Yuuki peered around the corner apprehensively and listened for any signs that she had been heard.

Even though she had told onii-sama that it was "okay" if she was punished, she was uncertain as to what he would make of it. Surely he knew what had happened to her! And surely he thought that being stabbed in the stomach was punishment enough without him doing something to her on top of that ! maybe he didn't intend to punish her at all, yuuki thought with a smile, after all he had never punished her for anything else she had done before, and really the only "punishment" he had given her was to bite her when she refused to use her fangs and growl "I'll show you how".

Yuuki shivered in remembrance at the feeling of his breath on her neck and his hot, wet tongue slowly lapping up and down the sweet curve of her neck, and the slow pierce of his fangs sinking deliciously into her skin, piercing into her depths, once his fangs were fully in her, he started the slow rough sucking and she could feel her blood start to race as her body tingled and throbbed in time to each pull of his lips, her body got hotter and hotter and a sweet sensation started to build up in the pit of her stomach, and as his gulps became more and more frenzied her insides started to clench and each delicious spasm made the sensation more and more intense , and at his last dragging gulp the sensation reached its peak and exploded.

Yuuki grinned, she wouldn't mind at all if that was what he was going to do to her. However even with the anticipation of her onii-sama biting her she couldn't help but squirm inside at the idea that maybe disobeying his orders was not the brightest thing to do in her current situation. Yuuki gulped with a forbidding sense of dread, now that she thought about it, she distinctly remembered her onii-sama saying the last time she got into trouble "My. Naughty. Little. Girl. The next time you disobey my orders you'll get more than a little punishment, after all it seems you've started to enjoy them, the next time your punishment wont be so enjoyable, I can guarantee that I'll enjoy the next one a lot more than you will " and she remembered as she had walked away he had stood up , strode over to her bent her underneath his arm and smacked her on her bottom. She recalled at the time his throaty chuckle as she had yelped and struggled from underneath his arm. And his added amusement at her confused and flushed face at the fact that her onii-sama had... had spanked her!.

Even thinking about it made her cringe and flush with embarrassment. She was, on second thought, starting to think maybe she shouldn't have told her onii-sama that it would be okay to punish her, for she was getting the feeling that this was just the thing he had been waiting for.

Shaking herself out of her musings she once again peered round the corner and apprehensively looked about. She let out a sigh of relief, the cost was clear. No sign of onii-sama waiting to welcome her back... hmm yuuki tilted her head to the side, that was unusual, normally he was the first one to greet her. Yuuki's sense of doom grew... maybe it would be better if she hid for a while, maybe he would forget all about it …

with that thought in mind yuuki made her way back down the corridor stepping softly as to avoid any unwanted attention from the other vampires. Ever since her onii-sama had made Adiou her personal guard he followed her, where ever she went, and now she thought about it where was he ? He normally stuck as close to her as possible, even inside the mansion. Lost in her thoughts yuuki didn't notice the footsteps echoing behind her until it was too late,and when two hands clamped on her shoulders she froze, and then with a sense of dread she turned round to face her captor.