Ongoing Path – Battlestar Galactica 2003 Universe

By Stargatesg1fan1

Disclaimer: I own nothing of any recognized characters or universes within.

Females bonded to Harry Potter in this universe

Captain Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace is played by Katee Sackhoff

Kendra Shaw is played by Stephanie Jacobsen

Margaret 'Racetrack' Edmonson is played by Leah Cairns

Three A.K.A. D'Anna Biers is played by Lucy Lawless

Six A.K.A. Gina Inviere is played by Tricia Helfer

Final Five Cylon – Tory Foster is played by Rekha Sharma

Eight A.K.A. Grace is played by Grace Park

Admiral Helena Cain is played by Michelle Forbes

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Chapter 113

172 Weeks After Joining the Fleet

"I think that is enough for today," Harry said as both he and Sam sat back with a tired sigh.

The two men were panting, Sam moreso than Harry. Sam had come to Harry awhile back asking if Harry or LoK could help Sam recover memories of their life before on the 13th Colony, on their Earth. Harry had agreed but had warned it could be slow going and even painful.

"The puzzle is starting to fit together," Sam said.

The picture that these sessions with Sam had painted was very informative. The cylons on Earth had been the 13th tribe of Kobol. This 13th tribe had long ago started to procreate naturally. As a result, they lost their resurrection technology. Sam, Tory, Galen, Saul, and Ellen had been researchers which had reinvented and brought back their ancient technology. They had built a resurrection ship in orbit. As suspected, when nuclear war had destroyed the Earth colony the Final Five had been killed on Earth but resurrected in their orbiting ship. With nothing left for them on Earth, the Final Five had made their way towards the twelve colonies with the intent of warning the humans of making old mistakes with centurions.

"What did you learn this time?" Harry asked.

Harry got what Sam saw too but in less detail and a little disorienting fashion. Harry could puzzle out what Sam had learned but it would take longer than just asking.

"You knew we set out for the twelve colonies," Sam said after taking a drink of water. "It turns out we didn't have jump technology. We had to travel as close to light-speed as possible."

"So you experienced time dilation," Harry said with realization.

"Yes," Sam confirmed. "Only a year passed for us but thousands of years passed for the rest of the universe."

Harry let out a whistle of appreciation.

"That is some serious fast sub-light technology," Harry said.

"It was the best we could do with sub-light," Sam said. "When we got to the colonies it was too late. The war was already in full swing. The centurions were already experimenting with human-form cylons. But nothing was viable. Nothing would survive. In exchange for them ending the war we agreed to help them create viable human-form cylons. Eight models to be exact."

"Eight, but we only know of seven," Harry mused. "What happened from there?"

"I don't know. That's all I could get at this time," Sam replied.

"You should hopefully get some more answers next session," Harry said.

The two men parted ways both thoughtful over what had been revealed.

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Grace could feel Harry's mind straining even in his sleep to reach out to Hermione. Grace could tell Harry was so close. He was tapping into his considerable power as Master of Death but was managing that power inefficiently. Harry was maybe 95% of the way to making contact with Hermione.

"Should I intervene Drogo?" Grace asked her replicat companion.

Before he answered the replicat made contact with the probe he had placed in orbit around this Harry's home planet in another universe. The probe relayed much information from sensor scans about the state of affairs on that planet.

"His Hermione is also very close to being finished with her gateway. She just needs to calibrate it for his gate really," Drogo pointed out. "The question I believe you need to ask yourself is if you think these Colonials have suffered enough and are ready for a new home planet."

Grace thought about that and realized her replicat was right. Even if she intervened now it would still take time for everything to work out. Her mind made up, Grace sent her will through the bond she shared with her second husband. She began manipulating Harry's unintentional use of his powers to be more efficient. It was like working out knots in a rope. Soon she had it and she felt Harry's mind pass through the barriers between universes.

In Another Universe

Hermione Granger was tossing and turning in her bed. She had been so lonely without her Harry. Ever since he had gone missing on that horrible day she had never given up searching. Lately she had been dreaming of finding him and bringing him home through her gateway technology. Despite her incredible intellect she just wasn't sure how to do that. Hermione woke suddenly at a mental whisper.

"Hermione," Hermione thought she heard as she awoke. Then it came again stronger, "Hermione."

"Harry," Hermione thought in her mind.

"It's me," Harry replied.

Both lovers were suddenly very much awake.

"Harry, where are you?" Hermione asked desperately.

"In another universe," Harry conveyed Hermione a series of images of where he was and things he had witnessed over the years they had been separated.

"Merlin," Hermione said out loud, awed at what her partner had been through. "Before anything else gets said I need to give you information on a technology that I think will get you home just in case this communication gets lost."

Hermione began sending images of her gateway technology and plans for it when Harry interrupted her with a laugh.

