My Beautiful Harem Chapter 8

It was some weeks after their three years as a team party, when they returned from their first s-rank mission, that was a spying mission in Cloud. It took them nine days to get the required information for the mission and get it to the Sandaime Hokage.

- ANBU-Team thirteen reporting that their mission was a success and there were no injuries" Said the oldest from the kneeling three ANBUs on floor of Sandaimes office.

- Thats good, it was a S-rank spying-mission in Cloud, weren`t it?" asked the Hokage cheerfully as he had done all the paperwork for the day, and his personal team had once again proved their worth as young ANBUs.

- Yes it was. All info is on this scroll." Said the raven haired ANBU as he handed over a scroll to the Sandaime. There was few minutes of silence as the Sandaime read through the scroll and the three ANBUs stayed kneeling on positions.

- Nice work, your next mission is in three days. Its an easy B-rank on Rice, you will be escorting a rich businessman to his home village.
It will take about five days. Dismissed!" The Sandaime said warmly.

- Hai Hokage-sama" They said obediently, and performed shunshin out of the office.

They materialised again about ten blocks away, and quickly began running on roofs towards their hideout. It took about ten minutes to make it on the border of Forest of Death. They smoothly jumped over the fence and landed on ground again. Then they took their own path was without any big traps toward the door that was open today. The paths were all full of traps and needed a lot of confirmations to not turn deadlier, if you didnt have right codes, blood, chakra-signatures and passwords on the right path it would soon multiply its traps and dangers.

They each gave three confirmations within the fifteen minutes it took to go through the path to its door with was in a spring bottom. After swimming to their hideouts outer room, they walked toward their training rooms as they all had lots of energy and wanted to train their stamina, speed and strength more. The next six hours they trained hard and after that ate healthy.

In the evening when they were all lay on their shared bed, witch was about 12 m2, with red and black silk sheets. The room was a big chamber with dark green walls and full of things they had each got on birthdays.

- Hey Tachi, Shika, have thought about future?" Naruto asked as he laid on the middle of bed with Shikamaru on his left side and Itachi on his right side petting lazily their hair.

- Hai, a little, what of it?" Itachi asked as he enjoyed the caring feel on Narutos fingers in his hair.

- I had this thought, what do we do when Sarutobi dies?" Naruto asked seriously.

- Thats a good question, i dont think it will be nice to stay in Leaf, when he dies." Shikamaru muttered from his warm and comfy place in bed, feeling a little sleepy.

- We can either stay in the village..." Naruto started.

- That would lead to at worst Danzo leading Leaf or at best about 99 % of village hating us or them sealing us so that we could never do anything." Itachi ended.

- We could join the Twelve guardians, but..." Naruto continued.

- We wouldnt have any freedom either." Shika said.

- We could start a revolution..." Itachi suggested.

- But that would kill us quickly and Leaf would soon follow with other nations attacking." Naruto told.

- And lastly, we could turn missing-nins." shika proposed.

- Thats a ok idea, we would be quite free then." Itachi said happily.

- And then we could start our own hidden village, for our arts and families." Naruto pondered.

- That would be nice, I think we should do that as it is the best idea and others are quite horrible." Shika said contently.

- Yes, we will do that. Lets start collecting things and money for it." Itachi decided.

- Hai, oyasumi Tachi, Shika!" Naruto said sleepily.

- Oyasumi" Shikamaru and Itachi answered to Naruto. Five minutes later they all slept deeply till the next morning.