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Friendly Neighbourhood Review-Whore Kyugan here, with another startling brain child from the depths of my twisted imagination.

For those of you wondering, yes, I am apparently over the worst of my sickleave, as i can now swallow liquids without feeling as if someone sandbalsted my throat.

Updates are still going to besporadic, as i'm prepping for a trip abroad, but rest assured, they will be coming down the line.

That said, this little baby's a doozy, even if i do say so myself, and before you ask, YES it's AU, and NO, it won't be to AU.


Raditz grimaced, the Saiyan staggering against a wall as he glared up into the bloody sky of his home planet, Vegetasei, grimacing at the barely visible speck that hung at the edge of sight.

Normally, Raditz wouldn't put much past something that could just as easily be an eye-floater, something that was QUITE common among Saiyans, as you didn't endure countless battles without SOMETHING jarring loose. But then NORMALLY Raditz wouldn't have just narrowly survived a fight with Frieza's elites, having been ambushed while off-world, only surviving because of the good fortune of the planet's moon rising while the idiots stood over his half-dead corpse.

Nothing like going 'ape shit' on a bunch of overconfident elites to make a low-class warrior feel all special inside.

As it was, Raditz had gleaned enough during his brief moments of consciousness during the beating to learn that his entire race was in danger of being wiped out by Frieza, despite generations of thankless servitude they'd provided the changeling with. Not only that, but it seemed the tyrant had his eye set on the Princes, Vegeta and Tarble, intending to make them his personal servants…in other words, little more than pets.

Not if Raditz had any say about it, which is why he currently had the second prince, Tarble, slung over his shoulder, having rescued the child from the group Frieza had sent in to capture him. The prince was looking a little roughed up, apparently Frieza had forgotten to inform his troops to 'handle with care', though Raditz suspected the lizard-faced freak had PURPOSELY ordered such treatment.

As it as Raditz was badly injured, his bones aching from planet fall and TWO fights with Frieza's lackeys, though admittedly the group sent after Tarble had been no better than a pack of unruly Saibamen, no brains and hardly any muscle, but then, as much as it shamed him to admit it, prince Tarble hardly merited the need for Elites.

Not that such thoughts served any relevant purpose. BOTH of them were likely to collapse at this rate, and seeing as how the majority of his fellows believed Raditz to be as high as a kite, or having suffered too many blows to the head, it wasn't likely he was going to convince any to get off world with them.

Admittedly, he COULD have marched in with Tarble's bloody body over his shoulder, but knowing his fellow Saiyans, they'd have jumped to the conclusion that HE'D attacked the prince, which would've been counterproductive to his plans for 'staying alive'.

'Pull it together…' he muttered, grimacing as he stepped forwards, ribs and body aching with each agonizing step, making sure to avoid jostling his precious cargo as he staggered towards the space port 'Pods…only chance…'

Fortunately for Raditz, as Saiyans were pretty much considered 'on-call' at all times for grunt work, there were several unattended Space Pods littering the launch pads of the space port, just WAITING to be sent off into the void of space.

Furthermore, it didn't require a rocket scientist to launch the blasted things. The entire process was almost completely automated, the onboard computer handling most of the work while the pilot sat back and caught up on their rest.

'Sorry for the rough treatment…' Raditz offered, tucking the unconscious form of Tarble into the first pod with unusual gentleness, for a Saiyan that is, the Low-Class Warrior ensuring that the second prince's life support systems were secure and functioning, before giving instructions to the onboard computer and shutting the hatch.

Clambering into his own pod, loosing a gasp of agony as the motion jarred his aching body, the Saiyan grit his teeth as the pod blasted through the stratosphere, the g-forces, normally bearable, make that laughable, forcing the injured Saiyan back against his chair, the oxygen mask he'd placed over his mouth obscuring his agonized grimace as he braced himself for the weightlessness of space.

Something exploded behind them, the shockwave crashing into the pods, sending them spiralling into the sea of stars, Raditz's cry of alarm cutting off as he blacked out.

An eternity later...

