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Chapter 11

Explosions, Decisions, and Farewells

The robot was rubbing his head and said, "This is all seeming very familiar." Jim saw the cyborg being distracted the treasure. "I can't remember why." The red head saw a ship that was broken down. The cabin boy looked in the same direction that Ariel was looking. The cabin boy had an idea. Jim elbowed B.E.N. and whispered, "B.E.N., Ariel, come on." He grabbed the red head's hand and held it tight. "We're getting out of here, and we're not leaving empty-handed." Jim let go of Ariel's hand and sled off and headed towards the broken ship. The red head sled off as well and followed the cabin boy. The robot tried to tell the teens something, "But-but, Jimmy! Ariel!"

Silver went down on his knees and saw the golden coins, the solar crystals, and all sorts of treasure. "A lifetime of searching." He grabbed two fists full of the treasure and he said, "And at long last... I can touch it."

Jim, Morph, Ariel, and B.E.N. got to the broken down ship, the cabin boy climbed up, and pulled the red head up on to the ship. The robot knew that something was amiss and said, "Do you know what's strange? I can't tell you how frustrating this is, Jimmy" Ariel reached her hands out to B.E.N. so that he could climb aboard. "'cause there's something just, it's nagging at the back of my mind." Jim and Ariel saw a skeleton, and the robot freaked out when he saw it. Jim knew who the skeleton was. "Captain Flint?" B.E.N. saw the skeleton, got up, and said, "In the flesh!" The robot knew that the infamous Captain Flint was long gone. "Well, s-sort of, except for skin, organs or anything that-that—that resembles flesh, that's not there." Ariel took a closer look at the corpse. She then found something in the corpse's bony hand. The cabin boy looked at corpse and thought, 'So he went down with his ship and treasure.' B.E.N. began to do one of his rambles. "And yet it's so odd, you know? I remember there was something horrible Flint didn't want anyone else to know but –I just can't remember what it was." Ariel pulled the bones apart to get the object and when she did, she picked it up and asked Jim, "What do you think this is?" She handed the metal object to the cabin boy. He looked at it and thought, 'I've seen this shape before.' B.E.N. began to sob and said, "Oh, a mind is a terrible thing to lose!" Jim saw the back of the robot's head and it looked like the same shape of the object. The cabin boy put it together and thought, 'This is B.E.N.'s mind.' Jim was happy and said, "B.E.N., I think we just found your mind." He put his left hand on the back of B.E.N.'s head and said, "Hold still." The robot felt the cabin boy's hand and said, "Aah! Jimmy, your hands are very, very cold." When Jim put the memory circuit close to his head, the wires snatched the circuit from his right hand, and robot said, "Whoa!"

The robot's eyes started to spin and they were no longer green, they were blue. "Hello." The robot rubbed under his chin and said, "You know, uh, Jimmy, Ariel, I was just thinking" The teens both smiled at just what the robot said, "I was just think" B.E.N. then found out he was able to think again and his memories were coming back to him. "It's all flooding back! All my memories!" He then found out what he was trying to warn the teens about. "Right up until Flint pulled my memory circuits so I could never tell anybody about his booby trap!" Then there was an explosion, the teens and pink blob looked up to see what it was, and B.E.N. said, "Speaking of which…" Silver and the rest of his crew looked up as well to see that the place was coming apart. The robot told the teens the warning, "Flint wanted to make sure that nobody could ever so he rigged this whole planet to blow higher than a Kalepsian kite!" One of the machines that was hanging on the ceiling came loose and dropped down into the treasure. This threw the machine off and its laser was destroying the treasure. The pirates then knew it was hide time to get out of here. B.E.N. then said as he shook the red head's arm, "Run, Jimmy! Run, Ariel! Run for your lives!" Jim and Ariel knew that they were going to bring back the treasure one way or another. Ariel looked at the robot and said, "You go back and help the captain and Doc!" Jim went under the control panel of the ship and said, "If we're not there in five minutes, leave without us." Ariel went under to help the cabin boy in any way she can. B.E.N. pulled each of the teen's boots and said, "I am not leaving my buddies Jimmy and Ariel." When pulled them out, Jim was hold two separate wires that had sparks coming out of them, Ariel was holding two wires that had plugs, and both of the teens gave him the look. The robot took a hint and said, "Unless they look at me like that. Bye, Jim! Bye, Ariel!" When he let go of their boots and he ran to help Delbert and Amelia.

