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Chapter ONE Balls

As Naruto hops from rooftop-to-rooftop there where cheering form the women below... "MARRY ME!" "NO FUCK ME! TAKE ME! NO FUCK US!" Naruto continue on his way but left them with pair of used condoms... "IT MIND! NO! IT MIND!" As the sound of the Anbu could be heard trying to stop the fighting...

Kushina was in the bathroom watching TV, she was happy she was in there when naruto made his speech. "NARUTO! DAM! THAT MY BABY!" As she exits the bathroom she her's moan coming form her office. As she slowly open the door she gets an big smiles on her face. "Naruto why are you doing that hear?" Naruto just give his mom an wink as, a big fat naked ass waving in the air. "O SHIT! DON'T STOP Anko!" Anko keeps on doing her job she was happy he was back. Think that sad sex was bad sex... "NA.R..U..TO WE..CL..O..ME BAK" She goes muck harder on his dick and starts to sake with joy. "STOP TALKING LOVE ME!" Kushina just slaps her hand on her face, and sit on her desk and begins to time him.

3 Hours later

"DAM IT! HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO FUCK HER!" Kushina screams out in full voices and all she gets was "I coming...don't stop...Naruto...keep going...I need...This... Love me... I CUMMING!"

"" Naruto howls getting smile form all women in the village. "DAM IT!" Kushina stops and looks at the two as Naruto and Anko eyes have slits in them, and they both kisses before sound of dripping could be heard... "NOT ON THE FLOOR!" As white cum gets all over the place.

"Mom...I...Want...An...Team..." Kushina eyes go wide eye and she gets an happy smile on her face. "Naruto, I was going to give you an team, but you need to stop fucking one of your mates, and get ready for meeting." Naruto continues pounce inside of Anko getting moans out of her. "Sure, I'll be there...I CUMMING!...When... does.. it..start?" Kushina give naruto one of her fox smiles with an quick one line "Right now..." As Naruto hears those word Anko comes with the shock of them being watch by an hole group of Jonin and anbu members. "SHIT!" Anko and Naruto scream, as pictures are taken... "Kushina lets get the meeting start! LET ROCK!"

This is the end of the Chapter One of No Balls... I got an few Review stating/scream at me that I made them sick reading my first chapter... So to say but that's what I want... I need to be Original and Make Gore Fanfic... I will stay that the first CHapter is the gorest think I have ever wrote and I might add more gore, but Right now it will be super Sex in this story. As I said in the first chapter... Naruto is the only male in the town now... I'm still working on Jariaya idea... He might still be an man or he could be women.

I'm think He will be an Man because he was always out of the Village.