, but others did not see it that way.

The female in question stepped forward with her head held high and held no emotion regarding the position given to her. She was the only female wearing tradition miko garb, though slightly altered with black hakama with a Chinese silver dragon on the right leg, the head pointing towards the hip. She carried both the traditional miko bow and arrow slung across her back and a warrior's sword at her hip on the left. Her flowing midnight hair were curls with light streaks of silver to highlight, and her pale skin was accented by the silver ice blue of her cold unforgiving eyes.

His first question of this judging was in fact towards her, and he could ask anything that it pleases him. "What is it that you seek to gain in your service to my sister, Midoriko?" Evasive and direct, that's all that mattered about the question.

"Tsuki-kun, surely you don't suspect the former miko of ulterior motives, that are less than pure," remarked a stunned Fujin.

The glare Fujin received in kind was an answer to the question, as those who seen that glare were told shut I'm curious. In reality he approved, even applauded the choice, he just wanted to know what stopped her from reincarnating into the next life.

"Lord of the Night, I choose to serve the goddess Kagome in hopes to finish the duty I swore the day I became a fully trained miko," came the cool reply of the great miko. "'To never stop aiding those who need your aid and to protect that which is not yours,' is what I hope to achieve."

Evasive and direct, he loved it. She was from the holy land of Nippon, which will later be know as Japan in a few hundred years, and spoke of high discipline. He nodded his approval and gave a wave of his hand to show he no longer cared. His brother raised an eyebrow at him and did the same. The miko narrowed her eyes slightly at him before returning where she was.

Kagome stunned by her brothers was silently thanking her mother for quick words about how to speak to the different courts. When she saw the miko leave the place of inspection, she called the last female yet to be judge. "Mori, Personal Retainer of myself, and Second in Command of all Yomi," she announced mildly. The shocking gasps of the surrounding gods could be heard where she ruled. No one ever held such a title except Fujin and that was by accident.

Now it was Fujin turn to ask the questions … to his sister.

"Why such a high title sister?"

She sighed, "I'm the only goddess, or god for that matter, to rule in the land of Yomi. Mother gave this title to Mori personally along with more power to help her in her duty to rule in my absence be it long or short." She could hear hearts stop in the lesser gods, some almost not starting again if it weren't for her shifting gazes in their direction, and back again to her brother.

Mori was dressed similarly to her as she stepped forward only her kimono was dark purple not midnight black and the obi dark blue with black flowers. Her white hair was long and free, her eyes were silver no longer there amber coloring, and inu heritage was darkened magenta with a black crescent moon pointing down. She too carries a sword at her hip. Her power was free to let loose now that she was show cased; the miko and this silver inu were on par with each other and Tsukiyomi.

"I have no objections," said Tsukiyomi. "And seeing as I have looked through the males already during one of Fujin questioning of Gin and Kin, the same goes to them as well there is no need to point them out as Otohime has informed me of each one of your acquisitions and did so readily." Getting up from the throne of heaven he watch as the goddess of dawn approached the hall, "good morning to you all." He turned and left through the right behind him.

"Sister in light of brother's announcement, I approve as well to the rest, and bid you and I leave before Amaterasu wakes up, and see us here. Izanagi left an hour ago through a side entrance, so you won't see him in Yomi yet," came the slightly worried voice of Fujin as he ran to the side exit.

Kagome having no wish to see her little sister bidding Inari and Benten goodbye's and left to catch up to Fujin on the Bridge with her court, who did not know what was going on.

"So you think Amaterasu is going to forgive Tsuki-kun any time soon for killing Uke," came the normal playfulness of the wind god.

"No brother I think not. She might not forgive him at all, if she was serious in her declaration. I was genuinely surprised to greet her at my gate and then to escort her to the Hall of the Voice, where only I can go without consequences, to change to the next life." Looking towards her court, she sounded defeated, as she spoke her next words. "I must start to hide soon."

"Milady, what do you mean," asked an ever alert Kado.

"What sister means is, you were all chosen to administer her power to the masses. In special cases Mori will be able to find Kagome and she will do what needs to be done when needed. She needs to hide because someone has found her weakness and she is under attack and without a General she is not completely safe from every threat even with her bodyguard," supplied Fujin in monotone.

"She is safe now on this bridge because only seven of us gods can travel it or see it, Izanagi is not one of them," warning the group. Turning to the silent party in all this, he asked, "what are you going to do now?"

Gazing at the world Kagome was silent as she contemplated what she wanted to do.

Deciding, she turned to Fujin and said, "Be your sister." Everyone's clueless face was priceless.

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