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The slight shaking of the bed wakes him and he carefully slits an eye open. A tired and self satisfied smile stretches his lips as he watches his lady love stagger across the room towards the lavatory. The fact that she's only wearing what she was born in makes his grin grow even more.

He sighs with contentment as he continues to gaze at the now shut bathroom door. He could really get used to waking up every morning with her beside him, but she has yet to set a date. He closes his eyes to await her return to bed only to realize that even mutants with amazing super human abilities can't ignore the demands of their bladder.

After a good sized yawn and stretch, he climbs out of his bed and heads off to his apartment's other bathroom. By the time he returns, she's back in bed and the little minx has absconded with his pillow. He never thought he'd be jealous of a piece of bedding, but the way she's cuddling his pillow with her nose pushed into the fibers makes him want to tear the thing to shreds.

Instead of giving in to the urge to cause mayhem to his own property, he mentally pushes Beast back and stares down this beauty before him. She's laying on her right, so he can easily see her left hand clutching the pillow in the early morning light and he grins. The diamond ring with opal chips surrounding it cost a small fortune, but it was well worth the expense to see her wearing it.

"What are you so smug about?" she croaks, her voice still raw from the workout they gave it last night and very early this morning.

"Just thinking about when you accepted my marriage proposal," he answers, his voice a soft, sexy rumble.

"Are you talking about when I called my parents or afterwards?" she questions as she finally turns her head to look up at him.

"Yes," he replies with an even bigger grin on his face.

"Beast," she grumbles just before letting out a huge yawn.

"Not yet, I'm not," he playfully growls as he crawls back into bed with her and spoons her from behind.

She lets out a little giggle as his nose burrows its way into her tangled hair, but it quickly turns to a gasp as his hand finds just the right spot. His lips start to work their magic on her and she moans with pleasure. She pushes her hips back into his growing need and he lets out a groan of his own.

She keeps grinding her hips into him and his lips and hands begin to drive her crazy with want. He knows exactly where to touch her and how to drive her absolutely insane with passion and prides himself on being able to work her into a frenzy within a matter of minutes. Of course, she's not so bad in lowering his IQ until it's close to his shoe size as she continues to writhe around, rubbing herself against him.

With an impatient growl, he feels Beast encouraging him along and he can't stop himself from claiming his Mate. He wraps his left arm around her middle as he pushes himself up onto his knees with his right, dragging her up with him. Before giving her a chance to recover from her sudden position change, he slides into her and sets an insane pace.

Her cries echo off of the bedroom walls as she pushes her hands into the mattress and arches her back to give him better access. He carefully grasps her hips in both hands and barely manages to keep control of his body. It doesn't help his self control as she wantonly calls his name at the top of her lungs.

With a scream, her body convulses and it's more than he can take. He lets out a roar of his own and it's only because of his mutation that he manages to catch himself before falling on her. With trembling muscles, he gets the two of them laying back down, cuddled together.

With a contented sigh, she snuggles closer as her left hand rests in the middle of his chest. He gently strokes her arm as he admires the ring on her hand. A happy smile stretches his lips and then a memory makes hims softly chuckle.

"What's got you so amused?" she mumbles, her face half buried in the fur on his neck.

"Just remembering the phone call to your mother after you accepted my ring," he softly replies and he can't help quietly laughing as she lets out a groan and pushes her face further into his fur.

"Now there was the scream that was heard around the world," she grumbles.

"While her response was rather...vocal, I doubt that the entire world heard it," he points out while he holds her close. "At least she was happy for you, despite how upset she was when she found out that we didn't go straight home after leaving her place last Christmas."

"And at least she didn't ambush us with a surprise engagement party," she counters smugly and it's his turn to groan.

"Now there's an Easter I'd sooner forget," he grouses while she wiggles around to get more comfortable.

"Did you know that your parents even knew that many people?" she inquires, amusement very evident in her voice.

"I think my mother must have put an ad in a national newspaper," he huffs and she snickers. "Yes, well, at least my mother didn't subscribe me to every wedding magazine known to human kind."

