Sinead took a deep breath. She sighed, staying at home was boring. She had read all of the books in her school sized library. Twice. She glanced at the clock.

It was only one o'clock.

Sinead groaned. The day was passing slowly. It was so annoying.

Earlier, after her phone call with Natalie, Chris had stopped by with flowers. He was worried she had gotten hurt. She smiled at his kind actions. Her parents weren't too fond of Chris; they liked him, but wished that Sinead would find someone smarter to date.

It's not that Chris wasn't smart, he was just… average. He had mostly A's and B's. A C once in a while, but Sinead still loved him.

He has brown hair and blue eyes. He dresses well too.

She was lucky to have someone as sweet and caring as Chris.

Sometimes she felt insecure about herself, sure she was pretty, but knowledge was the only thing she had. She wasn't like Amy; unique and well-rounded. She wasn't like Natalie; exotic and fashionable. She wasn't like Vye who did Karate AND Taekwondo.

Sinead knew she was usually being silly, but it was natural to feel that way. She read about it in a parenting book she read a while back.

Her phone broke her thoughts.

AMY: Hey girl, apparently our 'rents are dumping all of us at our house YAY! I'll see you tomorrow!

Sinead smiled. Finally, something to look forward to. She smiled at the thought of seeing her friends, and Chris.

She heard heavy footsteps outside her locked door. That's werid.. no one's home.

She slowly crept to the door and threw it open.

No one.

"Hello?" she called, hesitantly.

"Sinead?" her mother called softly.

Sinead felt her heart jump, she looked over the banister surprised to see her mom on the foot of the stair case.

"Oh! Hey, I thought you were at the grocery store."

"Yeah, I was. I just got back. There's something I want to talk to you about. Uh, tomorrow dad and I are going on a trip, we thought it would be fun if-."

Sinead cut her off, "I know mom, Amy just told me."

"Oh," her mom looked slightly relieved, "that's good. You should get your things ready."

"Um, ok?" Sinead said confused, because of her mom's odd behavior; usually her mom had a very confident voice. However, right now it was very shaky, like she was nervous.

Suddenly she noticed her mom's feet, which were clad in socks.

There's no way they would be able to make heavy noises.

Sinead eyes widened at the thought of an intruder.

But there was no possible way. Sinead had turned on all the alarms and locked all of the doors.

She shook away the thought.

It's probably nothing.


Gee gee gee gee Baby baby baby. Gee gee gee gee Baby baby baby.

Vye sighed in frustration. Her cousins had this song on repeat for about an hour. Not that it wasn't a good song, it was actually very catchy. However, hearing it over and over and over again made her a teeny bit irritated.

Along with the fact that her grandfather was no where to be found. After she left him at the table with 'Lee' she waited at least half an hour before going back. But when she came back he was gone. He was probably avoiding her, like her father was.

Now she was stuck with her cousins who whisked her away to a table the minute they saw her alone.

"So, I have tried almost everything! But my skin is totally dry," her cousin, Jessica, complained.

The other girls sympathized for her, saying "Aw, that sucks" and "Me too!".

Jessica looked at Vye, as if waiting for her to be sympathetic as well.

As if.

Vye simply sighed again and looked away into the crowd. Suddenly she saw her father's salt-n-pepper hair.

Without saying good-bye to he cousins, she jumped up and scurried away trying to maneuver her way towards her dad, who managed to get himself in a secluded corner.

"Dad!" Vye pushed through the crowd, knowing that he couldn't avoid her for much longer.

"Dad?" She said softly, suddenly she realized that he was on the phone. As she got closer, he managed to hear some parts of the conversation.

"…tomorrow? I don't…." Vye struggled to hear, but the voices of her many family members were very distracting.

"…everyone is going? Alright, I'll ask Kim…Vye?... sure?" Vye perked up, she heard her name somewhere in the shuffle. And Kim was her mother's name.


Vye cursed, her father was hanging up the phone.

"Hey dad!" Vye called out stepping out from her hiding place in the shadows.

"Vye," her father said stiffly.

"So…. What's up?" Vye said, confused as to why her dad was acting like there was a chopstick stuck inside of him somewhere.

"We're leaving now, and tomorrow you're sleeping at Amy's house. Okay?" he eyed her suspiciously.

Vye stared at him, he stared back.

"I didn't hear all of it," she said coolly, "Only some parts."

"Good," he replied and walked back into the crowd.

She rolled her eyes.

Suddenly her cousin, popped up out of no where.

"Hey? Where'd you go? I was just about to play OH! And you were like, gone, and it was, like, so, like, rude and-"

Vye glared at her, "Save it," she cut her off and walked away.

She was in no mood for any games.

All she wanted now was to quench her itching desire for the truth.



Natalie fell on the tumbling mat with a thud.

"Natalie!" a strong Russian accent scolded. "Stay focused."

"I am, Irina," Natalie whined. Irina was her gymnastics teacher. She was very strict.

"No you weren't or else you would've been able to land that."

"I'm just stressed." After Amy stopped by, Natalie had been in a daze. Her parents were still gone. And Ian was very angry.

"Can I leave early today, Irina?" Natalie asked.

Irina nodded and Natalie went to the locker room to change.

The locker room was empty. The only sound was Natalie's locker slamming shut.

I wonder where mom is, and dad…. I hope they're okay. I hope Ian isn't too angry with me. I'll make it up to him some how. Maybe I should get him a girlfriend… the last one he dated was so…hyper? She was so annoying. Oh, well I hope Derek picks me up soon…

Natalie took a deep breath and pulled herself off the steel bench. She walked to the door and was about to walk out when she felt something in her stomach. It was like a flip. Like her stomach was twisting itself together.

Sighing, she looked up at the reflection through the door.

Her stomach jumped and her heart slapped against her chest.

The locker room wasn't as empty as she thought.

Someone was there.

Watching her.

Natalie heaved the door open and ran like her life depended on it.

Cause it did.

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