"He's coming around…" a nasal, disgustingly alien voice murmured, Raditz's eyes twitching, a scowl marring his features as he felt cool liquid wash over him "Good grief, do you think he has enough HAIR?"

"He's a SAIYAN." A snide voice muttered, Raditz's brows furrowing at the condescending tone his race was spoken with, making a note to throttle the prick for the affront "I'm more surprised he's ALIVE."

"I think he's waking up." Another voice, identical to the first, noted, the sound of tapping glass echoing in front of Raditz, who became dimly aware of a sensation of floating, as if her were submerged in water.

'Healing tank…' the Saiyan realized, his eyes creaking open, his features obscured by an oxygen mask as he glared out at the alien creatures that were pressing themselves against the view screen, his body tensing as he took in their apparel, that of Freiza's forces.

"Well now, awake are we?" a charismatic voice noted, Raditz's eyes narrowing as the gathered aliens stepped aside to reveal another figure, his image blurred by the darkness outside the tank "Raisin, let him out."

"At once…" one of the earlier voices conceded, Raditz's eyes narrowing as the green, healing liquid that was in fact artificial Saiyan DNA drained out of the tank, leaving him to drip dry as he pried off the oxygen mask and cables that had been attached to monitor his progress.

"Easy now," the charismatic voice chuckled, watching as Raditz stepped out of the tank, staggering slightly from a slight case of vertigo, a common aliment after an extended recovery period in the tanks "You're just up, give yourself time to get your bearings."

"Where the hell am I?" Raditz demanded, the Saiyan warrior heedless of his nudity, hell nudity was considered 'casual wear' on Vegetasei, as he glared at his surroundings, noting that he appeared to be on one of Frieza's Saucer ships, something that set him on edge.

"Whoa there…" the charismatic voice offered, a cloaked figure stepping out of the shadows, light glancing off a red Scouter lens "No need to bare your fangs pup…this isn't one of Frieza's ships, though it DOES belong to the Cold Dynasty…for now anyways."

"Who?" Raditz muttered, the Saiyan's dark eyes narrowing at the apparent leader as he stepped forwards, only to widen in shock as the cloaked figure's features came into view with startling clarity "Father?"

"Father?" the Bardock look-alike repeated, quirking one brow, the familiar features quirking into the typical Saiyan sneer "Ah, you must mean Bardock, well, I suppose there IS a familial resemblance…so you're HIS brat are you?"

"I am." Raditz muttered his eyes narrowing as he took in the smirking visage of the stranger, noticing several minute differences from his Sire. Facial features aside, this Saiyan's skin tone was dark grey, typical of those hailing from the northern wastes, as was his physique, which was more akin to Raditz's own than Bardock's, which had been slimmer, emphasizing balance over power.

Furthermore, the look-alike's armour was that of a FIRST class Saiyan Warrior, while Bardock, as efficient and deadly as he'd been, had been born in the lower Caste, much like Raditz himself.

"Well, as ironic as it would be to pretend otherwise, I'm afraid I'm NOT your father brat." The Saiyan snorted, crossing his arms beneath his cloak "The name is Turles, and I suppose you could say I'm your father's Elder brother."

Raditz would have scoffed at Turles words if he wasn't staring the validity of them, literally, in the face. Instead he turned his gaze towards the surrounding medical chamber, eyes alighting on a second tank humming away "The prince-!"

"Is fine." Turles assured his nephew, stepping forwards to stand before Tarble's healing tank with a strange smirk on his face "You did good work nephew, not only did you manage to survive Frieza's purging, but you also managed to ensure the Line of Vegetasei continues."

"Frieza…" Raditz muttered, the younger Saiyan's relief at the prince's well being giving away to anger and suspicion as he turned to his father's brother with a scowl "What of the heir? What of Vegetasei?"

"The heir is fine," Turles assured him, a wry smirk on his face "I believe he was off world at the time, on a mission from Frieza no less." He scowled, his tail lashing irritably "Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for our home."

"Then it's true…" Raditz muttered, his fists clenching as he recalled the bone-jarring explosion that had cast his pod into space "That bastard!" he swore, punching a nearby wall "We slaved away for him for generations…and this is how he repays us?"

