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The Sea meets the Galaxy

Chapter 1

Transformation and Discovery

"Daddy, please?" Asked the red head mermaid. She wanted to be human more than anything. King Triton was growing tried of his daughter asking him to turn her into a human. "Ariel I don't want you to be up there where I can't see you. It's too dangerous in the human world." Ariel then said, "Please Daddy I'll do anything." This gave the sea king an idea. He then smiled. "Alright Ariel I will make you human." Ariel was so happy, she twirl in delight. "On one condition." Said the sea king in a stern tone. Ariel looked at her father and asked, "What is it, Daddy?" King Triton said, "If you can find a human who is kind and cares about you. I will let you stay human." 'Stay human?' Thought the red head. That would be the greatest thing that would happen to her. Ariel squealed in delight and her joy was stopped at what her father said. "If not you have to forget about the human and stay here with your family."

Ariel thought about this and said, "Ok Daddy, but can I say goodbye to everyone?" King Triton sighed. He knew his daughter was not going to leave without saying goodbye. Ariel said goodbye to her sisters and to Flounder, her best friend. The sea king put his daughter in a giant bubble so she could breathe when she will be human. He gave his daughter a seashell necklace. Ariel opened the necklace and found two pictures. On the left side was all of her sisters and on the right was her father. The red head looked up at her father and smiled. "This way you won't forget about us." Said the sea king. The red head gave her father one last hug before turning into a human.

The sea king pointed his trident at his daughter and blasted at her tail. Ariel looked down and her tail was separating. It turned into to tails and with another blast from the sea king she had human legs. Her father gave her a dress. It had a white blouse with a black front going around the waist and a light blue skirt that went to the ankle. The bubble's magic spun around the red head ex-mermaid and sends her to the human world. Sebastian wanted to know where the sea king sent her. "Where is she now, Your Majesty?" Asked the red crab. "Montressor, where there are very little humans. She will have to come home straight away." Replied the sea king. Little did the sea king know that his daughter would meet a human that was like her.

At the BenBow Inn, Sarah Hawkins was having a double duty shift because her son was not home. "Mrs. Hawkins!" Said an old lady with tentacles waving her mug. "I know- refill on the purp juice. Coming right up, Mrs. Dunwiddie." Said the work driven woman as she carried three plates of food for a family of three. "There we go. That's four powdered spheroids..." She handed them to the father who was a newspaper and the son pushed it away making a face. "two lunar eclipses," The mother was making a big grin as the plate was handed to her. "and it's a big bowl... of Zorellian jelly worms for the big boy!" When the their son saw his plate he licked his lips and said, "Awesome!" The son dropped his utensils and dug in. "Enjoy." Said Sarah as she grabbed two other plates for the next customer.

She ran to her family friend with his meal. "Sorry, Delbert. It's been a madhouse here all morning." Said Sarah in a rushed tone. 'Jim where are you?' she thought. The old dog knew that Sarah was a hard workingwoman and was a good friend. "No problem, Sarah." Said Delbert as he put down the book he was reading. "Ah! My Alponian chowder with the extra solara seed. Mmm! Yum!" Said the doctor as was sniffing his favorite meal. He then notices a little frog girl staring at him. "Hello." He said. "What brings you here curious littleone?" He tried to eat his meal but the little frog girl kept staring at the old dog. "Go away." Said the annoyed Delbert.

"Are your parents around?" He asked as he looked to find the girl's parents. The old dog smiled and said, "What's the matter? Cat got your-yaah!" As the little frog girl used her tongue to take a bite out of his chowder. She then skipped away happily and Sarah couldn't help herself said, "Oh, they're so adorable at that age." Delbert couldn't agree with and said to himself. "Oh, yes...deplorable. Uh...adorable! Hmm." He then wanted to know how her son was doing. "Speaking of which, how's Jim doing?" Asked the old friend. Sarah was happy that someone wanted know how Jim was doing. "Much better. I know he had some rough spots... earlier this year, but I really think... that he's starting to turn a corner." Said Sarah as she put away the dishes.

Just then two robot police officers burst in with one of the officers holding Jim's shoulder. "Mrs. Hawkins?" Asked the first officer. Jim's mother was shocked to find her son with police officers. "Jim!" Sarah yelled as she dropped the dishes. Delbert saw this and looked away. "Ooh...wrong turn." Said Delbert. Jim tried to make it look like it wasn't serious. "OK. Thanks for the lift, guys." Said Jim as he brushed off the police officer's hand off his shoulder. "Not so fast." Said the first officer as he grabbed Jim's shoulder again. Jim knew that he was in for it now. "We apprehended your son operating a solar vehicle in a restricted area." Said the second officer as he pulled Jim forward underneath his arm. "Moving violation - - section fifteen, paragraph, um" Said the first officer as he tried to remember what number for the paragraph. "Six?" Asked Jim as he rubbed his cheek knowing he had done this before.

