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My Life as a Model in Training

Chapter 1

I have been wanting to model since I was a little girl and now I have my actual chance! Being a model is what I want to be and have fun being. I looked down at the letter that I had just received in the mail with excitement as I reread the letter over and over again.

Dear Miss Mikan Sakura,

Congratulations! After reviewing your profile that you have submitted to us, we congratulate you one being accepted to the Alice Academy School of Modeling .As you may know, at the Alice Academy School of Modeling, we teach you every single aspect that is needed to make an aspiring model. We make sure that you will have an amazing learning experience at our academy by having professional photographers, fashion, and other courses that can help you become either a model, modeling agent, photographer, or fashion designer.

All information about your enrollment has been placed inside this envelope which includes your class schedule and other important papers that you will need to fill out and bring to the academy's office. We humbly welcome you to our academy Miss Mikan Sakura.

Alice Academy School of Modeling Director

Narumi Anjo

I was finally going to the school of my dreams! I started to jump up and down excitedly. I couldn't wait to start school. I ran into my house while yelling, "Mom! Dad! I got in! I got in!" I saw my father sitting on a comfy chair in our living room while he was reading his newspaper. He looked at me as if he just won first place in a contest.

"I'm so proud of you Mikan! I knew you could do it!" He exclaimed as he stood up and gave me a big hug. He ruffled my hair as he placed his hand on my head. "My little girl is growing up!" My father backed away a little still having his hand on my head as he cried in his sleeve. I could hear him sniffling as my mother came in from the kitchen. My mother, Yuka, was a model when she was younger and went to the Alice Academy, but decided to quit modeling to take care of me and my crybaby father, Izumi. She always said that she was happy to not be modeling anymore, but I could tell she still missed it. Now I was going to continue her dream as a model and I will never stop until I reach my goal of being the most popular model in Japan.

My mother walked fast toward us and gave me another hug. She smoothed my hair and said, "Mikan you're finally going to become a model! I'm so happy that you got in! This will definitely be a huge experience for you and you'll make it through! I'm so proud to be your mother!" My mother gave me a small kiss on my forehead as I hugged her more, I was going to miss home, but I can't wait to model in Tokyo!

My father stopped his small crying fit after babbling about losing his little girl. He then gave my mother and I a hug and exclaimed hopefully, "You know Mikan, you don't need to go there to model, you can stay here!" My mother and I gave him a death glare and with his expression from that, he gave up trying to keep me home.

"Oh my god! I gotta go tell Hotaru! I wonder if she got in too!" I quickly gave my parents another hug and ran out the door. I found it quicker just to run down the street to Hotaru's house and tell her the great the news as well as seeing if she got in as well. I hope she got in, but knowing Hotaru, my best friend since childhood, she probably got in with flying colors. Hotaru wants to become a modeling agent and possibly still model too at the same time. She is so incredibly smart it hurts, literally. Which mean as soon as I run through her front door I'll probably end up almost killed.

As I ran to the front door, I braced myself from being hit in any type of way, but nothing came. I looked around suspiciously in her house. Everything seemed normal, but at that very moment I was standing up, but now was face first into the carpeted floor.

"OWWWW! Hotaru! You are so mean! I think I'm going to get brain damage!" I look behind me and I see my best friend standing in the middle of the door way with a book in her hand in the throwing position. Her dark purple eyes are slightly irritated, since I did barge in to her house, but I usually do that and that's never stopped me before. This house was like a second home to me, I'm almost here more than I am in my own house and the mall. Aww the mall it sounded like music to my ears in my head. Clothes, make-up, and food sounded so good right now, it's amazing with all the food I stuff my face with that I'm still happen to be in very good shape. Even though I may seem really stupid, I'm actually smart, though not as smart as Hotaru, I know how to play the piano, violin, guitar, and other instruments, I'm a black belt in Karate, Aikido, and Judo, as well as doing gymnastics and every sport possible known to man, but my absolute favorite is modeling. Modeling is what I really love to do and everyone knows that I can do it. There's just something about modeling can make me happy when I'm down, or get me excited about every component about modeling, from the clothes and make-up to the hard work of posing correctly and getting the shot as perfect as possible made modeling amazing for me.

"It's your fault for coming in while I wasn't home, you could've broken something." She glared at me as I pouted. I stuck my tongue out her and crossed my arms over my chest. Just because I'm really clumsy doesn't mean I'll break something. Hotaru's face softened as she extended her hand to me to help me up from the ground. I quickly grabbed it and jumped on her.

"Oh Hotaru! I love you!" I announced happily. She hugged me back, looking at me like I was crazy. "Oh Hotaru I…" I began but only to be cut off. "You got in to the Alice Academy and you want to know if I got accepted too, right? Are you stupid? Of course I got in." Hotaru finished my sentence and answered my question at the same time. Am I really that predictable? Probably.

"Exactly! Hooray! Hooray! We got in! We got in! Wait.. How did you know I got in?" I asked looking at her strangely sometimes she's sort of creepy. She gave me an evil smirk and said, "I totally didn't look in your mail box before you got home and read the letter as I slipped it back in to your mail box without anyone noticing." I gaped at her. She did not just go through my mail box and read me letter! "That's illegal!" I yelled at her with big eyes as I pointed at her. She just looked at me and asked, "Mikan, how does Howalons sound?" I blinked at this. Howalons, Howalons, Howalons! A total celebration gift to myself. My mouth started to water as I pictured the fluffy pink fluffs just melting in my mouth, so good! "Okay Hotaru lets go get some!" I exclaimed, but only for Hotaru to take the box she was holding and opening it to show my precious Howalons.

"Oh my God Hotaru! You're the best!" I took the box from her and placed it on the table ready to eat. "I know I am," Hotaru smiled, "but remember Mikan your going to become a model, so watch your sweets intake." My eyes widened with shock as I panicked, "Nooo! I can't live without my Howalons!" I patted my stomach, "My food baby needs it! Can't survive!" I quickly took the Howalons from the table and started to growl at her. No one touches my Howalons!

"I swear Mikan your going to get fat off of your Howalons and you're going to regret it." Hotaru commented. I started to pout, I know I had to try to limit myself to one a day. This was going to be a challenge. I sighed and placed the box back on the table and started to act civilized.

"Good Mikan. Now orientation for new students is tomorrow, so make sure you back everything today and we will be able to go to the academy." Hotaru said has she laid a Howalon down in front of me. "Tomorrow? I need to read the fine print more!" with this I gobbled down my delicious treat, I thanked Hotaru and gave her hug and ran out the door again and ran back to my house to pack.

I absolutely can't wait to see my new adventure!

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