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Chapter 20: No Need for a Picnic!

"Oh man…" Washu sighed, the redhead walking out of the door to her lab, stretching stiffly to release the tension in her joints "Got too carried away with my research last night, didn't sleep a wink…"

It had been well over a week or so since Ayeka and Sasami's parents decided to grace the Masaki house with their presence, and things were finally starting to get back to normal, or as normal as things could get around here anyway. The only real changes were that Katsuhito had apparently decided to drop the kid gloves and was drilling Tenchi harder than ever before, something that Ayeka supported whole heartedly, seeing it as the perfect way to ingratiate the poor boy with her father.

'Ah young love...' the genius sighed, shaking her head in amusement at the princess' naivety, as anyone that knew anything about Azusa knew that once the King made up his mind, it'd take forever to change it, even with Misaki and Funaho working in tandem with the threat of The Couch as added incentive 'What the hell did I ever see in it.'

She blinked as she entered the living room, finding it empty save for a tense looking Noboyuki, who was leaning over the dining room table, upon which several yen coins were balancing on their edge "Yo, Noboyuki," she called out, smirking slightly as the man almost jumped out of his skin "What'cha doin'?"

"Keep it down!" Noboyuki hissed, whipping round to shush the redhead whilst doing his absolute best not to make too much noise or unnecessary movement, his bloodshot eyes giving the man a slightly deranged appearance "I've only got thirty-three more coins to go before I reach ten thousand!" he explained, nodding towards the rows of coins before him "It'll be a new personal record, so keep it down until then, okay?"

'What a dork…' Washu muttered, the redhead wondering, not for the first time, how someone like Tenchi could be the fruit of such underwhelming loins before looking around, noting a faint scent in the air that implied Sasami had cooked recently "Where are all the normal people at?"

"I sent them away." Noboyuki whispered, not even taking offence to her implied insult, as he was long since used to being regarded as weird by his son's ever growing harem of suitors "They're visiting the old man, said something about a picnic lunch."

"Great." Washu muttered, glad to have an excuse to put as much distance between herself and Noboyuki's latest bout of stupidity, the redhead shutting the door behind her, heedless of Noboyuki's scream of anguish as she made her way over to Azaka and Kamidake, who were, as always, standing watch at the gate. "How's it hangin' fellas?" she greeted, looking the guardians over with a smirk "Man, ever since the incident with Kagato you two have been growin' roots!"

"Just enjoying some much needed R&R ma'am." The guardian replied politely, earning a sigh of agreement from his partner and a snort of dismissal from the redhead "Though it's been a little noisier of late."

"Not noisy enough for my liking." Washu muttered, wondering how in the universe it was possible to be so gods-damned boring on a planet hosting two full-blooded Saiyans, Juraian Princesses, and Mihoshi to name but a few "I for one could use some excitement!"


High up in earth's orbit, a woman gazed down at the floor of her vessel, which lit up to reveal a perfect view of the planet below.

'Wow…we're all the way out in the boon-docks ' she muttered, quirking a brow as she stared down at the quaint little planet below 'Can he really have been hiding out on a backwater planet like this?'

As if in response to her questioning, several charts and screens popped into existence around her, the image of the earth rotating before magnifying, focussing on a small, almost inconsequential chain of islands off the coast of the largest landmass, an eager smile adorning the woman's face as they homed in on the specific energy signature of a Jurai noble.

'And to think they raise such a stink over 'interfering' with undeveloped worlds.' She mused wryly 'Guess it's true what they say, Politicians are hypocrites no matter which planet they hale from.'

Her amusement vanished as an alarm sounded, her eyes narrowing as the scanners finally locked onto what she was looking for, an excited, almost feral grin adorning her features as she gazed down at her target, who was currently duelling with an old man.

"I finally found you…" she murmured, ochre eyes glinting with a wolfish eagerness as she watched the old man trick the teen into looking away, punishing him for his mistake with a blow to the head.

With Tenchi...

"That's cheating Grandpa!" Tenchi muttered, glaring up at the former crown prince as he nursed the massive goose-egg the old man's bokuto had left of his skull.

"Oh quit your belly-aching." Katsuhito quipped, looking decidedly smug as he sat on an nearby rock, smirking at the boy "You're just lucky we're using wooden swords. MY instructors were not nearly so lenient."