"Thank you." Said the first officer. "Don't mention it." Replied Jim. Sarah was disappointed with son and said, "Jim!" Jim looked down knowing that he was in trouble again. "As you are aware, ma'am this constitutes a violation of his probation." Said the first officer as he told the facts. Jim's mother was wandering if she could make a deal with them. "Yes, yes. No, I understand. Um, but could we just" The doctor then tried to be the hero and help Jim's mother. "Um. ahem. pardon me" Delbert hoped that maybe he could make a difference. "Officers, if I might, uh, interject here. I am the noted astrophysicist Dr. Delbert Doppler. Perhaps you've heard of me." There was no response out of the officers. "No? Uh, I have a clipping."

Said Delbert as he tried to pull out his card. "Are you the boy's father?" Asked the first officer as he pointed at the doctor. "Oh! Good heavens, no!" Said Delbert as he shook his head and his hands. Sarah had to say something. "Eww! He's just an old friend of the family." She explained. The police were annoyed at this and yelled, "Back off, sir!" Sarah knew the doctor mean well but it was her problem not his. "Thank you, Delbert. I will take it from here." Said Sarah in a concerning tone. Delbert knew what she was doing and said, "Well, Sarah, if you insist." Before he walked away he whispered to Sarah. "Ahem. Don't ever let me do that again." Sarah smiled and understood what he was trying to do. "Due to repeated violations of statute-C we have impounded his vehicle. Any more slip-ups will result in a one-way ticket to Juvenile Hall." Said the first officer in a stern voice. "Kiddie hoosegow." Said the second officer. "The slammo." Said the first officer as he handed Jim over to his mother.

"Thank you, officers. It won't happen again." Said Jim's mother in a stern tone of her own. "We see his type all the time, ma'am." Said the first officer as he looked at his partner. "Wrong choices." Replied the second officers. "Dead-enders." Said the first officer agreeing with his partner. "Losers." Said the second officer under his breath. Jim looked up at the officer who made that remark and scowled. "You take care now." Said the second officer as he lifts his hat. "Let's motor." Said the first officer as the second officer close the door behind them. Sarah turned around to find the costumers listening on the event that happened. They went back to whatever they were doing and pretend not to hear them.

Jim's mother was frustrated at Jim for doing this every time to bring police officers and cause more stress. "Jim, I have had it. Do you want to go to Juvenile Hall? Is that it?" Said the stressed mother. Jim looked away from her and went to pick up dishes. "Jim?" Jim kept ignoring his mother and continued to pick up. "Jim, look at me." Said Sarah as she tried to talk to her son. "It's been hard enough keeping this place afloat by myself without you going" Jim had to explain to his mother what happened and nothing bad came of it. "Mom, it's no big deal. There was nobody around. Those cops just won't get off my" Before Jim could finish his sentence, his mother gave him a look saying that she didn't want to hear any lip from him because she would hear the same old excuses her son would say. Jim looked at his mother and said, "Forget it." As he turned away from his mother again. "Mrs. Hawkins! My juice!" Said Mrs. Dunwiddie as she waved her mug around waiting for that purp juice. "Yes, I'll be right there, Mrs. Dunwiddie." Yelled Sarah. Before she went to her duties, she had to tell Jim she was concerned him. "Jim, I just don't want to see you throw away your entire future." Jim grabbed all the dishes and said to himself, "Yeah, what future?"

Jim was on the roof throwing pebbles and upset with himself after what happened. He just brought more disappointment to his mother. He overheard the conversation between Delbert and his mother. "I really don't know how you manage it, Sarah. Trying to run a business while raising a felon like" Delbert was mixing his words again. "felon...fellow... fellow like Jim." Jim's mother had to say what was really happening with her son. "Managing it? I'm at the end of my rope." Said Sarah exhausted after the work she had today. "Ever since his father left, well… Jim's just never recovered. And you know how smart he is. He built his first solar surfer when he was eight!" Jim smiled at the fact his mother knew that he was good at something. He then frowns at what his mother said.