The laser kept destroying the treasure and the cyborg didn't want the treasure to go as he tried to grab most of the treasure. "No! No! Oh, no! Oh, no!" Two of the pirates tried to grab the treasure but the treasure was too heavy to carry and they fell down to their doom. The rest of the crew started to high-tailed it out of there. Silver saw his crew fleeing and yelled, "Come back here, ya blighters!" He then heard an engine starting and looked around to see a broken ship. 'I wonder…' thought the cyborg as he used his robotic eye to see who was on the ship. He zoomed in and found two teens working on the ship. He smirked and thought, 'Smart lad and lass.'

Outside of the exploding treasure room, Delbert and Amelia hoped that the teens were ok. Delbert lifted his head up and said, "All my life, I dreamed of an adventure like this." He then sighed. "I'm just sorry, I couldn't have been more helpful to you." The captain shook her head as she saw the doctor put himself down and said, "Oh, don't be daft. You've been very helpful. Truly." Delbert unknowingly slipped through the ropes, put his hands to his face, and said, "I feel like such a useless weakling…" He then looked up and said, "with abnormally thin wrists." He looked at the pirate and had an idea. He put his hands behind his back and said, "Excuse me, brutish pirate." The pirate belched and turned to look at Delbert. "Yes, you. I have a question. Is it that your body is too massive for your teeny-tiny head or is it that your head is too teeny-tiny for your big, fat body?" The pirate looked at himself and caught on the insult. He walked over to the doctor, grabbed his shirt, and said, "I pummel you good!" Delbert put on his worried face and said, "Yes, I'm sure you will, but before you do I have one more question." He then slipped through the ropes, grabbed his pistol, put it on his stomach, and asked, "Is this yours?" The pirate looked down to find the pistol in his hand and thought, 'Uh-oh…'

The ship's engine was stuttering and then a full blast came out of it. The ship began to lift itself from the ground and everyone was going home with the treasure. Jim took the helm, turned to were the exit was, and yelled, "Yes! Morph, Ariel, we are so out of here!" The pink blob was cackling with joy and the red smiled and thought, 'We're gonna make it.' Then they heard a familiar voice. "Ah, Jimbo! Ariel!" Both of the teens turned around to find Silver climbing aboard and said, "Aren't you both the seventh wonders of the universe?" Jim found a sword, grabbed it, pointed at the cyborg, and Ariel went behind the cabin boy because she didn't have a weapon of her own. "Get back!" yelled Jim. Silver saw the sword pointed at him and he knew that the treasure was in his reach but he was not going to get his feelings get in the way. He looked at the teens and said, "I like you, lad, and you too lass but I've come too far to let you both stand between me and me treasure." Silver's robotic eye was glowing red and was walking closer to them. Jim was scared and thought, 'This is it.' Ariel grabbed his waist and buried her head, closed her eyes, and thought, 'I love you, Jim.' Then the laser hit the ship and cause Jim to fall over board, Ariel was still on the ship, and Silver grabbed the side of the ship.

