Dear readers,

Howsit? Hope none of you contracted AIDS or gave birth to a stillborn or…died. Those kinds of things happen in ten-ish months.

I realize I haven't updated at all since the new season started. This is partly because I'm rather disappointed in how things are progressing in the Glee universe, and partly because anything I could write in contingency with this story would be severely outdated in the general scheme of things. This is a sad yet unavoidable fact and why it will most likely never be finished.

Trust me, I feel like a douche for not finishing it (much like I do when I don't finish anything, which is all the time…) Reading through some of your reviews, I've noticed a lot of people are kind of emotionally invested in this shit. That might have changed since I last updated, but still. It doesn't seem fair to leave it off like I did.

I had this whole thing planned out in my head, including an entire document on my computer filled with quotes and the last chapter written out on the back of a math test. It's kind of tragic, but there you go.

If any of ya'll want to adopt this story, feel free to message me. Otherwise, you must make do with your memories.

Again, my bad.