Chapter one: A simple walk

He walked alone, after three years without his arm; those who thought him weak avoided him. He liked to walk alone, away from his pack; it allowed his mind to think like he wanted, which also happened to be what he was doing.

It was not as if he had something to do, which he did. It was, as he knew, to find away to better access the situation at hand. Which, he reasoned, why he left Jaken in charge of Rin's safety with Ah-Un of course, that toad should not be in charge of anything without supervision to see it done.

So, how best to deal with the fact that the Southern Lord had so pompously taken it to his head that Rin was to be betrothed to the heir of the southern lands, and proposed that he and his son come and ascertain the value of the young child, that had just came into training of her miko powers.

He was worried further at the thought that Rin, who was being trained by a village priestess in healing, was not being properly trained to her full potential. She now knows all her favourite flowers have healing abilities and learned quickly about what they were. However he knew that the young miko can go as far as teaching her how to create barriers, not fight like he wished.

Aside from this, he also needed someone to play the role of 'mother' for Rin when the Southern Lord and his son arrived because it was the mothers decision on who her daughter mates. The best person for this role would have to have miko powers, know his ward, be able to defend herself and his ward, not only that she needed to be educated, and have some resemblance to his ward.

He needed to think further on this.

So he walked forward not knowing what was ahead, and not letting his stonic mask move once to reveal any of his thoughts as he walked.

A little further away from Sesshoumaru, a young miko came popping her head out of the Bone-Eaters well sighing to her self on the fact that Inuyasha was not here to greet her at the well.

'Well, I got two whole weeks to myself, went to school, and finally completed my secret miko training,' she silently mussed to herself. 'And to top it all off Inuyasha only came to get me twice.'

Bring herself into sitting position over the edge of the well is when she felt it, the sudden pull on her soul. She looked up and around to see what would cause the sudden sensation to course through her. She spotted them, the Soul-collectors that follow her incarnation every where, not far from where she was.

"What is Kikyo doing here?" she wondered out loud. "Never know if you don't find out," she mussed to herself and heading in the direction of the gathering Soul-collectors. Deciding best to find out what it was the old miko wanted this time. She figured it would not be good, to her credit it was not.

"Woman," he said in an icy tone that struck fear in to the corpse in front of him, "why do you block this Sesshoumaru's way?"

Kikyo smiled, "Lord Sesshoumaru, I would like to wish you a good bye." With that said she notched an arrow to her bow as she took aim and fired.

He looked at the woman, once known as the greatest miko in the land, as if she was nothing and dogged her attack easily by jumping out of its projected course. He than took aim of his own and flinging his poisonous whip in the direction of the dead miko as she brought her barrier up to stop his attack. He watched as she was seconds late and the whip embedded itself into her clay body before it was reflected.

As he landed twenty feet from where she stood, he noticed a soul-collector come down and give the walking corpse a soul that it was carrying. What he saw was the wound that he inflicted to the woman heal as if it never happened, which caused his eyes to narrow at the woman before him.

"Surprised lord Sesshoumaru, you forget I'm dead," mussed the woman and laughed as she took aim again.

He dogged, but as he did so he saw another arrow fly by. 'Odd,' he thought, 'that arrow is not meant for this Sesshoumaru.'

Then he noticed it, the faint aura of spiritual energy within the arrow that headed for the dead miko, who was as surprised as he was at the incoming blow.

"Sesshoumaru" said the unexpected ally behind him, "are you alright?"

He paused and nodded without looking to see who it is that was helping him, as he drew his father's sword and add his Dragon Strike behind that of the on going arrow. They watched as the arrow hit and broke the barrier that protected the dead priestess and his attack disintegrate the dead miko leaving her clothes behind and the arrow that pierced her clay body turning it all to dust, releasing the soul inside.

What surprised him most was the released soul from the dead miko flew pass him, and he saw it enter the miko behind as he turned to see where it went. He realized at that his unexpected ally was his brothers' wench, and she helped him no less.

She did not know why she did it or what she was thinking at the time when she saw that purifying arrow head strait for Sesshoumaru, all she knew was she reacted quickly, and now she had all her soul back. Then they hit her all the memories of her incarnation, and boy she knew everything. She now knew Kikyo's past how she was starting to train at eight to be a miko, how she felt when she took the duty of guarding the shikon no tama, what she felt towards Inuyasha, and how she felt at her death about he one she loved. However, that was not all that hit her she now knew how Kikyo lived after she was resurrected and why she attack the Western Lord, Sesshoumaru. To say the lease it was too much to remember all at once.

She then realized she had her weapon pointing up, and lowered her weapon before turning to the taiyoukia, she knew to face a supposed ally with your weapon was rude. "Do you have any wounds need tending, lord Sesshoumaru?" knowing the answer all ready, yet she figured not asking was also rude.

He recognized the tone on her voice as one of detachment, figuring she knew the answer already he just gave a slight shake of his head to answer her question, which she obviously expected. However, "Why'd you come to my aid, miko?" he asked sheathing his sword as a sign that he will not harm her.

She placed her bow on her shoulder and responded calmly as possible, "I saw Kikyo's soul collectors as I was heading towards Keade's village and decided to investigate as to why she was in the area." She lowered her eyes towards the now empty garments on the ground, " I did not expect to find her in battle with you, Lord Sesshoumaru," she looked up adding sheepishly "besides I think Rin would like to have you all in one piece when she see's you."

He nodded his understanding, and responded in kind, "I appreciate your aid, miko. Now if you do not mind I have things to tend to." And with that he turned and left with his mind once again on the Southern Lord, and not wanting her company any longer. He hid his sent and aura so she would not be able to follow him. Than an idea hit him and he decided to follow miko before he acted upon such actions.