Jim slid down, jump, and fell down trying to grab on to something. He managed to grab on to a block of metal and hanged on for dear life. The cabin boy saw that the block was shrinking back to the wall. The laser was headed towards the red head and the cyborg saw this. "Oh, no, you don't!" Said Silver as he pulled the ship close to him both saving Ariel and the treasure. The red head looked at the cyborg and smiled at him. 'Guess there's some good in him after all.' She thought. The scallywag had returned and Morph was going crazy with worry. Silver said, "What?" He used his robotic eye to find Jim slipping from the wall's object. The red head saw the same direction that Silver was looking and said, "Not again." Silver said with worry, "Jimbo." He turned his robotic hand into a robotic clamper. He used the clamper to hold on to the ship. The red head jumped out of the ship and grabbed the scallywag's human hand as she tried to reach out to Jim. "Reach for us now!" Yelled the scallywag as he let Ariel slip a bit so that she could reach to him. "Reach!" Yelled the red head as she tried to reach for Jim. Their hands were inches apart and as much as he tried, Jim couldn't reach for Ariel's hand. "I-I can't!" The block of metal went into the wall and Jim fell. He then grabbed another block of metal that was slowly going into the wall. Ariel looked back and saw the ship that Silver was holding. She then yelled, "Silver, you have to let go of the ship!" The scallywag's eyes widen at what the red head said. Ariel tried to lower herself and yelled, "Please, I don't want lose him." Silver looked at the treasure and then looked at Jim who was hanging for dear life. "I..." The red head now had tears streaming down her face, tried again to reach for the cabin boy, and screamed, "SILVER! PLEASE!"

The cyborg looked at the teens and he knew what he had to do. "Oh, blast me for a fool!" He let go of the ship and grabbed the edge of the floor. Jim fell but he was grabbed by Ariel, when the scallywag let go of the ship. The scallywag threw the teens up on the floor and Ariel pulled Jim up and hugged him. Jim looked down at the red and smiled. Silver and the teens saw the ship blown up by the laser and now the loot of a thousand worlds was gone…this time for good.

Jim, Ariel, Morph, and Silver ran through the portal and jumped. Jim didn't understand the scallywag and asked, "Silver, you gave up?" The scallywag knew he was giving up his dream but it was worth it. "Just a lifelong obsession, Jim. I'll get over it." Said the scallywag as his pet was cuddling up to him. Ariel then asked, "Where's B.E.N.?" Her question was answered when the robot yelled, "Aloha, Jimmy and Ariel!" They saw the RLS Legacy and that Amelia had her ship again. The robot showed his timer and said, "Hurry, people! We got exactly two minutes and thirty-four seconds till planet's destruction!" Delbert was at the helm turning to where Jim and the others are. The feline told the doctor, "You're doing fine, Doctor. Now ease her over gently-gently!" Delbert accidentally ram against the side of the ship. The capture crew was scared stiff and Mr. Onus said, "Aah! We were better off on exploding planet!" Jim and Ariel pulled Silver to help get in the ship. The captain saw that everyone was on board and said to B.E.N., "Take us out of here, metal man!" The robot replied, "Aye, Captain!" He then pulled down the levers and the ship blasted through. Jim, Ariel, and Silver ran up the stairs to meet up with everyone. The cyborg thought this was a good to butter up to the captain and said, "Captain, you dropped from the heavens in the nick of" Amelia cut the cyborg off and said, "Save your claptrap for the judge, Silver!" The scallywag nervously chuckled, frowned, and thought, 'Still sore about the mutiny.'