"Yeah, but you were BORN with your powers." Tenchi countered, scowling at the run-away prince pointedly "You didn't stumble ass-first into them in your teens, and I can't even use them half-the time, and not at all without Tenchi-ken."

"It's hardly MY fault you were a late bloomer." Katsuhito countered "Besides, the rules of the Masaki family prohibited me from speaking of your Juraian origins until you hit puberty."

"Hate to break it to you Gramps," Tenchi deadpanned, a scowl adorning his face at the perceived insult "But just because I haven't knocked some girl up doesn't mean my balls haven't dropped."

"Sometimes I wonder." Katsuhito quipped, chuckling at Tenchi's outraged squawk "You need to remember, Tenchi, that Juraians age much slower than humans. It takes 800 earth years for a Juraian to reach what would classify as an 'adult' here on earth. Even Sasami-chan, who is still a child in our eyes, is several centuries your senior."

Tenchi blinked, having forgotten that little titbit of information, so used to seeing Sasami as the little sister he never had. It was an almost instinctual response, as he highly doubted any sane human could comprehend the true ages of any of the girls without feeling a little freaked out.

"Now admittedly the rules are a little different in your case, due to you not undergoing any genetic enhancements or being bonded to a Royal Tree." Katsuhito continued "But the fact remained that, until your powers awoke of their own accord, I was incapable of properly teaching you to master them. And by the time they DID manifest…well you know your own story better than anyone."

"Do I ever…" Tenchi muttered, wiping his brow as he recalled the hell he'd unleashed when he'd broken into Ryoko's cave what seemed an eternity ago. Part of him often wondered if he'd ever have gone near the cave if he'd known what would happen, nowadays he couldn't imagine life without the girls.

"Tenchi!" A voice called out, the two looking up to see Sasami and Mihoshi walking up the path towards them, dressed in winter clothing to ward off the autumn chill, the girls carrying several table cloths full of bento "We brought lunch!"

"I'll say…" Tenchi noted, chuckling weakly at the sight of Tarble and Raditz rounding the corner, the Guardsman carrying a massive sack of food over his shoulder like it weighed nothing at all, the teen marvelling once again at the Saiyans ability to pack away food, which up until now had been Ryoko and Mihoshi's stomping grounds "Where's Washu and the others?"

"Ryoko mentioned something about fishing the last time I saw her." Ayeka admitted, the elder princess stepping into view, a mild frown adorning her features at the mention of her rival for Tenchi's heart "Washu-san was in her lab, and Noboyuki was doing something weird again."

"So what else is new?" Raditz scoffed, having little to no interest what the Misaki breadwinner did so long as it didn't involve Tarble or the blaster the man kept hidden about his person. Not covertly mind you, Raditz would've ripped the man's arms off if that were the case, but with the kind of subtle assurance that spoke of years of experience and the confidence to handle things without having to resort to armed combat.

If he'd been anyone else, Raditz might have bought into the whole harmless pervert act that the man put on for the rest of the Misaki house, but as a former member of the Crusher Corps, he'd seen far too many undercover GXP operatives to NOT be able to tell, a fact Noboyuki had revealed to be well aware of during their initial meeting.

'Give the fool credit,' he muttered, sneering at Mihoshi as the blonde poured hot green tea for everyone to drink 'he's done a better job of keeping his secrets than certain OTHER officers.'

"Thanks for the help, Raditz-san!" the blonde chirped, beaming at the Saiyan, heedless of the look he'd been sending her second before "We never would've gotten these snacks up here without you!"

"Yes, it was quite a relief to learn you were good for something other than hitting things." Ayeka noted coyly, ignoring the bird Raditz flipped her way, Tarble and Sasami sighing at their antics.

"Tarble-kun, try some of these!" the younger princess insisted, handing the young Saiyan a box of snacks, ranging from sushi rolls to omelettes and croquettes.

"Thank you, Sasami-san." Tarble offered, the Saiyan accepting the box with a smile as he inhaled the scent of the contents "These smell GREAT! Did you make all these?"

"Not all of them," Sasami countered, beaming down at the younger Saiyan as the rest of the boxes were opened "Ayeka-Oneesama worked on a few as well!"

