My Beutiful Harem – chapter 1

It all began when I was four. I had been practicing ninja-skills for about year and a half. I remember hearing shouting behind me , and soon knew that another mob had been formed for my life again. As other times I tried to run away but it didn`t work. I had been tortured, spit and almost killed when the mob started to kill me.

I remember sitting there and preparing for dieing , when someone from the anbu`s found me and didn`t join the mob but began to protect me. He looked young but managed to take care of whole mob in five minutes.

He turned around and I could see concerned, beautiful red eyes that looked at me behind of weasel-mask he was wearing. I knew they were open and not masked which answered why I could see the many emotions . He was an young uchiha . I remember looking at those eyes as my consciusnes left me, I tough im going to get powerful and get friends and love in my life, that am I going to do or my name isin´t namikaze-uzumaki naruto !