"And yet…he's failing at school, he is constantly in trouble, and when talk to him…he's like a stranger to me. I don't know, Delbert. I've tried everything" Jim then heard engines sputtering off a ship and saw it crashed. He slid, jumped off the roof, and ran towards the crash. "Hey, Mister?" Yelled Jim. He went to the ship's window and banged on it. "Mister, you're OK in there, right?" Asked Jim as he continues to pound the window. A clawed hand appeared on window and growled. Jim yelled in surprise to find someone alive after the crash. The window popped open and an old lizard-turtle alien came out with a chest. This alien was coughing and could stand the smoke. He grabbed Jim's shirt and said, "He's a-comin'. Can you hear him? Those gears and gyros clickin' and whirrin' like the devil himself!" Said the alien as went to go get his chest. Jim thought that this lizard was nuts.

"Uh, hit your head there pretty hard, didn't ya?" Asked Jim as he rubbed his forehead with his fingers. "He's after me chest that fiendish cyborg and his band of cutthroats." Said the lizard as he put the chest on his shoulder and strained himself. "But they'll have to pry it from old Billy Bones' cold, dead fingers before I" Billy Bones's heart was giving out and he kept coughing almost started to wheezed. "Oh, my" Jim just had to help Billy Bones weather or not pirates are coming. "Uh, come on, give me your arm." He said as he tried to lift the old coot. Jim managed to get him up and said, "That's it." Billy Bones was happy that someone helped him. "Good lad." Said the old lizard. Jim lifted Billy Bones's chest. As soon they started to head towards the Inn, Jim knew that his mother was not going to be happy. "Mom's gonna love this."

At the Inn, Jim's mother was changing shutters to help her lift the mood. Delbert knew it was getting late and he had to be heading home. "Thanks for listening, Delbert." Said Sarah after she chose the setting she wanted. "It helps." She sighed as she sat down on chair and rested her hand on her forehead. The doctor looked at Sarah and rested his hand on her. "It's going to be OK." Said Delbert in hopeful tone. Sarah looked up at the old dog and he said, "You'll see." The doctor then headed for the door. Sarah opened her locket and looked at the holograms of Jim in his younger days when he was happy. "I keep dreaming one day I'll open that door and there he'll be just the way he was. A smiling, happy little boy, holding a new pet and begging me to let him keep it." She said with a light laugh. As Delbert opened the door he found Jim with an almost dead man. Jim's mother was shocked and yelled, "James Pleiades Hawkins!"

He explained to his mother and said, "Mom, he's hurt...bad!" Billy Bones tried to reach for the chest but he would need Jim's help. "Me chest, lad." Jim pushed the chest closer to the lizard. Bones was running on a short life now. He had to do something fast. "He'll be comin' soon." Said the lizard as he punched the code to the chest. The chest opened and he grabbed a cloth-covered sphere. "Can't let them find this." Jim wanted to know who was coming to his home. "Who's coming?" He asked. Jim was pulled down towards Billy Bones. The old lizard whispered in Jim's ear a warning. "The cyborg! Beware the cyborg!" Billy Bones breathed his last breath and handed the sphere to Jim. There was a rumbling sound outside.

Jim lifted one of the shutters to find shadow figures with weapons on them. Jim quickly closed the shutter and grabbed his mother's hand. "Quick! We gotta go!" He said as they both head up the stairs. Delbert went towards for a closer look and was almost blasted. "I believe I'm with Jim on this one!" Yelled the doctor as he ran up the stairs to catch up. The blasts kept on coming and one of them hit the stove and caused to set the Inn on fire. The pirates were looking for the sphere and the shadow figure found Billy Bones dead with the sphere missing. Delbert managed to find his pet and ride. "Delilah! Hallelujah!" Said the doctor with joy. The creature yelped excitedly and jumped. "Stay! Don't move!" Yelled Delbert. The pirates couldn't find the sphere. "Where is it? Find it!" The pirates were going up the stairs where Jim, Delbert, and Sarah where. Delbert and Sarah were going to jump on the doctor's ride. "Don't worry, Sarah. I'm an expert in the laws of physical science." Jim saw the pirates coming up the stairs and had to think of something fast. "On the count of three—one" Jim pushed Delbert and his mother out the window. "Three!" They landed safely on the doctor's ride and the doctor told his pet to go. "Go, Delilah! Go!" As they were heading towards Delbert's home, Sarah looked back and found the Inn, her home, on fire. "Go! That's it! That's it! Go!" Sarah rested her hand on her forehead and sighed deeply. "Hyah! Hyah!" Jim uncovered sphere and it was gold. Not only that it had strange markings on it. 'Why would pirates want this?' He thought.