Then a giant fireball came and hit on one of the solar sails. The pole hit one of the cannons and causes it to break off the engine. One of the ship's engines was having a hard time and smoke came out of it. B.E.N. gave his status report, typing away to make sure that the ship try to stay intact, and said, "Missile tail demobilized, Captain! Thrusters at only 30% of capacity." Dr. Doppler couldn't believe what he was hearing and said, "30%? That means we're- We'll never clear the planet's explosion in time." The cabin boy looked back and found that the portal was still open and he looked at the broken parts of the ship's cannon. He had plan but it was going to sound crazy and said, "We gotta turn around." He jumped down and went towards the broken cannon. The feline couldn't believe what Jim had said. "What?" Asked Amelia. The cabin boy explained to the captain, "There's a portal back there. It can get us out of here!" Silver used his robotic eye and thought, 'What's the lad up to?' The red head looked at the portal and saw the holo-sphere. She then thought, 'He's going to use the holo-sphere to open a new door.' Ariel jumped and ran towards Jim to help him. Delbert then panicky asked, "Pardon me, Jim, but didn't that portal open onto a raging inferno?" Jim took a long piece of metal and the red head found the engine to go with it. "Yes, but I'm gonna change that." Said Jim as help Ariel to pull the engine closer to him. The cabin boy was making his own solar surfer and Ariel hoped that Jim knew what he was doing. "I'm gonna open a different door." Silver zoomed in on his robotic eye and saw the holo-sphere. He knew what the lad was going to do. The doctor was having a hard time to understand this and said to Amelia, "Captain, really, I don't see how this is possible" The scallywag cut off the doctor as he went down the stairs and said, "Listen to the boy!" The robot reminded everyone and said, "One minute, twenty-nine seconds till planet's destruction!"

Silver saw that he needed to help Jim and asked, "What do you need, Jim? Ariel?" Ariel was trying to tie the engine to the long piece of metal and said, "Just some way to attach this." The scallywag turned his robotic hand to a small flamethrower and said, "All right. Stand back. Stand back, now." He used the flamethrower to melt the pieces together and he was done, the three of them lift the metal surfer, put it on the ship's rail, and the cyborg said, "There you go." The little pink blob repeated what the scallywag said as help them, "There you go." The cabin boy hopped on the surfer, looked at Silver, and said, "OK. Now, no matter what happens keep the ship heading straight for that portal." B.E.N. yelled, "Fifty-eight seconds!" Jim looked at Ariel, who was holding tears back and her lip trembled. He then looked at Silver, who had a worried face. Jim then back stepped and hit the petal. He then took off and back flipped to the exit. Ariel looked at the captain and yelled, "Well, you heard him!" Silver then yelled, "Get this blasted heap turned 'round!" The captain saw the serious face on Silver and Ariel; they knew what the cabin boy was doing. Amelia told the doctor, "Doctor, head us back to the portal." Delbert replied as he turned the ship around, "Aye, Captain."

Jim was grinding on giant metal pieces of the planet, he knew that everyone was counting on him and he had little time to screw it up. He avoided every obstacle in his path. Delbert was trying not to hit the ship as much but the planet's metal kept getting in the way. The feline kept yelling at the doctor, "Go to the right! The right!" The doctor had enough of this and yelled, "I know, I know! Will you just let me drive?" Delbert had gotten better at steering the ship, now that the feline was stunned. B.E.N. warned everyone and yelled, "Twenty-five seconds!" The engine was out on another booster and Jim stepped back on the petal but it was stuck. The cabin boy looked back at the engine and tried to get it running again. "No! No!" Yelled Jim as he was being pluming down towards the lava. "Come on, lad." Said the scallywag under his breath. Jim kept stepping on the petal but it wouldn't start. "Seventeen seconds!" yelled the robot. Morph whimpered, closes his eyes, and looked away. The red head screamed as tears were streaming down her face, "JIM!" When Jim heard Ariel screamed, he knew he was not going to let her die because of him. He had to think of something quick. He turned the surfer around and grinds the engine against the metal wall. The engine started to heat up and then the engine started to work again. Jim started to head towards up and catches up with the ship. He did a back flip and heard B.E.N. counting down, "Seven…" Delbert thought, 'I hope this works' "Six…" Jim knew which picture to touch. "Five…" Ariel held the scallywag tight to prepare for the worst. "Four…" The cabin boy leaned on right to get on the right side. "Three..." Jim then touched the picture of Montressor's spaceport. "Two..."