"Ok, now you are being a beast," she play snarls at him and nips him on the chin.

"Careful, my love," he warns as he quickly pins her hands above her head and rolls partially on top of her. "I barely kept Beast in check this last time."

"I know," she whispers as she cranes her neck to get her head up to kiss where she bit him. "I love it when the two of you work together to make me happy. Make me happy again."

"You're insatiable," he moans as he can feel blood starting to move south again, but slowly. "We've made love three times in the last eight hours, my love, it may take a while got get back into, ahem, shape."

"Take your time," she replies in a husky voice. "I love it when you take your time."

"As my lady commands," he purrs.

He then spends quite some time satiating both of them. By the time he's done, she's quickly falling asleep again and he gladly cuddles up with her to get a bit more rest himself. Too bad he forgot that he had set his alarm.

He stands and watches the sun rise over the redwood trees that line the property and smiles. Today is the day. After months of planning and plotting and the occasional set back, today all of their hard work will see fruition. With a sigh of contentment, he goes off to make sure that the final preparations are in place before their very special guests arrive.

"Will you please stop squirming?" he quietly requests. "The five year old a few rows over is sitting quieter than you."

"I can't help it," she huffs as she tries to stop fidgeting. "I've never been to California before. How did you talk Mr. Jones into giving me an extra day off?"

"I asked him very nicely," he replies. "He's an extremely pleasant gentleman. Besides, he still feels guilty about the whole thing with James."

"You did not bring up that whole stupid masquerade ball, did you?" she demands. "It took me ages to get him to stop apologizing for setting me up on that date."

"No, I did not, he did," he responds, draping his arm over the back of the chair while he keeps an eye on the podium, waiting for them to call people to board the plane. "I just simply told him I wanted to whisk you away to someplace that you hadn't been before. Someplace romantic."

"And nothing says romance like Oakland, California," she states with a grin.

"Minx," he sighs. "Very well, since you're so intent on ruining your surprise, we're flying into Oakland because it's easier to get to Napa Valley from there since they're still repairing the Golden Gate Bridge."

"Napa Valley?" she gasps as her eyes get huge. "As in vineyards and wine tasting and day spas and deluxe resorts? That Napa Valley?"

"Is there any other?" he asks with a huge grin.

She barely manages to restrain a squeal of delight as she throws her arms around his neck and kisses him soundly.

"I love you," she whispers when they finally come up for air.

"If you keep kissing me like that, we'll never get out of our room," he warns breathlessly.

"You say that like it's a bad thing," she chuckles with a wicked grin on her face and suggestively wiggling eyebrows.

"Minx," he playfully growls.

Fortunately for both his sanity and his dignity, they announce that they're almost ready to start boarding the plane.

"Are y'all sure about this?" she asks.

"Absolutely," Kitty replies as she sits down on Rogue's bed. "It's been ages since we tried to pull something on Wolvie. He won't be expecting a thing."

"But is it going to work?" Serena questions. "How can you be so sure Rogue's going to be able to control your powers as well as you do."

"My powers aren't exactly as complicated as yours, Serena," Kitty answers with a smile. "You better get moving if you're going to help Jubilee create an alibi."

Serena gives one last worried glance at Rogue and Kitty and then heads out.

"Ah'm not sure this is gonna work," Rogue states as she nervously plays with her gloves. "Wolvie will know ya're evolved somehow an' then y'all be back ta bein' his slave."

"Will you relax?" Kitty chuckles while she leans back on the bed. "You were in his room earlier, so only your scent will be in there. There's no way he'll be able to figure out I had anything to do with it."

Rogue just gives her a doubtful glance and then starts to pace back and forth. Kitty just smiles and quietly waits. A minute later she can hear the pipes in the floor shudder and she grins at Rogue.

"Ok, let me check to see if the coast is clear and then you can do your thing," Kitty instructs as she slides off the bed onto her hands and knees.

She quickly sticks her head through the floor boards and then disappears up to her waist as she checks to see where Logan is. She quickly sits back up after being like that for a few seconds. Her face is bright pink, her eyes are bit wide and she's got a huge grin on her face.

