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Chapter Two

He turned his back on her and headed toward the stone sarcophagus and hoisted himself up. Pulling out a smoke and a lighter from his coat, he lit it. Buffy said nothing as she watched him let loose a stream of smoke. Through the haze he continued to study the silent woman. Never saying a word he just waited for her to say her bit. Spike never had all that much patience but Buffy had even less. She shifted from one leg to the other.

"I have been thinking. About what you said. About what the council had said about demons and that demons where unable to feel and I believe that they have been lying. I need to know what is going on."

He took a another drag and snorted. "The council of wankers, is what they are. Why would you think they would want there slayers to know the truth. They only want you to follow orders and to kill for them. T hey sure as hell don't want you to think for yourself."

"Angel. He was so different when he became Angeleus and .."

Spike hopped off the slab and flung his bottle against the wall. He stocked toward her with a snarl.

" My poof of sire is no one to compare to. Don't you get it? He enjoyed the hunting and the kill. He made sure that everyone that was with him would start to enjoy it or just end up mad like he made Dru became. I learned to survive or be destroyed. The fact that he was cursed with a soul only made him remember the pain of doing harm to another."

He was now directly in front of her. His anger blazing at what she refused to believe. Angel enjoyed killing he just refused to admit it because of all the guilt that ravaged his mind.

"Have you ever asked him if he still enjoyed the kill? Even as Angel? Don't bother. I can tell you. He loves it. The hunt and the kill. Just his victims are now different. He keeps it hidden so that you would not feel disgust. Don't forget, I have seen you Slayer. I seen you fight and kill and that smile, when you brought down your victim. It is no different with a demon.

We are reborn to kill and to bring down our prey to survive and we learn to accept it or we would die from starvation. As for love, I spent over a hundred years with Dru. What do you call that?"


Spike snorted again and he grabbed her shoulders and gave them a shake. " Think Slayer! I am not bad looking bloke if it was lust, don't you think after all these years I would of found someone else and left behind my crazy sire."

"Like you say Spike. She was your sire. You are connected to her." She placed her hands over his.

"She betrayed me, many times especially with Angeleus. Her daddy. The one who made her. The one who showed her the darkness and drove her to maddness in the process."

"So why did you stay with her?"

He stares was intense as if he was trying to read her mind.

"Because I loved her." Came his whispered reply.

Trying to measure the truth from Spike had always been easy for Buffy. This time was no exception but admitting was harder for her.

"What about me Spike? Why do you stay here? No one here likes you and every Demon around here knows that you pal around with the Slayer and kill your own kind."

He shrugged "A bloke needs a spot of violence in his unlife and beside where would I go being chipped and all."

She let a ghost of a smile creep over her lips. His spot of violence. Funny vamp. She noticed that he had ignored the first part of her question. Not this time.

"What about me Spike?" She asked again, despair filling the air around them.

He let her go and backed away.

"You know why Buffy. How many times do I have to say it?"

"At least once more." Came her quiet reply.

With shock and in confusion, he turned back to look at her. Searching her eyes for the usual cruelty. He found only caution as if she too was guarding her heart.

He approached her with unease but ignored it at the end and gently wrapped his arms around her.

He had never expected to get that far. Let alone have her in a hug and he waited for the shove that would rip him from her arms. It never came. He found only deep intensity as if his next words would either condemn him or give him reprieve.

" I love you. Everything that is you. Both the dark side of you and the light, that I see in you. The way you see life. The way you accept death. I feel you with me. When I first saw you dancing, you became a part of me. I had started out to kill me another slayer. Another challenge, but you changed that.I saw the way you cared and the way you protect those that are close to you. When I saw you die. It was like, I died and all I wanted to do was to stay out in that new day and get dusted. But my promise to you to keep niblet and your mom safe kept me from it.

Still they had to drag me from our side. When Red had brought you back, I never felt so much joy and terror at the same time knowing that Red's magic would have consequences and I thought that maybe I would have to lose you. That maybe I would have to kill you cause it was possible that you came back wrong and bloody hell there would be no way I could do it without losing a part of myself.

Know this woman, I would of dust myself right afterwards. I would of waited for the sun, cause there would be know why, I would want to stay on this earth without you being in my life. You are my life in my unlife world."

Know one in her existence had ever said anything to her, what Spike had just told her.

None of her guys, friends or family. She knew that her friends would fight, her acceptance of another vampire in her life.

But Damn! Damn them!

She needed him in her life. He was a beckon of acceptance and devotion to her alone. He would forever think of her needs first. Guard her better then he did his own life. She tugged him closer and took in the scent that was only him. She felt the cool flesh and rivaled in it. Her arms encircled his neck and she let her cheek rub against his. A involuntary groan of need escaped his lips and he tangled his hand in her hair and gently tugged till her face was inches from his. Desire and longing were etched on his face and he did what he had always longed to do. He sealed her lips against his.

Groans filled the room as the kiss deepen. A different battle this time raged within the two. Neither giving ground and equally finding what each sought from the other. Many minutes later, Buffy's need to breath was the only thing that made them break apart.

Without a word she took his hand and tried to pull him toward the door. At first he never moved and he let his eye brow arch. His hesitation and fear was something that Buffy knew intimately. There where great challenges ahead of them. There was still so much more to talk over but she would not back down now. Being the Slayer, she always believed she was on borrowed time and Spike was needed in her life, like she needed to breath. She let a gentle smile form and a tug to accompaniment it. She wanted to reassure that things where going to change. It was no contest.

He followed. His resolve melted. He was welcome in her world and like a miser he would cling to her and do whatever she asked. He would go wherever she led him; even to the pits of hell. They had crossed a major hurdle and no one or force above or below would break apart the Slayer and her Vampire. Spike would bloody well see to that.