They finally reached the doctor's observatory, and Delbert came back from the authorities. "I just spoke with the constabulary. Those blaggard pirates have fled without a trace. I'm sorry, Sarah. I'm afraid the old Benbow Inn has burned to the ground." Said the doctor on a sad note. Jim didn't know what to do and now he lost his home. Delbert tried to change the subject to get Sarah's mind off her losing her home. "Ahem. Well, certainly a lot of trouble over that odd little sphere." Jim went to the sphere and grabbed it. "Those markings baffle me." Jim pressed the circles on the sphere to see what would happen. "Unlike anything I've ever encountered." The sphere's circles went inside it and Jim almost figured it out how to open it.

"Even with my vast experience and superior intellect," Jim spun the sphere to see if he could open it. "it would take me years to unlock its-hey!" Jim unlocked the sphere; its energy was whirling around creating planets, galaxies, and stars. The old dog knew what it was. "Why, it's a map!" Exclaimed the doctor. He looked at the hologram planet and knew what planet it is. "Wait. Wait, wait, wait!" He said as he cleaned his glasses. "This is us, the planet Montressor." He then touched the planet and the map began to move. "That's the Magellanic Cloud! Whoo! The Coral Galaxy! That's the Cygnus Cross and that's the Kerian Abyss." The map stopped moving when it stopped on a certain planet. "Wait. What's this? What's this? Why, it-it's" Jim answered the doctor and said, "Treasure Planet." Delbert's floppy ears couldn't deceive him and said, "No!" Jim knew that was the legendary planet he read about. "That's Treasure Planet!"

He exclaimed with excitement. "Flint's trove? The loot of a thousand worlds? You know what this means?" Asked Delbert with excitement. Jim knew what it meant. "It means that all that treasure is only a boat ride away." Said Jim as he looked at the sphere chucks it into the air. "Whoever brings it back would hold an eternal place atop the pantheon of explorers! He'd be able to experience" Just then the light went up when Jim closed the map. "Mom, this is it. This is the answer to all our problems." Said Jim as he put the map in his jacket pocket. "Jim, there is absolutely no way" Sarah couldn't believe what she was hearing. Jim reminded her and said, "Don't you remember, all those stories?" His mother had to tell the facts. "That's all they were-stories!"

Jim tried to convince his mother that treasure could help. "With that treasure, we could rebuild the Benbow a hundred times over!" Sarah was just going crazy over this mess. "Well, this is- it's just-oh, my." She looked at Delbert and asked, "Delbert, would you please explain how ridiculous this is?" Delbert tried to act liked an adult and said, "It's totally preposterous traversing the entire galaxy alone." Jim scoffed and knew he was not going to have an adventure. "Now at last, we hear some sense!" Said the mother knowing that Delbert was her side. "That's why I'm going with you." Said the doctor as he grabbed his bag. "Delbert!" Whined Sarah as she saw him grabbing numerous things.

Jim looked up and smiled. "I'll use my savings to finance the expedition. I'll commission a ship, hire a captain and a crew." Jim's mother couldn't believe that the old dog would go along with this. "You're not serious." Delbert then said, "All my life I've been waiting for an opportunity like this and here it is screaming, 'Go, Delbert! Go, Delbert!'" He danced funny knowing that he found an amazing discovery.

Sarah was getting tired of this and said, "OK. OK! You're both grounded!" She sighed. Jim had to tell his mother the truth. "Mom. Look, I know that I keep messing everything up and I know... that I let you down." Sarah was surprised to her this from her son. "But this is my chance to make it up to you. I'm gonna set things right." Sarah didn't know what to do. Delbert had an idea. "Sarah? If I may?" Asked the old friend as he brought her closer for a private conversation. "You said yourself, you've tried everything. There are much worse remedies than a few character-building months in space." Sarah wanted to know if this was for him or her. "Are you saying this because it's the right thing or because you really want to go?" Delbert put his hands together and said, "I really, really, really, really want to go and it's the right thing." Sarah looked back to her son and sighed. "Jim... I don't want to lose you." She said as she ran hand through his chestnut bangs. Jim smiled and grabbed his mother's hands. "Mom...you won't. I'll make you proud." Sarah smiled knowing that Jim will be safe with Delbert. "Well. uh. ahem. There we are then. We'll begin preparations at once. Jim, my boy, soon we'll be off to the spaceport." Little did Jim Hawkins know that he would find a red head girl who would capture his heart.

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