"Calm yourself, Nephew." Turles ordered, his tone bemused as he continued to stare in on the slumbering Tarble "Let Frieza have his day…for now, we have things to do…" his lip curled as he sneered at his nephew "Starting with getting you outfitted…Cacao!"

"Da…" a mechanized voice acknowledged, Raditz turning to find a creature with a face like molten silly-putty in cybernetic silver armour standing off to the side, the corner of his lips rising as he snarled at it in disgust.

"Take my Nephew to the armoury and see about getting him some proper gear…" Turles ordered, nodding his head towards the mechanical monstrosity with a smirk in Raditz's general direction, before turning his attention to the prince's healing tank "We've got work to do."

Raditz, honestly torn between wanting to get FAR away from his uncle's smirking face, and his discomfort with leaving the older Saiyan with Prince Tarble, decided to put his thoughts on hold for now as he marched off after the mechanized minion, fully intending to return once he'd at least gotten something to wear.

After all, the Cold family saucer ships weren't exactly known for their warm, comfortable atmospheres.

And that's that, for now anyways, I'll have the first official chapter posted soon enough, rest assured.

As some might have garnered from the title, this is a cross between DBZ and Tenchi Muyo (The original, though Universe was good too, and elements of it may appear later) A popular crossover pairing, I think, but it's rarely approached nowadays for some reason or other.

This fic basically combines elements the Tenchi Muyo OVA's (prior to the Clay arc) with plots from certain DBZ movies (Which ones are debateable,) and bits from the Tenchi Mangas (No Need and All New), which are surprisingly good for all the OC's that are never mentioned again. (Minagi needs more love, seriously).

For this Prelude chapter, here's a basic rundown on how this universe differs from Canon:

1. Raditz was off world on a mission in canon, which enabled him to survive the purging of Vegetasei. In this one, he and his squad were ambushed by Frieza's elites, escaping back to the planet, possibly before Bardock's arrival, only to be met with the same mockery as his father. Giving up on gaining assistance, he wound up helping Tarble escape from Vegetasei, scant seconds before Frieza turned it into his personal fireworks display.

2. Turles, who is Bardock's elder ELITE brother in this universe, rather than some ambiguous relative of Goku's, picked the pair up and integrated them into his crew, who for convenience's sake, are part of Cooler's armoured core, albeit low on the ladder.

3. Tenchi's Earth, and Goku's 'Earth' are two different worlds, which have the ironic coincidence of sharing the same name. As a result, there will be no Dragonballs to provide Deus Ex Machina solutions, just good old fashioned musclework and a little science.

Washu: Delicious, MAGICAL science.

Raditz: Shut up, you.

4. This prologue takes place several years before the main storyline, as Tarble is still a child. In short, the events of Dragonball, or the first season of the Tenchi Ova, will have been carried out before the Saiyans make their apearance in Tenchi's back yard, by which time, he'll be roughly the same age as Sasami, if not older.

5. As stated earlier, Raditz's relationship with Tarble will be simillar to the one Nappa has with Vegeta (That of a loyal guardsman and prince) though admittedly, Raditz will be a lot more loyal, less prone to anger, and generally more competent, mainly because he's had most, if not all, of his arrogance pounded out of him by Turles and his crew by the time the main plotline starts.

6. The pairings for this pic, aside from the aforementioned Tarble x Sasami, will be touched on as the story progresses, and I am rather confident they are entirely the result of my own devious mind, though as stated before, I'll be more than glad to be proven wrong.

Also, as stated earlier, the Opening 'Saga' of this fic would predictably follow that of the DBZ movie: The Tree of Might, and work on from there. I figure this should be well within reason, since most of the DBZ movies occur outside canon timelines, and can thus be 'copy pasted', so to speak, and dropped on Tenchi's doorstep*


Ryoko: *Smirking as she uses her tails to squeeze his nuts* Hush.

So come on everyone, let's sit back and watch the Greatest Saga Never Told!

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Raditz: *Grumbles*...damn tail-teasing...!

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