Chapter Eight

The cemetery was too quiet. Most where; but Buffy could literally feel the silence. The dead and the undead seemed to be holding their breaths.


The undead holding their breathing? Agh!

Spike! When was he not far from her thoughts? He would do that. Breath, when he didn't have to. She cast a look toward Spike, by his expression she knew he too could feel that some thing was off. Damn, she hated when crap just seem to come up fast and furious.

Having made their way over to where Giles, Anya and the witches had set up. Buffy put her thoughts aside. They where using a large concrete coffin as a table. On it was a large bowl, various bottles and candles. The symbol of the pentagram encircled the bowl.

Willow was just getting of her cell phone. " I just talked to Xander and he says that the bad guys have checked into a motel and looked like they where gearing up. He think in about ten minutes there going to be heading our way." She pocketed the phone and smiling at Buffy and Spike then her interest turned to Tara.

Anya and Tara nose's where buried in a thick book and Giles was mixing components for the spell.

Buffy face harden as she glared at Giles.

"Do you think this will work or are you just believing it will?``

Giles finished mixing and poured the potion into the bowl.

"Yes. It should, I don't see any problems that could arise. When you have them into position. We are going to release the magic. If we had the use of Willow's magic it would work faster but since she is on magical hiatus, it will take a few more minutes to take a effect. ... So you and Spike will have to keep them distracted."

He briefly looked up from the alter and returned to looking over the items that he had before him. He wondered if she would ever forgive him. The look Buffy was giving him was so cold. Again he wondered how he could put duty before his charge. When would he learn?

" Am sorry Buffy, that I can't help in this." Said Willow watching the exchanging between the two.

" That OK Will. We understand and we don't expect you to go against what you need to do. You are doing the right thing by not getting involved with the magic"

"It's just I hate not being being all not helpful and stuff when you need me." She was twitching and looked over to Tara then back at Buffy.

Buffy laid a comforting hand over her best friends shoulder trying to ease her friend.

"Oh Don't think that Willow. You are helping by staying true to your word." Buffy gave her a light squeeze on her shoulder. Willow own hand covered Buffy's briefly.

"Yes playing with magic can be dangerous. I have missed my powers. It was much more fun when I could just wish and men would dissolve before my eyes." said Anya as looked up from the book in hers and Tara's hands.

"We just have a few words to say and poof bad guys taken care of." Tara quietly said as she glanced up and nervously brush a strand of hair from her face.

"Alright since you guys are all set, Spike and I are going to head for the entrance and hang in the alley opposite the entrance. When we see them we will casually make our way out and lead them toward you guys."

The girls and Giles all nodded and went back to making sure all was set for the show.

They starting to walk away when Giles spoke up.

"Buffy, please do be careful. These men are not your usual watchers. They are heavily trained individual and they are extremely dangerous."

"So am I. Have you forgotten who I am? I don't take kindly to anyone that threatens or betrays me or my family and friends." Buffy's double reference hit Giles hard and he visibly flinched. Giles gave her a pleading look but she turned on her heels and walked briskly away.

Spike could tell that Giles was suffering. There had been many a time that Spike had been in front of Buffy's fury.

"Watcher." said Spike quietly.

Giles let his gaze fall on Spike.

Spike continued,"Give her time. She will forgive you and until she does she has me to watch her back."

Rippers face emerged. "Just make sure you do your part or I will make sure that this will be your last day on this earth."

Spike smirked. Not letting how much the comment hurt. Bastard. All he wanted to do was ease the old coots mind.

"I will never betray her." His words meant to sting just as harshly as Giles words had hurt him. With a flourish that was purely Spike he followed after his Slayer.

Spike caught up with Buffy easily as she continued to strive quickly to the entrance of the Cemetery.

Spike's voice broke the silence as he rushed after Buffy. "Bloody Hell woman; would you slow down!... Slayer!"

Buffy ignored him and continued her march. Not really caring about anything but what her dark thoughts where telling her.

With a rush, he reached her side and grabbed hold of her arm. Tugging her slightly, then released her. It was never a good idea to hold on to her when she wasn't thinking.

He had managed to make her slow down just enough that she ended up walking beside him.

Buffy threw him a stern glare but didn't say anything else but continued to move.

"Slayer; I think we better have a talk before we go through with this." Spike said. He hoped that his words would get through the metal barrier she had around her.

"There is nothing to say. We both know what he did and I am not just going to forgive him. What he did was wrong. I thought his lying was done. He knew how much it had hurt me the first time and he still kept secrets from me"

"Rupies, might be a old stuffed shirt but I think he just set in his ways and he just wanted to protect you from it."

Bollocks! Spike never thought that he would find himself defending the old bugger.

"That doesn't excuse him. He promised me!... PROMISED! That he wouldn't lie to me and what do I find out? He has been lying to me the whole time. I can't forgive him. I won't!"

"Fine! Then don't; but stop taking it out on me and the rest of us. We didn't know and just want to help and not get our head thumped on every time one of us open your mouths. You are being a bitch to the rest of us.`

That made Buffy stop dead in her tracks. Her hand was aiming for his face.

Spike was quicker. He had her hand and his grip was unyielding.

"See what I mean Slayer." Came Spike's cold point about Buffy's behavior.

For a moment her face stayed stern and then it crumbled. Her lower lip trembled.

Unbelievable! He was right. She was being a bitch. It wasn't anyone else s fault but Giles and hers for excepting his words at face value and never taking the time to do any research on her own. She had always just taken everything Giles had said as Gospel. What the bottom line was that it was her fault. She always expected everyone else to do things for her.

Tears threaten to fall but she held them back. Now wasn't the time to cry. She was going into battle. She had friends to take care of.

"Your right Spike. Am sorry and later when this is done, I will tell the others as well."

"Spoken like the true Slayer you are." He gently raised her hand and brushed the back of her hand across his cheek and a light kiss on her knuckles. Reluctantly he released her. Spike couldn't believe it. What had happen to his Buffy. At one point she would of never would of accepted what he had to say.

Little did he know that was just what she was thinking. In some ways she felt that not only was she physically changing but something that she couldn't name yet was awaking within her.

She knew that sometime soon she would have to confront it. She let a smile form and it turned into a smirk. The men that where coming where in for a world of hurt. Without another word they together entered the alley. There was only a short time before the battle started and with so many things unsaid between them. Both knew their conversation would have to wait yet again. It was time to kick some serious butt.