"What's that look for?" Ayeka demanded, levelling a deadpan glare at Tenchi and Katsuhito, the two males having recoiled from the bento out of fear of accidentally stumbling across the elder sister's attempts.

"They're probably afraid of being poisoned, Harpy." Raditz snarked, smirking at the elder princess as she glared at him hatefully, a glare that she quickly turned upon her brother and suitor at their guilty looks "Can you really blame them given your track record? Planning to take over as court poisoner when that old hag Seto retires?"

"How DARE you!" Ayeka fumed, glaring at the Saiyan even as Tenchi futilely tried to calm her down "Insulting my cooking is bad enough, but I won't stand here and let you besmirch Seto-sama's honour!"

"Sit down then." Raditz shot back "And get off your high horse while you're at it. You know just as much as I do that hag's no saint. The only difference between her and Space Pirates is that you can be certain the Pirates will kill you outright."

"Now-now, everyone calm down." Katsuhito urged, Tenchi placing his hands on Ayeka's shoulders to calm her down "While I'm aware Seto-sama's reputation precedes her, she only acts with the best interests of the people in mind."

"The best interests of Jurai, maybe." Raditz scoffed, shooting the old man a look "I know for a fact that both the Emperor and the GXP top brass are just as terrified of her as everyone else. You don't earn the name 'Devil Princess of Jurai' by baking cookies and holding tea parties."

"Raditz…" Tarble spoke up, the Saiyan prince sending his guardsman a reprimanding look even as he tried to suppress the urge to shiver at the mention of the woman's title, as even the Planet Trade knew better than to cross the Devil Princess, only to blink at the feel of Sasami's hand on his shoulder.

"It's alright, Tarble-kun." She assured the prince, smiling cheerfully at the Saiyans even as she sweatdropped "As much as I love Grandma, even I can tell she can be a bit extreme at times."

'Extreme is not a word I'd use to describe Seto and dream of living to tell the tale.' Katsuhito muttered, marvelling at Sasami's daring as he recalled the story of how the woman had 'proposed' to her husband by threatening him with either death or marriage, the man choosing the harder path by habit.

"But she's only like that so she can protect the people she cares about." Sasami continued, smiling at the Saiyans proudly "She's also the one who taught me how to cook you know, so really you should be thanking her."

Following Sasami's speech...

"Feh…" Raditz muttered, turning his head away from the girl, though Katsuhito noted a thoughtful look in the elder Saiyan's eyes as he munched on a drumstick.

"So Ayeka-san made this?" Tarble wondered, the group blinking as the Saiyan reached down with his chopsticks, scooping up a piece of omelette and popping it into his mouth, chewing for a few seconds before swallowing with a grin "Hey! Not bad!" he exclaimed, causing the males to face-fault and Ayeka to blink in confusion "A little different from Sasami-san's, but it tastes great!"

"R-Really…?" Ayeka stammered, glad for the compliment, as she didn't exactly have the best track record when it came to cooking, though the fact the compliment was coming from a SAIYAN, even one as well-mannered as Tarble, left her feeling a little…off-centre.

"Have you been secretly practicing, Ayeka?" Katsuhito asked, deciding to give his half-sister and former fiancé the benefit of the doubt "You USED to confuse the salt with the sugar!"

"Oh…it's nothing really…" Ayeka assured her former fiancé, rubbing the back of her head nervously, only to jerk as Mihoshi asked for the recipe, the elder princess shooting Sasami a side glance, promising her little sister WHATEVER she wanted provided she played along "Sasami, why don't YOU show her?"

"You SURE I can do it, Ayeka?" Sasami wondered, smiling innocently in a way that let her elder sibling know she was expecting big time reimbursement later, before turning her attention to Mihoshi, explaining how it was all in the preparation.

"Oh Sasami!" Ayeka chuckled, outwardly pleased with her sibling's lecture, though internally she was flinching at the idea of being forced to hand over one of her favourite bracelets AND necklaces as payment for her sibling's silence "You're SO smart!"

"Unlike certain OTHER princesses we know…" a crass voice mocked, Ayeka's good mood dying in its infancy as the group looked up to see Ryoko sitting Indian-style in mid-air, dressed in her green kimono with pink coat "Hi, Tenchi darling!"