"We must still be in tune somehow love even so far apart. I've been building the same type of gateway. They just need calibrated to one another," Harry said as he sent back images of his gateway.

The two lovers furiously brainstormed connection issues and talked about so much more.

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Harry came out of the bedroom long after all of his other lovers had gotten up. They were all waiting at the breakfast table looking at him with a little concern. Grace and Gina were the only ones who appeared completely calm.

"We're going to my home universe," Harry declared with a wide grin.

"You figured it out," Kara said with realization.

"Yes. I figured it out," Harry said. "With help from Hermione."

"How did you get in contact with her? I thought you couldn't," Maggie said.

"It happened in my sleep. It turns out she has been building a similar gateway as we have," Harry explained.

"How did she take the news about us?" D'Anna asked as she gestured with her hand towards herself and the other ladies.

That had been quite the conversation. Hermione had known Harry's physical needs. She had suspected something like that would have happened. She just hadn't suspected so many. But she had taken it well enough in stride even if she admitted she needed some time to get used to the idea. He had shared his feelings with her and made sure she understood that although he loved all of his partners very much that Hermione Granger would always be number one in his life. Harry knew every woman present in Haven knew as much. They all knew he loved them but also knew Hermione was top dog.

"She's adjusting to it," Harry said in a tone. "She'll get used to the idea. We have a lot of work to do. Let's get started."

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174 Weeks After Joining the Fleet

"Hey, you," Harry said as he found Kara looking thoughtful and staring at a piece of paper in one of the less used rooms of Haven to which she sometimes liked to come. Baby James was nursing at his mother's breast. "How is my Kara doing?"

"Your Kara is a little troubled," Kara admitted.

"About what?" Harry asked as he caused the seat Kara was sitting in to expand into a love-seat and sat beside her.

"Yesterday I was at the Astaru for something. I decided to stop into the lounge," Kara explained. Kara sometimes just liked to go into lounges and bars for the atmosphere. She had given up drinking in order to get pregnant and had still not partaken since she was nursing. "I came across this piano player. He reminded me a lot of my father. He even ditched his family just like mine did. This player helped me figure out this song that my father used to play me. Or at least I think he did. I was eight years old when my father left. There's something about the notes of the song."

Harry looked at the piece of paper Kara was holding for a moment. He could tell Kara was really troubled by the encounter.

"Maybe I should go talk to this piano player," Harry suggested.

"Good luck. He pulled this whole vanishing act that if I didn't know better would have made me think he could apparate. I looked away only for a moment and when I turned back he was gone," Kara explained.

Kara's explanation didn't sit well with Harry.

"Gina, could you come here?" Harry requested mentally while making sure Kara could hear his request.

When Gina arrived Harry relayed the story to Gina.

"You think this look-alike piano player was one of my kind," Gina surmised.

"Do you think he was?" Harry asked.

"He very well could be. Could I see that paper?" Gina asked.

Kara passed over the paper. Gina was sitting next to Harry on what was now a small couch more than a love-seat. Gina studied the notes for a moment.

"I recognize this tactic. The Presu faction uses this tactic often. These notes correspond to numbers. These are jump coordinates," Gina said as she handed back the paper.

"To where?" Kara asked.

"The only way to know that is to jump there," Gina answered.

"Let's find out but under cloak," Harry suggested.

Harry went to the bridge and jumped Haven to the coordinates in question. What they found was a lush planet with an indigenous species close to humans, at least enough to reproduce. The species was very young still using stone spears.

"Well that's unexpected," Kara said as she, her boyfriend, and his other mates looked at all of the sensor data they had taken.

"The question is what we do with this information," Grace put forth. "It's obvious this Presu angelic faction wants humanity here. The Colonials could settle here."

"I say we keep working on taking them back to my Earth where I think we'll be out of the control of all of these angelic factions," Harry said.

"But you don't know that for sure. You could have other factions on your Earth or in the surrounding space you don't know about," Gina added.

"That's true. But I think the Colonials and the PC movement could settle there in peace," Harry replied.

"You want to bring the PC back with us?" Maggie questioned with surprise.

Grace glanced at Harry curious about his response to that.

"I've thought about it long and hard. I believe in their aims for peace. But I won't be stupid about it. I'm going to put a spell on the gate. Any cylon except my mates that pass through that gate will have a spell cast on them. I'll have the ability to disintegrate one of them, groups of them, or all of them at will should they act up too much," Harry explained.

Maggie appeared thoughtful about that and finally said, "That could work."

"Let's get back to the fleet then," Harry said.

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"I know it all now," Sam said as Harry and Sam finished up another session of retrieving Sam's old memories.

"What happened?" Harry prompted as Sam caught his breath.