"His uniform doesn't do him justice," Kitty states as she gets back on the bed and holds out her hand. "He was heading for the bathroom, so he should be in the shower by now. Hurry up."

Rogue quickly pulls her glove off and then takes Kitty's hand. In a flash, Kitty's memories are hers as well as her powers. After Rogue is sure she has pulled just enough to use them for the short time she needs them, she lets go and quickly pulls her glove back on. Kitty looks a little dazed and is a bit wobbly, but she appears to be ok.

"I'm fine," Kitty assures her friend. "Now go before you run out of time."

With a nod, Rogue grabs the suit laying on Serena's bed, disappears through the floor and lands with a soft 'thump' in Logan's room. Rogue holds perfectly still until she's sure she wasn't heard, drops the suit on his bed and then quickly heads for Logan's dresser. Starting with the bottom drawer, she scoops the clothes out and then shoves them through the floor. Not chancing that moving the drawers back in place will alert Logan that there's someone in his room, she leaves them open.

She moves as quickly and as quietly as she can to empty the bureau and then moves on to the closet. She gets the last of the clothes phased through the floor and then tip toes for the door, passing right through the bed. The shower turns off just before she reaches her escape and she doesn't even bother with the door knob.

She bolts through the door and runs as fast as she can up the stairs for the girl's wing. She doesn't stop until she's back in her room with her heart pounding against her ribs. She quickly plops herself down on her bed and a moment later there's a loud roar below her.

Clamping her hands over her mouth, she falls back on her bed and tries to contain the laughter. She's gasping for air through her fingers when she hears the bedroom door below her slam open. She quickly grabs a book and arranges herself on her bed to make it look like she's been reading for a while.

She can hear Wolverine bellow his warning that he's coming up just as she realizes the book is upside down. She gets the book right side up as the sound of heavy footsteps approach her door. She barely manages to keep a neutral look on her face as her door is slammed open with enough force to make it bounce off the wall.

"Ever heard o' knockin'?" she asks as she eyes him wearing only a towel held up by one hand around his waist and clutching onto the suit in the other. "That's a new look for ya. Ya never struck me as the suit an' tie type, Wolvie."

"Where. Are. My. Clothes?" he grinds out between clenched teeth.

"Ah wouldn't rightly know," she answers. "Have ya done yar laundry lately?"

"Where's Kitty?" he demands after taking a deep breath.

"Ah don't know," she replies. "It's not my turn ta watch her."

With a snarl of frustration, he spins around on his heel and marches down the hallway. She bites her lip to keep from laughing as Logan's passing causes a lot of giggling from the girls on the floor. Knowing that Kitty went off to create her alibi as soon as she was able, Rogue has no doubt to what Wolvie will find.

Following Kitty's scent through the labyrinth of hallways and staircases, he's not the least bit surprised to find himself standing in front of the Tin Man's door. Knowing that Peter could put him through a wall if he wanted, he bangs on the door instead of just barging in. He gives them maybe ten seconds before he starts banging again.

"Da?" Peter asks a bit irritably as soon as the door is open.

Though he can't see Kitty, Logan can smell her in there.

"Let me talk to Kitty," Logan growls.

"She's busy," Peter states and firmly shuts the door in Logan's face.

Before he can bang on the door again, it finally registers on his angry brain that Peter was only wear jeans and they were barely fastened. His nose finally identifies the smell of sexual arousal and he quickly leaves. Though still in a snit, he decides it'll be better to get something on and then catch the culprits later.

With determined steps he stomps down to the first level of the mansion. He ignores the fact that everyone stops and watches him as he goes marching by. He forces himself to pay no mind to the snickers and lecherous comments as he goes. He almost makes it towards his destination when a man he's never met before steps out of Ororo's office.

He stops short and stares at the stranger of slightly above average height with short curly brown hair and blue eyes. The man stares back with a rather shocked look on his face.

"Logan, why aren't you dressed?" Ororo asks as soon as she steps out of her office.

"My clothes walked off by themselves," he growls.