"You shameless monster!" Ayeka muttered, glaring up at her rival for Tenchi's heart while the boy in question began shovelling treats into his mouth, desperate to eat his fill before a fight started "Just WHAT do you mean by that?"

Ryoko smirked, fading out of existence, only to reappear at ground level, touching down in front of the food, bending over to examine it with her hands on her back "So…all Sasami-chan handled was the Salt and Sugar eh?" the space pirate demanded, shooting the suddenly nervous princess a side look "Really? Sure she didn't do more? Cause that slicing and dicing looks pretty darn PROFESSIONAL to me."

"Now, now…" Tenchi interposed, placing himself between the rivals as Ayeka recoiled as if struck, only to start spouting obscenities at the bemused pirate "Give her a break Ryoko, try some before you knock it."

"Well…" Ryoko remarked, smirking over her shoulder as she accepted an omelette from the bento box the teen held out to her "I'm sure nibbling on one of SASAMI'S snacks won't poison me."

So saying, she popped the delicious looking treat into her mouth with a smile, ignoring the ranting, raving form of Ayeka as Tenchi tried to calm the princess down, only for her Ochre eyes to widen in alarm, shooting into the air with a shriek as she vanished into the stratosphere.

"W-What on earth?" Tenchi stammered, looking up at the twinkling star that marked the pirate's position in the sky in confused alarm, sensing her distress over their connection "What happened?"

"Ano...Tenchi-san…" Tarble called out, the Saiyan prince looking at the Juraian one in concern as he pointed at the box Tenchi was holding with a hint of trepidation, Raditz doubling over laughing at the scene "I'm pretty sure that's one of the bento Ayeka prepared."

The group sweat-dropped, a shadow of gloom falling over Ayeka as she slumped, holding a trembling fist up to her face as she bemoaned her woeful victory whilst glaring hatefully at Raditz as the elder Saiyan laughed his tail off, only Ryoko's return, the Space Pirate slamming into the ground with the force of a meteor, keeping the princess from whipping the Saiyan for his insolence.

"Ryoko!" Tenchi exclaimed, propping himself and Ayeka upright, Sasami having been caught by Tarble before she could fall, the two young royals blushing as they realized how close they were "Are you alright?"

"Oh God…I thought I was gonna DIE!" Ryoko gasped, retching as she dusted herself off, her features lined with disgust, looking like a cat whose 'phlegm reaction' had been triggered, only to round on Ayeka with a snarl "Dammit Ayeka! You trying to POISON ME?!"

"I did no such thing!" Ayeka snapped, the elder princess looking affronted by the very IDEA that she'd attempt something so cowardly. If she REALLY wanted to kill Ryoko, she'd use her BARE HANDS to do it "I made that dish especially for Tenchi-sama!"

"So you're planning to poison HIM then?" Ryoko countered, causing the princess to flinch, as she realized that if RYOKO, with her nigh impenetrable constitution and lack of taste buds, could have reacted to her cooking, how would Tenchi have reacted? "Maybe if you learn to use FRESH, NORMAL ingredients, you might make something edible!"

"Oh that's rich, coming from YOU!" Ayeka snapped, her feminine pride rearing its ugly head as she glared at the space pirate "You Saiyans probably prefer your meat off the hoof!"

"It does add to the flavour." Tarble opined from the side as Raditz nodded, the group sweat-dropping at the image of the Saiyans and Ryoko chowing down on a large pig like lions on the Serengeti.

"You question my culinary expertise do you?" the Pirate demanded, her tone dangerous as lightning began to crackle in her hands "We'll see about that! Oh great one of the deeps! Come to me!"

The group flinched, half-expecting her to summon the giant water monster she'd called upon at the hot-springs again, only to blink as a massive fish appeared in mid-air, Raditz and Tarble perking up with interest.

"Oh? So you ARE going to eat it whole?" Ayeka asked, her tone mocking as she shielded her lips with her hand, earning a sharp look from Ryoko, who was honestly trying to decide who to roast first, the princess of the fish.