"One of the cylons we created for the centurions, the one you know as Cavil, hated the fact that we gave him human emotions. He saw this as a weakness. He was jealous of the last cylon model you asked about Daniel. Cavil engineered the destruction of the Daniel model. Then he wiped our memories and stuck us in with the human population," Sam explained. "That's pretty much it. The rest is history."

"Huh…Cavil sounds like a petulant child," Harry suggested.

"In many ways he is," Sam agreed. "But there's something else I discovered," Sam said with a grin.

"What is that?" Harry asked while curious at Sam's expression.

"The secrets to resurrection technology…to the hub we built. Each of us Final Five cylons has a piece of what is needed within us. Cavil never realized that. In his haste to punish us as he saw it by forcing us to live among humans he didn't get the resurrection secrets out of us. I think you and LoK would be the best ones to safeguard those secrets. I'll talk with the other Five but I think they will agree," Sam said.

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Harry dropped to one knee gasping for air trying to catch his breathe.

"Are you alright?" Richard asked with concern as the powerful being that had approached him named Harry looked terrible.

"Harry," D'Anna cried with alarm as she came into the room where Harry and Richard had arrived back onboard Haven.

"He just collapsed when he came back," Richard said as the slender woman lifted Harry easily to his feet.

The other ladies had come running at D'Anna's call.

"Who are you?" Gina asked.

"Richard," Richard began to answer. "Richard…"

"Thrace," Kara finished while looking at her father as white as a ghost.

Richard turned to Kara amused and looked her over. It was Richard's turn to go pale. Kara looked very similar to his first cousin. But Richard's first cousin hadn't had those color eyes and had died several years ago.

"Who are you?" Richard asked.

"I'm Kara. Kara Thrace," Kara answered.

Richard licked his suddenly dry lips.

"He said he could save me. He wasn't really specific on the details. I was dying so I didn't really ask," Richard explained.

Richard's eyes focused on baby James in Kara's arms.

"Save you from what?" Kara asked as she stepped closer. As far as she knew her father had walked out on her and her mother. Richard had promised to come back. "Cylons. I couldn't believe it but the ship I was on was attacked by cylons."

"Your father always meant to return to you, Kara," Harry said as he recovered himself. He was getting a little more used to time travel but it still knocked him on his ass. "The Presu faction made a copy of his consciousness. Gina told me it was possible and that was likely what you encountered the other day. So I decided to go find out for myself. I created a fake body to preserve the timeline. But it wasn't like it was really needed. The cylons had taken him for experimentation. No body ever made it back to the colonies."

"You didn't think I was going to come back to you and your mother?" Richard asked Kara with a stricken expression.

"No," Kara said as tears actually formed at the corners of her eyes.

"I was going to come back," Richard promised.

The moment was tense. But baby James waking up and looking around for a moment broke the tension. James looked up at his grandfather and gurgled happily.

"Dad," Kara said the word slowly. "This is your grandson, James Sirius Potter."

The reunion with Kara's mother was something to behold. Harry got very lucky that night as a thank you from Kara.

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Something about that day felt like it was more than just Kara rewarding their man for his kind actions. The time with all of the ladies was special.

Smut Scene Lead-in

Harry and Grace crawled onto his bed. She was on her hands and knees and he was behind her. Her head was turned so that she could kiss him. He reached around her hips and undid her pants. She eagerly reached back to help him. Her pants followed quickly by her panties slipped over her lovely rump. Harry worked his own pants down.

"I need you in me now," Grace cooed as he nibbled at her ear-lobe. Harry lined himself up and pushed his hips forward.

Smut Scene Redacted (See Author's Note at End for Erotic Version)

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176 Weeks After Joining the Fleet

Grace materialized in the quarters shared by Bill Adama and Laura Roslin. The two lovers were sleeping in their bed having recently made love from the looks of them. Grace would have smiled at the scene if it hadn't been for the being standing over Laura. These being looked like Gaius Baltar. But Grace knew better.

"Gina said you guys could be bastards but giving a woman cancer repeatedly?" Grace said in a disbelieving tone.

Gina knew this being's true name to be Pelopes of the Treum faction. Treum was the angelic faction Gina had belonged to. Pelopes was someone Gina had worked with occasionaly over the eons.

"You can see me," Pelopes said with a focus that would have been eerie to a mortal.

Grace felt Pelopes reach out with his senses and brushed his probes aside.

"I can," Gina said. "You will cease your meddling in this fleet. If I catch you giving Laura Roslin or any mortal cancer again I will turn you into a mortal."

Pelopes was silent for a moment. Pelopes knew there were beings more powerful than he. But he did not know if this was one of them.

"You do not have the power," Pelopes said while trying to sound confident. In response Grace reached out with her right hand and closed the fingers towards a fist. Pelopes could feel the energy draining out of him. He tried to resist it but wasn't strong enough. "Wait!" Pelopes cried. "I will comply."