"What's that in your hand?" she questions.

"My towel," he snaps.

"You're other hand," she patiently points out.

"This?" he asks, finally realizing he's been dragging the suit that had been left on his bed around. "Forgot I was carrying this around. It's not mine."

"OH MY GOD!" a new voice shrieks. "My suit! What have you done to it!"

Ororo, Logan and the stranger turn towards Warren as he comes charging down the hallway towards them. His wings are half open, filling up the space around him as he grabs the suit out of Logan's hand.

"What were you doing with my suit!" Warren demands.

"Found it in my room," Logan answers none to happily.

"You've wrinkled it and gotten it all dirty!" Warren rages, his wings opening and shutting in agitation. "You do NOT just drag around a $1,000 suit! It's Armani!"

"Shut it, Birdman," Logan snarls as he brings out the claws on his now free hand and points them at Warren. "Or you'll be shredded tweet."

"Logan, please go find some clothes to put on," Ororo instructs, stepping between the two irate mutants.

"That's where I was goin' before you and this guy got in my way," Logan huffs. "Who's your friend?"

"This is Frank Wheeler," she says as she moves back towards the new man. "I've just hired him to teach here. Mr. Wheeler, this is Logan and Warren Worthington III, They're instructors here at Xavier's."

"Mr. Logan," Frank says, extending his hand despite the fact that the claws are still out. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Yea, I'm sure," Logan grumbles as he finally sheaths his claws and shakes the man's hand.

"Mr. Worthington," Frank greets as he holds his out for Warren.

"A pleasure," Warren graciously responds as if he wasn't just having a fit. "I hope our little show hasn't made you change your mind."

"No, it hasn't," Frank replies with a grin. "I'm thinking that working here will never have a dull moment."

"You could say that again," Logan grumbles. "What's your mutation?"

"Logan!" Ororo gasps.

"It's alright," Frank assures the head mistress. "It's perfectly understandable. I'm a telepath."

"We had one of them already," Logan mutters unhappily. "He's dead."

"Yes, I know," Frank replies, his smile fading. "I am sorry for your loss."

"That's a new look for you, ain't it, Wolvie?" a young woman's voice asks causing the adults to turn towards it.

"Jubilee...," Ororo starts to warn.

"Where are my clothes?" Logan demands.

"How should I know?" Jubilee replies with a shrug and a snap of her gum. "I've been in the library studying with Serena."

"At least we were until we heard yelling," Serena puts in as she comes around Jubilee.

"I know you two had something to do with my clothes," Logan growls.

"Sorry, flannel just isn't my thing," Jubilee replies as she turns around and starts heading back down the hallway. "Come on, Serena. Let's see if we can finally figure out what the big deal was behind the Alamo."

"Logan," Ororo says as she puts a restraining hand on the man who's about to go charging after the two young women. "Go get some clothes on and then we'll find out what happened to your clothes."

Grumbling something under his breath about snot nosed kids getting their asses whooped when he catches up with them, Logan storms off in search of the spare sweat clothes kept for emergencies. With a sigh and a shake of her head, Ororo turns towards Warren and sees him heading away mumbling about getting the suit to the dry cleaners pronto before the dirt and wrinkles become permanent. She turns back towards Frank with an apologetic smile on her face.

"I'm sorry about that," she starts and he waves it away.

"Not at all," he chuckles. "I believe you were about to show me my classroom."

"Of course," she replies with a smile of her own. "It's just down this hall. I hope you don't mind, I'm giving you Prof. Xavier's old classroom."

"Not at all," Frank replies as he follows her down the corridor. "It's better to use the room than just let it gather dust."

"I'm glad you feel that way," she states as she opens a door and then stops dead in her tracks.

The two of them stare in shocked silence at the clothes dumped all over the room.

"I'm going to take a wild guess here," he muses after several seconds of silence. "But I think that we've just found Mr. Logan's wardrobe."

"Welcome to Xavier's, Mr. Wheeler," she says in a voice that's between shock and chagrin.

"Thank you," he states as a grin stretches across his face. "I think I'm going to like it here."