Nothing happened until the portal opened to where Treasure Planet exploded. The RLS Legacy was safe and everyone aboard. Jim was yelling with excitement, "Wow! Yeah!" He turned around to hear what the scallywag was yelling, "You done it. Jimmy! You done it, boy! Ha ha ha!" Jim gave the old cyborg a high five and the pink blob turned into fireworks. Silver looked at the red head and said, "Didn't I say the lad had greatness in him?" The pirates were even cheering for him. Delbert and Amelia unknowingly hugged, and pulled back looking at each other and smiled. Jim grinds one last time and hopped off the metal surfer. Morph went to the cabin boy and began to lick him on both sides. The captain went up to Jim and said, "Unorthodox, but ludicrously effective." Morph went to the scallywag's shoulder, sighed, and chuckled when Silver looked at the pink blob. "I'd be proud to recommend you to the interstellar academy. They could use a man like you.

The red head ran towards him and hugged him, burying her face in his chest. Jim smiled and said, "Thanks for reminding me."Ariel looked up and was confused, before she could say anything a giant bubble appeared in the center of the ship.

It was dissolving and revealed King Triton. Ariel looked in shock and said, "Daddy?" The sea king had a sea colored robe to cover his naked body and he had the trident with him. "Ariel, it's time to go home." Said Triton as he tightens the grip of his trident. Ariel's eyes went wide and looked at Jim. She let go of him and walk towards her father. The cabin boy wanted to protest but Silver blocked his way and whispered, "Don't worry, she know what she wants." Jim then looked at the red head and hoped that what the scallywag said was true. Ariel took a deep breath and said, "Daddy, you know how much I missed you, my sisters, home, and my best friend. But…" She then walks towards to the cabin boy and said, "A life without Jim, even when were worlds apart…it would be sad and lonely." She looked into his eyes and said, "I- I-I want to stay with him with his family and friends on Montressor." Jim smiled and pulled the red to embrace her. The sea king raised his eyebrow and said, "And if I said no?" Ariel looked at her father and said, "I'll find a way to get to Jim because…I love him."

Jim's eyes widen when he heard this. Ariel smiled and said, "I love you, Jim." Jim was stunned to hear this. B.E.N. went to Jim's side and said, "Uh, Jimmy…Now's the time to say something." Jim had an idea, smirked, and said, "Or do something." He cupped Ariel's right cheek and he leaned in towards her. Ariel closed her eyes as Jim captured her lips, putting his feelings into that kiss. When they broke the kiss, the cabin boy leaned his forehead against hers, and said, "I love you, Ariel. To me you're my greatest adventure and treasure." The pirates underneath them went, "Awwwwwwww." The sea king sighed and asked his daughter, "Is this what you want?" Ariel looked at the cabin boy and said, "Yes." King Triton smiled and said, "You truly are your mother's daughter." He then looked at Jim and said in a stern voice, "Young man, you had better take good care of my daughter." Jim said in a serious tone as he rubbed the red head's back, "I promise." The sea king used his trident to make a bubble around him and before he left, he heard his daughter saying, "I love you, Daddy." Then the bubble went up into the air and vanished.

Delbert went up to Jim with joy and said, "Just wait until your mother hears about this! Of course, we may downplay the life-threatening parts." Jim and Ariel nodded in agreement and the robot tapped both of their shoulders and said, "Jimmy, Ariel that was unforgettable!" Delbert put his hand on Amelia's shoulder and the feline rested her head on the doctor's shoulder. "I know you don't like touching you or your girlfriend but get ready for a hug, big guy, 'cause I gotta hug ya!" B.E.N. laughed as gave a hugged to the cabin boy. Jim hugged him back and spun him around. The robot was surprised and said with joy, "Hey, you hugged me back. Oh, I promised myself I wouldn't cry." Jim patted the robot's back as B.E.N. began to sob. Ariel looked to find that Silver was gone and Jim notice that he was gone as well.