Grace released Pelopes and he collapsed to the floor panting.

"Glad you could see things my way. I will know if you have violated what I told you," Grace assured him.

Pelopes looked up at her and nodded before disappearing. Grace walked over and healed the cancer in Laura that Pelopes had started to cause in Laura. Harry had been healing Laura again and again but hadn't yet figured out why the cancer kept coming back. It would stay away for good this time.

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Galactica During the Daytime

"This plan of LoK's…I sure hope it works," Bill said as he and Harry finished reviewing the logistics for getting all of the fleet ships through the gateway. "Are you sure he won't consider just closing the gateway down after the Colonial ships go through."

"Have faith Bill," Harry said. "I'll let you in on a little secret you can only share with her lover," Harry said while casting a spell on Bill that would only allow Bill and Laura to share the secret. "LoK will have the ability to disintegrate any cylon at will which goes through that gateway. If they step out of line no more cylons."

Bill considered that for a moment before saying, "I should have known he would have a backup plan in place. Maybe you'll tell me something else. Who is LoK really?"

Harry debated the wisdom of this.

"After we go through the gateway I will tell you," Harry promised.

"Fair enough," Bill agreed.

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Harry had been working with Helena for some time now. She was a much changed woman to when he had first met her. As he was tying up loose ends he felt it was time to make his move on her. After he returned to his home-world there would be no additional women other than Hermione and those he had already taken as his partners.

Smut Scene Redacted (See Author's Note at End for Erotic Version)

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"This is it," Harry said excitedly as he stood onboard the bridge of Haven looking at his deployed gateway.

"The runic chargers are at 95% capacity," Grace reported from a console in the bridge.

"Firing the inversion field now," Gina added as she activated a preprogrammed sequence on her console.

Harry watched with Kara, Kendra, Maggie, D'Anna, Gina, Tory, Grace, Helena, and his children as a shimmering blue energy field formed within the circular ring of the gateway. Those who had had duties on other ships such as Kendra had come to Haven to see this sight.

"Admiral," Harry said over the coms to Bill. "You have a go."

Galactica was the first ship through the gateway. Harry watched as ship after ship in the Colonial fleet disappeared through the portal. Then the PC movement ships began going through. Twenty two base-stars in all. When all other ships were through Harry personally took control of Haven and piloted through. The gateway would be left in orbit around this planet that had once been Earth in the Colonial-Cylon universe. But the gateway would be monitored from Harry's side as well. If anybody tried to come through that was unwanted the gateway could be destroyed from Harry's home universe.

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Epilogue - Earth, Caprica Colony

Harry laid in one of his beds with a naked Hermione Potter draped over his right side and an equally nude Kara Potter draped over his left side. The last three years had been trying at times but overall had proven wonderful to Harry.

To build the colonies on Earth for the displaced Colonial tribes Harry and Hermione had chosen the Sahara Desert. The land was unused and for good reason. But with a mixture of magic Colonial/Cylon technology Harry, Hermione, Neville, Gaius, Grace, and Gina had found a way to terraform the desert into fertile land. The governments of Earth had been weary of a fleet of starships showing up in orbit. Harry and Hermione along with the Colonial/cylon leaders had had to be involved in a lot of meetings. But no major warfare had broken out. The humans of that time period would have been hard-pressed to put up a resistance to the Colonials/Cylons. But when the wizards were thrown into the mix it changed the ball game. It thankfully hadn't come to that.

The benefits of having cylons and Colonials on Earth quickly became apparent when the food output by the Sahara colonies reached the world markets. There was so much food nobody would ever go hungry again. Other benefits like super cheap building materials and advanced healthcare were welcomed. Harry had integrated resurrection into that healthcare. Harry was working with the government to expand out into the Milky Way galaxy. There were simply too many people on Earth and other colonies needed to be developed.

Harry's home was a rather palatial structure on the fertile outskirts of Caprica Colony. He liked the room for his children to play surrounded by nature. Everyone one of his partners had had at least one child by him and some were working on a second.

"Stop thinking so hard, love," Hermione said mind-to-mind to Harry. "I can pick up your thoughts even from REM sleep."

"Sorry," Harry returned.

"S'okay…I love you anyway," Hermione said as she came awake. Harry could feel Hermione's amorous mood immediately. "This gives us the opportunity to see if we can have some fun time without waking Kara."

Harry felt Hermione's hand wrap around his member as she slipped beneath the covers. When he felt her mouth go to work with skill he thought life couldn't get any better. If Kara did wake up there might be a repeat performance to the night before. Harry thought he had heard something about Gina & Grace and Maggie & Kendra planning similar experiences for him the next two nights. Yes, life was very good for Harry Potter.

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