Chapter Thirteen: Of the Sun, Moon, and Stars

The sun burned pleasantly at her naked skin as she lay out on the back lawn tanning. The blanket beneath her was thick and relatively plush so that even her father's beautiful, yet hard lawn wouldn't cause her back problems once she decided to stand once more.

Sam blinked lazily at the Camaro parked very near to her, though not on the manicured lawn, and wallowed in the waves of indulgent affection he was sending her way. A contented smile sat on her pink lips.

"Love you, 'Bee." She murmured, knowing that he would hear her as clearly as if she was shouting right into his audio receptors.

The radio clicked to a different station and through the open windows she heard All 4 One's 'I Can Love You Like That' trickling through.

I can love you like that
I would make you my world
Move heaven and earth if you were my girl
I would give you my heart
Be all that you need
Show you you're everything that's precious to me
If you give me a chance, I can love you like that

She hummed happily before closing her eyes on the sun blazing across the bright yellow of his alt form. Besides the soft music, mainly acoustics, playing through Bumblebee's radio there was very little sound in the neighborhood, let alone her backyard.

She'd come out of the house more than two hours ago wearing her favorite turquois bikini to give her Autobot friend a nice wash before allowing herself to simply lay around with him as he dried and get a fresh suntan. He'd long since become completely dry in the direct rays from the hanging Sun, but she was content to remain with him and enjoy one of her few moments of peace left with him.

A pang of guilt hit her in the gut when she thought of the acceptance letter her mother had taken to waving in her 'friends' faces. "My daughter's going to Princeton!" She cheered almost constantly. She loved rubbing her daughter's upcoming success in everyone's faces. She found herself rolling her eyes at her mother's antics more often than not.

She'd received a full-blown scholarship to Princeton University. She intended to go for an Associates in Geoscience and get a MPA in Public Affairs. She had a long life ahead of her, unfortunately, and if she chose to get another major or minor, perhaps a doctorate, she could always go back. At present, however, she figured that she'd be of most help for the Autobots if she learned out to properly deal with people and knew as much about her home turf, a.k.a Earth, as she possibly could.

She didn't actually need the scholarship as she'd obtained a hefty check from the government for her help and involvement with the Cybertronians, but she didn't use the money. While she might be taking away the scholarship from another student that wouldn't be able to afford going to the prestigious college without the outside aid she thought that since she'd given the entire sum of her check to Reparations Department of NEST to make up for probable collateral damage due to the alien war she deserved the scholarship…or at least wanted it badly enough.

What was eating at her, though, was that she was going to have to tell Bumblebee and the others about the campus bylaws about no Freshmen being permitted a car on campus. In other words she would be Guardian-less.

I so don't want to have that conversation.

She flicked her right leg upward, knowing that the tattoo was transmitting her signal on a thin, nearly undetectable frequency to all of the Autobots at regular intervals. Vitals, location, general emotion, and brainwave activity. They knew it all.

At times she hated the stupid thing. She'd been half tempted once or twice to find a knife and see if she could carve the cursed thing off of her leg, but she wouldn't do it. She couldn't. Besides being terrified of the pain she knew would be involved she also knew that if she did something so incredibly idiotic she'd find herself a permanent resident of Ratchet's medbay and have another tattoo applied to an area less reachable. Then she'd probably find herself on a very short leash, literally, and removed from her life as she knew it.

It was almost sickening to her to think of the Autobots as anything but the good guys. Yes, they were fighting for the ultimate good of Earth's people, but they were essentially the same as the Decepticons in base programming. They weren't all good…the tattoo and the way they'd placed it on her was proof of that. So was the microchip. They could be just as manipulative and underhanded as the Decepticons and that single thought is what kept her in line most of the time. She could dish out a certain amount of punishment to them, but in the end they could do so much more and so much worse to her.

Unless provoked to the fringe of sanity she doubted they would ever hurt her irrevocably, probably not even then, but it still unnerved her to know that they weren't above trying to control her if they thought it was best for her.

If Bumblebee or any of them weren't permitted on campus due to the 'no cars for Freshmen' rule she knew that there was going to be a big hissy fit. She would take the little time that she had left before school started, two weeks, to figure out how to get them to give her some breathing room.

It's gonna be worse than pulling teeth.

Sighing for the final time she rose to her feet and folded up the blanket sloppily. Her gaze drifted to the sedate Camaro.

"I'm going to go in now, shower, eat dinner, and then we'll go pick up Mike. The star-shower is supposed to happen right after sunset." She spoke cheerfully. She was excited to hang out with her jock friend before both of them were forced to go their separate ways until Christmas Break or even the following summer.

The radio switched off to allow the scout's voice to reach her unhindered. "I will see you soon, then, Sweetspark."

Sam's smile fell to one that was a little more wistful, somewhat sad even, as she strolled up to the driver's side door. At a gesture of her fingers the door opened for her. She sat down softly, her legs hanging out of the car, before bending forward to place a quick kiss to the Autobot insignia on the steering wheel. Shock and confusion darted over their bond.

"You're my best friend, Bumblebee." She claimed softly, her smile growing slightly warmer. "I don't know what I'd ever do without you."

She kissed the insignia again before exiting the car to enter her childhood home.

Belatedly the Camaro shifted on its axels before settling down with a hiss of hydraulics. The being's unwavering attention blazed into the fragile, yet so very special human that had won over his and every other 'bot's Spark since their arrival to the backwater planet called Earth.

A hefty sigh left his intakes as he grinned inwardly, warmth radiating through their bond.

"And I could not imagine a future for any of us without you in it, little one." His optics travelled Heavenward for just a moment, his bond opened fully to the love being bestowed upon him by the one known as Samantha Jane Witwicky.

"This, Sweetspark, is only a singular moment in your life and for each moment onward you will never be alone. You are our Sun, Moon, and stars. With you our Sun rises and sets, our moon changes, and our stars fly across the skies." Optics training back on the human woman preparing herself in the domicile he sent a burst of love so profound it caused her to gasp through the bond. "Let your own Sun set this night, little one, and we will watch it rise anew on the morrow…together."

The End

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