Meanwhile at the longboat station, Silver was going to make a clean get away and avoid for what he had done. Morph was chattering on and Silver said to the pink blob, "Morphy, we gotta make tracks." The pink blob replied, "I know." Then the scallywag heard a familiar voice, "You never quit, do you?" Silver turned around to find Jim leaning on the pole and said, "Ah, Jimbo! Ha ha!" He had to make up a lie as he tried to tie down the longboat. "I was merely checking to make sure our last longboat was safe and secure." Jim noticed the poor work on the knot and said, "Mmm. Well..." He then secured the longboat with what Silver had shown to him and Ariel. "that should hold it." Silver knew that the jig was and said, "Heh heh heh. I taught you and Ariel too well." Jim gave him the look to spill it. Silver took the hint and said, "If you don't mind, we'd just as soon avoid prison." He then showed Morph what would happen to them. "Little Morphy here, he's a free spirit." He then grabbed Morph and made a cage with his robotic hand. "Being in a cage, it'd break his heart." The pink blob whimpered. Jim looked at the cyborg who gave him a pleading smile. Jim smiled and knew that he earned his freedom. "Yeah, it'd break my heart, too." Said another familiar voice as voice's hand went down on the lever. Silver and Jim turned around and saw it was none other than Ariel.

The cyborg was full of joy, when he saw Jim untying the rope. Silver had a deal with him and asked, "What say you ship out with us, lad?" Morph turned into a pirate hat and landed on the cabin boy's head. "You and me, Hawkins and Silver full of ourselves and no ties to anyone!" Jim looked at Ariel and then he took the pink transformed blob off head, then the pink blob turned back to his original form, and said, "You know, when I got on this boat I would've taken you up on that offer in a second but, uh, I met this old cyborg and he taught me that I could chart my own course." Silver smiled at what the lad had said. "That's what I'm gonna do." The scallywag went to Jim's side and asked, "And what do you see of that pal of yours?" The cabin boy looked at the cyborg and said, "A future." He then looked at red head with a smile. "With her." The cyborg chuckled and said, "Why look at ya, glowing like a solar fire. You're something special, Jim." The cabin boy had tears welled up in his eyes and smiled at the scallywag. "You're gonna rattle the stars, you are." They both gave each other a farewell hug and Ariel wiped the tears that were coming down on her cheeks. Silver broke the hug, cleared his throat, and said, "Got a bit of grease in this cyborg eye of mine." As he tried to get the grease out of his eye, Jim wiped the tears off his and smiled. Morph looked at the teens and began sobbing as he transformed himself into a puddle in the red head's hands. Ariel looked at the pink blob pet it and said, "Oh, hey, Morph. We'll see ya around, OK?" Morph repeated what Ariel said, "See ya around." He chirped happily and both licked the teen's cheeks.

Morph went back to Silver as he rested on his hand. The cyborg then had an idea and said, "Morphy, I got a job for ya." The pink blob said, "Me?" He brought his pet closer to him and said, "I need you to keep an eye these here pups." Both of the teens were thinking, 'What's he up to?' Silver looked at his pet one more time and asked, "Will ya do me that little favor?" The pink blob saluted to the cyborg and said, "Aye-aye, Captain." The pink blob rubbed Silver's cheek one last time and went towards Jim as the new owner. Silver hopped in the longboat and said, "Oh, and one more thing." He then reached in his pocket and pulled out some of the treasure he saved and tossed it to Jim. "This is for your dear mother to rebuild that inn of hers." Jim and Ariel looked at the cyborg who winked at them. The red head grabbed the cabin boy's hand and held it tight. Jim looked at the cyborg and said, "Stay out of trouble, ya old scalawag." Silver laughed and said, "Why, Jimbo, lad when have I ever done otherwise?" The longboat launched itself and Silver laughed to his heart's content. Jim smiled knowing that his father figure was going to be alright. He looked at Morph and he raised his other hand so that the pink blob could sit on. He then looked at Ariel and she smiled back at him, and rested her head on his shoulder. They were going to head home and Jim was going to have to introduce Ariel to his mother.

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