'The fish would probably taste better.' She deduced, turning her back on the princess, much to the others' relief, channelling energy in her hands as she eyed the flailing fish "Let the barbecue begin!" she yelled, summoning a massive bolt of lightning which crashed into the fish, the others covering their eyes in alarm as the pirate's form was obscured by smoke.

"Sheesh Ryoko!" Tenchi exclaimed, blinking the dust out of his eyes as he glanced towards the pirate, his disapproval evident even as he sensed her amusement "Overkill much?"

"Sorry Hun." Ryoko chuckled, smirking as she waved her hand to the side, where the now thoroughly fried fish lay, ready for eating "But how's THAT for a blue-plate special?"

"Not bad…" A voice admitted, the group turning round to see Raditz crouching near the fish, having ripped off a chunk to taste "Not bad at all, a little crispy round the edges though."

"Good grief…" Ayeka muttered, watching as the Saiyan continued to chew away at the fish, holding it in his bare hands and munching away at it like corn on the cob "You really are a brute."

"A brute with a damned good bit of fried fish." Raditz countered, not even denying the fact as the others sighed, the group quietly settling down to eat, Ayeka and Ryoko fighting over who got to feed, the space pirate seeing it more as a game than anything else, though Ayeka doubtlessly saw it otherwise.

While this was going on, Ryo-Ohki, who'd been happily munching away on her carrots this entire time, suddenly paused, her ears tilting as she raised her head, cute little nose twitching as she sniffed the air, only to his, her golden eyes turning feral as she glared up at the sky, her fur bristling as she bared her claws.

"Ryo-chan?" Sasami wondered, the younger princess turning to the agitated Cabbit in concern, even as the rest of the group paused in confusion "What's the matter? Is something wrong?"

"Oh No!" Mihoshi exclaimed, drawing everyone's attention to the Detective as she glanced down at her watch, which was beeping excitedly, a sure sign that something bad was happening somewhere "This…this energy reaction…It can't be-!"

"What is it, Mihoshi-kun?" Katsuhiko enquired, the former first prince of Jurai turning his attention to the Blonde Kuramitsu, only to sigh as her wails of despair filled the air, the faulty device having once again died on her.

"Raditz…" Ryoko called out, the pirate's tone tense as she glanced around their surroundings warily, like a cat on the prowl "You sensing that?"

"Sort of…" Raditz muttered, the Saiyan Guardsman's eyes narrowing as he tapped his scouter, still unwilling to put much faith in his fledgling ability to sense ki. Ryoko had offered to teach the Saiyans how to sense energy not long after the Royal Family's visit, the two picking up the basics in less than a day, but still reflexively found themselves reaching for their scouters, as years of relying on the device were unable to be forgotten as quickly.

"Whatever it is it's HUGE." Tarble muttered, grimacing slightly, his ability to sense ki notably better than the elder Saiyans, a benefit of his youth it seemed "And it's right above us!"

The group no sooner spun round to face the direction he was looking when a star shone on the horizon, followed by SOMETHING rushing past the group, causing them to shield their eyes in alarm, Tenchi Ayeka and Mihoshi summoning their battle armour, even as Raditz and Ryoko shifted into battle stances, Tarble moving in front of Sasami defensively while Katsuhito merely scowled into the smoke.

"Who the hell are you?" Ryoko demanded, the pirate glaring into the dust and smoke when no answer was forthcoming "Answer me fucker! I can sense you hiding in there!"

"Someone's coming…" Tenchi muttered, the teen instantly on edge as he glared into the smoke, only to blink as familiar laughter filled the air, his eyes widening as an even more familiar silhouette appeared "N-No way!"

"I've been looking for you…" a familiar voice called out, the groups eyes widening as their attacker hovered out of the smoke, revealing a familiar face, set with cat-like ochre eyes, framed by spiky cyan hair "The one who killed Kagato…"

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As you can probably tell, the following chapters will be based off the Tenchi-Muyo Manga sequal that supposedly takes place between the 2nd and 3rd ova series of Ryo-Ohki, starting with the Minagi arc.

Who's Minagi? No spoilers here, suffice to say things are going to get hectic around here, as per usual.

For her looks, just imagine Ryoko in a 'plug-suit' with marks on both her cheeks that look like like Cammy's scar and there you go.