A.N.: Just a one-shot till I can come up with a real story. I got bored with Pain, might repost it again with something totally different. So here's the short little one-shot

Scream Baby Scream

"Come on, Miss Ariana. Time for your treatment."


I sat there in that chair, not moving, staring out of my brunette hair as the television started watching me. The word in my head, snapping at my thoughts as I kept staring at the brunette-haired wrestler kicking The Miz in the back of his head. I smiled as I looked down at my sheet of paper, the brunette haired wrestler's name written over and over again.

You can say that what I have now is a sick, twisted obsession I have with him. He brings me joy and happiness every single time he comes down the ramp, beating the shit out of his opponents and always the victor. I got up and followed the nurse to the bathroom so I can take a cold bath, the coldest of baths that supposed to sedate me of my "problem".

I don't have a problem.

My parents think that I do have a problem after they found a string of bodies in the backyard, all drained of their blood, a year ago. They went in my room and found me killing my victim by the neck, my eyes red like blood. They think I was possessed by something, but they didn't know that their beautiful daughter was a vampire. So they sent me here at this mental hospital, trying to "scare the demon out of me". Ha. I'm still here and I'm not going to get rid of my problem.

I got undressed and get in the cold water. Slipping my head under water, they began to fill the top of the water with ice.

I closed my eyes and imagined myself at the WWE event, the crowd cheering for him as he kicked The Miz in the back of his head. Then my back started to burn.

I looked at my hero, now standing over me, a barbed-wire bat slamming down on my side. I screamed in pain as he started to beat me over and over again. I didn't hear the crowds anymore, just the beatings.

It was painful.

The first pain I felt in many years since my transformation.

I screamed in pain again as he hit me on my side, my legs, my arms. I wanted to laugh, tell him to continue. But then he stopped and dropped the barb-wire bat down beside his feet and picked me up and tied me up on a tree. I opened my eyes and looked at him, smiling, showing my fangs. "You can't kill me," I said. "You don't have the power to kill me."

He then proceeded to choke me.

I kept laughing. "I'm already dead," I told him. "So choking me won't work."

He stopped and walked over the table of torture devices, each one more deadlier than the other. He tried to kill me with swords, salt, holy water, knives dipped in holy water. But none of them worked. Sure I burned everywhere, but I could not die. Sad, isn't it?

He dropped the knife and ran a hand through his hair. "Why are you in my dreams?" he asked me. "Why do you show up and...and torture me every single night?"

"My dear John...I want to. You're...special to me." I told him. "And you can't kill me. I'm a vampire...yours and yours alone."