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".. Please onii-sama I wanna go home … it's okay if I'm punished so please..." Kaname sighed he knew that this was going to happen at some point, he was just glad she wasn't more hurt than she was. His eyes darkened at what that brat had done to his precious girl, but he had already dealt with that problem so there was no use dwelling on it.

He had other things to sort out. Like punishing his naughty.Little. Sister. At that thought his lips stretched into a possessive smirk and he felt his fangs grow longer with anticipation and lust. He was glad that she had taken the bait to leave the house; he had been itching to punish her for quite some time now but had never found a sound reason to do so. After all she had been on her best behaviour over the past year and he could hardly punish her for not using her fangs or not calling him by his name , though her sweet little voice calling him onii-sama gave him shivers and he felt him-self harden in his pants, no matter how much he had wanted to.

Though he regretted her getting hurt, but it put him at an advantage, she would be too weak to put up a fuss, and by the time he was finished with her ….

Kaname leaned back in his chair and gave a throaty sigh, he was already hard and he felt himself straining against the silken fabric of his pants, he could hardly punish his sister in this state though he promised to fully indulge himself later after she was suitably punished.

Kaname lifted his hands from the arms of the chair and leaned back, pushing himself slightly away from his desk and putting himself at a slant. He pushed his jacket off his shoulders and pulled it off, throwing to the other side of the room and pushed his shirt sleeves up to his elbows.

With a impatient tug he pulled the top button of his trousers free of the hole and unzipped his pants. And with a quick jerk of his boxers kaname exposed himself to the air and moaned as the tip of his dick brushed his stomach leaving a small wet patch on his shirt of pre-cum.

And after a slow languid lick of his palm kaname reached down and grasped himself in his hand feeling his hardness and after a moment started to pump his hand slowly up and down himself, sighing throatily at the feeling that shot through him and with his other hand slid it underneath his shirt to play with his nipples, with a gasp kaname threw his head back and thrust himself roughly into his hand at the sudden spike in pleasure caused by playing with two of the most sensitive parts of his body.

A throaty groan left his lips as he imagined that instead of his hand slowly sliding up and down his cock pumping it ,it was yuuki's lips rapped around his cock and her fangs playing with his nipples. With that image fixed firmly in his head, he tugged at his nipple causing him to arch his back against his chair and thrust the hand holding his cock faster letting out a rough moan. With a small adjustment, kaname tilted his hips and twisted the hand holding his cock a little as he ran the tips of his fingers over the head of his manhood lightly scrapping a fingernail over the slit and arched his back as he felt the start of his orgasm he could feel his cum pulsing up his cock and with the image of Yuuki sucking his cock firmly fixed in his mind he let himself explode with a hoarse cry "ahh ha hah uun Yuuki!" Kaname's harsh pants filled the air as he continued thrusting his trembling cock into his hand as his cum shot in ropey trails onto his stomach.

Kaname panted as the shuddering of pleasure shocked through his system and he felt his sensitive cock soften in his hand. After the pleasure had faded and his breathing was back to normal kaname tidied himself up and changed into another set of clothes.

As he was finished he ran a hand though his hair and he felt his eyes darken into a lustful red. It was time to punish his errant little girl.

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