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It was one of those nights that could make all of your problems seem trivial, where one could simply enjoy existing in such a beautiful world. A night where the moon was new and the wind whistled through the dark forest.

It was also a night where the world's most dangerous predators were hunting.

Four pale shapes blurred through the trees, too fast for the human eye to see, leaping over any obstacles in their path with grace that would make any dancer jealous. All of the forest animals that they passed bolted for the protection of their dens, burrows or nests respectively. The crickets had stopped chirping as soon as they had set foot in the forest and they only started up again when the figures we long gone.

Suddenly, one of the shapes dove to the right and slammed into one of its companions, sending them both tumbling into the under bush. The two remaining figures stopped and began walking back to them.

"Damn it, Lee, what the hell!" a small vampire shouted, her red hair swishing as she shoved the taller vampire off of her. He flew backwards, landing on his feet and quickly ducked to avoid her fist.

"Sorry Jess, I couldn't resist. You get so focused when you hunt," he said between bouts of laughter," Besides, I told you I would get you back for putting all of my clothes in that wood chipper. Consider this your punishment."

After a few more seconds of being doubled over with laughter, he finally managed to regain his composure and once again had to dodge a blow from his irate sister, who at this point was close to smiling herself.

Two more vampires, one male and one female, walked into the clearing at a more human pace and proceeded to silently glare at the two teenagers. Their steely countenance was ruined by the way their lips curved up slightly at the childishness before them.

The woman took another step forward and pulled a leaf from Jesse's hair. "Honestly, you're both over five decades old but you act like you're only five. What are we going to do with you?" Turning, she moved back to the man and kissed him. "Any ideas Micheal?"

The man wrapped his arm around her shoulders and looked at the two thoughtfully. "Well, we could always turn their rooms into a game room. Or we could get all the good deer." Golden eyes shining, he and his mate took off running in the same direction they were going before the interruption.

The two remaining vampires shared a startled glance and quickly followed the others.

"Hey, that's no fair! Leave some for us!" Jesse shouted, doing her best to catch them, "Michael, Clare, if you take them all, I'm not helping pack the furniture!"

Lee turned to look at her, his golden eyes almost obscured by his long black hair. "Yeah, that'll scare them."

"Oh, shut up. You just had to tackle me, didn't you?" she grumbled, finally spotting her adoptive parents in a clearing, drinking from two bucks, having needed only a moment to catch them. The rest of the herd had scattered and after a few more seconds of running, she and Lee both pounced on their own deer, quickly snapping their necks to spare them any unnecessary pain.

As soon as they finished, they jogged back to their parents, who were still in the clearing.

Wiping his mouth, Lee looked around at all of them."So, we done?"

After a chorus of 'Yeah', they all turned to go home to the house that they would soon have to leave to avoid suspicion. Sometimes being forced to move every few years was a real pain.

Before they could get more than a few steps, a roaring sound filled their ears, as though a lion was standing right behind them.

All four of them crouched down, trying to find the source of the noise.

A light appeared on the tops of the trees, steadily getting brighter and they stared in absolute astonishment at what seemed to be a comet sweeping low over the forest. Or, at least it would have seemed like a comet had the flames not been dark blue instead of orange.

They tracked the racing object with their eyes until it disappeared from their sight, quickly followed by an explosion.

Automatically, Jesse responded with an excited shout. "That wasn't too far from here. Let's go check it out!" Without waiting for an answer, she took off in the direction of the comet, soon hearing the sounds of her family running behind her.

It didn't take long for her to find where the comet had landed, seeing as there was now a smoking hole in the forest, the trees on each side of it charred and crumbling, the ground a black lake of ash.

"Whoa, are you guys seeing this?" she whispered, walking towards the centre of the crater. The ground was hot beneath her feet and she could smell the rubber soles of her shoes burning slightly. That, coupled with the stench of charred wood, and she decided that she should stop breathing altogether.

Moving faster to sate her curiosity, she finally reached the place where the comet should lie. However, instead of a hunk of rock, what she saw shocked her completely.

Right in the centre of the crater, nestled in what looked like a silver blanket, was an infant girl. Jesse sucked in a huge mouthful of air in her surprise and with it the most beautiful scent she had ever come across. It was absolutely gorgeous, yet she felt no burning in her throat, no desire to drain her blood.

The gasps coming from behind told her that her family had seen the baby.

Speaking slowly through her shock, she whispered," Is...Is she the comet?" Saying it out loud, it seemed ridiculous, but there was no way a baby would survive getting hit with a huge flaming rock, only to be left completely unharmed right in the middle of the carnage. Then again, there was no way a baby could survive falling from the sky, while on fire either.

Micheal took several steps and stooped to pick up the squirming infant, fully expecting it to start crying as soon as he touched it. Instead, when the baby was safely in his arms, she snuggled in closer to him, staring up at him with beautiful, shining blue eyes, the brightest he had ever seen. Her hair was a stunning shade, snow white with a silver sheen and there was a lot of it for such a young child.

He was so transfixed by those beautiful eyes, that he failed to notice the blanket falling until he heard another set of gasps from his still un-moving family. Tearing his gaze away from those eyes, he looked at the people around him, seeing them staring at the child in his arms. Or rather, at her back.

Shifting the infant in his arms, he looked at what his family was so stunned by and let out a gasp of his own.

Right there, attached to the girls back, was a pair of snow white wings.

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