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It wasn't a surprise when they contacted me for it seems that my father's reputation as a magus killer was passed on to me. Granted, I have recently killed a few powerful and prominent magi but there was a good reason for to do so. If researching immortality by sacrificing countless lives is enough to get you into my list, targeting my family will.

But I digress as of right now, the Burial Squad requested my aid in raiding this accursed lair of rogue magi, they had good reason that a demonic ritual is underway and it seems that the beast to be summoned was one of the greater demons that dwell in the pit, Belial. The Magus Association vehemently denied any involvement but refused to aid in the attack. Typical, magi always lived in fear of their secrets being revealed even if in aid of someone else. This is one of the many times I am glad that I am a failure in that aspect of a magus.

I breathe deeply, the smell of a million corpses and acrid sulfur flooded my senses. It seems that the ritual is already underway. I have to hurry while my temporary allies take care of the dregs I left behind in my rather abrupt entrance. Caladbolg II was very well suited for a button hook entry. I was tasked to make sure the summoning fails. While our informant was positive that the beast can't be fully summoned, Belial's presence alone is enough to turn the surrounding area into rubble reeking of miasma.

Thus, giving birth to even more demons. I crouched low as two blast of energy nearly took my head off. It seems that there are some guards left around the halls and I have no time for them.

Trace On.

Two blades, one black and one white, appeared in my hands in an instant, the two phantoms I and my counterpart devoted our lives in mastery. I immediately flooded them with od, making them grow, lengthen and break. My foes seem to mock my blades as if they were just mundane blades crafted with magic. They seemed confident that the armor they wore was enough to stop my blades. They were dead wrong.

Kanshou and Bakuya tore through whatever enchantment and steel and shattered leaving behind hundreds of razor blades that would attract its counter part and shred whatever in their path. I didn't stop to admire my handiwork but I am sure that even if they live they are in no condition to give chase.

As I entered the main chamber, I know that from this distance I can't stop the ritual if I try it on foot. A called my bow into my hands and began to trace a blade that would be appropriate. The sacrifice is blocked by the magus and killing him outright might cause the spell to spiral out of control. I was left with one target. The circle itself.

Now normally breaking the circle is as easy as drawing in the sand. Just past a line through the curves and your done but it seems this one isn't an incompetent for he carved the runes straight out of prana. Which makes all the more harder for others but all the more easier for me.

"I am the bone of my sword," I notched my bow and took aim. At first it started out like a small dagger with a bolt shaped blade but slowly and surely it lengthened and thinned becoming more aerodynamic and shifting the dagger into an arrow that can break any contract. I have little time to do this as I flooded the projectile with od and let it soar while crying out its name and once again releasing the dagger of Medea onto the world.

"Rule Breaker!"

My aim was swift and true as the circle shattered upon contact of the rune blade and the intended victim fell to floor. A bit indecent but wholly unharmed and untainted. But I didn't have time to celebrate, for I still have a magus to kill. I dismissed my bow and reinforced my body and chased after my arrow. Once again I summoned Kansho and Bakuya, two blades forged for the sake of crafting. Created by the blacksmith Gān Jiàng, whose wife, Mò Yé, gave her life in order to melt the metal used to create the swords during the Spring and Autumn Period. While weaker than their original counterparts, these blades have an affinity against monsters and from what I've seen makes them all the more appropriate to kill this monster before me.

I slashed down and the magus blocks with a magical shield. I knocked him back with a kick and threw both of my blades to the side and I began to whisper.

"Spirit and technique, flawless and firm,"

The married pair sought each other and once more struck his shield.

"Our strength rips the mountains,"

I traced another pair making the ones flight drastically change course.

"Our swords splits the water,"

I move in close and struck with Kanshou and the Bakuya in the air swerved in breaking his right guard.

"Our names reach the imperial villa,"

I thrust forward and the remaining blades struck in nearly simultaneously. Leaving him completely defenseless.

"The two of us cannot hold heavens together,"

I traced the final pair, flooded the blades and arms with od. The blade entered their Overedge state and I moved in for the kill.

"Crane Wing Three Realm!"

As the made my final stroke, feeling the flesh part and bones tear, I turn to find an mutilated arm in place of what should have been a bleeding corpse. This is why I hate competent foes, they have back up plans that makes all that much harder to kill them. I took a breath and the air seemed to be cleaner but the stench of sulfur still lingers, the Burial Squad will have to purify this area if it is ever to be used by normal humans again.

Glancing to the side, I found the young man at my age hold the victim in his arms. The young woman was worse for wear but in time her wounds would heal. I shed off my cloak and threw it at him, "Cover her with this, help should arrive soon."

The brown haired youth covered the girl in with my cloak as and held her close. He glared at me and moved his body between me and her. I chuckled at his attempts to shield her, "Calm down, I have no intention to fight you."

Not once did he drop his guard but he nodded anyway his eyes darting about to find an exit while shuffling the unconscious girl behind him. Finding no so such route he sighed and resigned himself to his fate. He turned to me and said, "I suppose I should thank you but who are you?"

I raised a brow and rubbed the back of my graying head and smiled, "Magus, Emiya Shirou, you?"

He raised a brow at my declaration but honestly I see no point in hiding that fact now. He replied with a bit of thought, "Kazuma. Yagami Kazuma, yorozuya."

He reached out his hand to shake mine and I replied in turn but I can't help but feel I somehow change his future and mine with this one meeting.


Prolouge END