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Chapter 12

A New Beginning

The RLS Legacy landed on the portside of the landing platform. Sarah went to the spaceport to find her son. As soon as the ship landed near the platform, Ariel was getting nervous and she was playing with her long red hair. "Oh, what if she doesn't like me?" muttered the red head. Jim put his hand on her shoulder and pulled her close. "Ariel, I'm sure that my mom will love you." Said the cabin boy as he massages her shoulder. B.E.N. went to the other side of the red head and said, "Yeah, I mean what's the worst thing that can happen?" Both of the teens looked at him with a look. The robot looked at Morph and asked, "Was it something I said?"

Ms. Hawkins thought, 'Where are you, Jim?' She was wearing a white blouse with a sky blue skirt that went to her ankle and was wearing a yellow hat with a light blue ribbon. She looked around to find him. She then felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned around to see who it was…

Jim, Ariel, Morph, and B.E.N got off the ship and the red head saw that Delbert and Amelia were not getting off the ship. "Are you two coming?" asked the red head. The Doctor and Captain looked at each other and smiled. "Why don't you catch up with your boyfriend? Delbert and I have something to discuss." Said the feline as she held Dr. Doppler. Ariel's eyes widen, when she heard the captain called the doctor by his first name. She shook her head, smiled, and went to catch up with the others. Jim found his mother and placed his hand on her shoulder. When Sarah turned around, she was embraced by her son. When they broke the embrace, Morph came to Sarah's side and rubbed both of her cheeks. Jim then introduced his robot friend and said, "Mom this is B.E.N and the blob of mischief you just met is Morph." The robot grabbed his mother's hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you, Jimmy's mom." Said the robot with joy. Ariel ran towards to Jim and saw his mother. She took a deep breath and thought, 'Ok, no turning back.' Jim saw Ariel, turned to look at his mother, and said, "Mom, there's someone I want you to meet." The cabin boy held his hand out to the red head and Ariel took it. "This is Ariel, she's my girl…I-I mean friend…No, I mean…Agh." Said the cabin boy as he ran his hands through his chestnut hair. The red head giggled, she thought it was cute, the way that he went to confident to shy. "I'm his girlfriend." Said the red head as she held her hand out for a shake.

Sarah was shocked to hear that her son had a girlfriend, she then smiled took her hand and pulled her in for a hug. "Thank you for helping my son and opened his heart." Sarah whispered in her ear. The women pulled out of the hug and Jim looked at his mother and said, "I know that you would let B.E.N and Morph stay. But I was wondering if Ariel could stay too?" His mother looked at him and then looked at his girlfriend. Jim had to say it and said, "I love her and I never felt this before in my life. Please, mom I need her. Just as she needs me." Sarah sighed and smiled. "Well, it looks like I'll have help around the Inn. Besides, I never saw you this happy before Jim." Ariel looked at Jim and then looked at his mother. "Does this mean I can stay with Jim?" Asked the red head with a smile. Sarah nodded her head as a smile slowly appeared. The red head squealed with delight and leaped into the cabin boy's arms and Jim caught her, holding her in a bridal style. "But you two get separate rooms." Said Sarah in a stern tone. Jim groaned of embarrassment with his cheeks turning bright red as he buried his head in Ariel's neck. The red head giggled for two reasons: One because of what happened and Two: Jim unknowingly was tickling her with his breath when he sighed.

Jim realized that he almost forgot about the treasure that was in his pocket. "Hey, Ariel do you mind putting you down for a bit?" Asked the cabin boy with a smile. The red head pouted and said, "No." As she buried her face in his neck. Jim lifted the red head's face by using his head and had an idea. "How about I'll hold you like this on the ride home?" Ariel thought about his deal and said, "Ok but only if you promise." The cabin boy chuckled and said, "I promise." The robot thought this would be a good time to get the treasure out of his pocket. Both of the teens stared at each other at a long time and were leaning in towards each other. B.E.N. went in between the teens and went to Jim's pocket that had the treasure. Jim forgot that his mother was watching the whole show and Ariel didn't mind. As the robot lifted his metal head both of the teens were unknowingly kissing B.E.N.'s metal cheeks. Both of the teens opened their eyes, separated from each other, and yelled, "B.E.N.!" The robot yelled, "What I thought this was a good time." Sarah laughed and was surprised what was in the robot's hand. "Jim is that…?" The cabin boy smirked and said, "I told you I make you proud."

Three years later…

Morph turned into scissors and cut the red ribbon of the opening day of the new reconstructed Benbow Inn. Later in the night, B.E.N. and Ariel were handing out white chocolate cake. The red head was wearing a light aqua blue dress with white high heels that didn't fit Jim's mother anymore. Delbert and Amelia got married and had four children. Dr. Doppler was holding three daughters and their names were Sophie, Elizabeth, and Anna. The captain was holding their son Daniel.

The two robot police officers came through the door and everyone was worried about Jim. The cabin boy… or should I say graduate came through the doors with a new suit and everyone cheered. Jim graduated from the Interstellar Academy and shook hands with the officers. Even one of them saluted to him. He even had his hair cut and get rid of the earring do to the rules of the academy. The red head handed the last plate to the customer and ran towards the graduate as she lifted her dress on both sides. He embraced Ariel and spun her around. When they broke the embrace, Jim kissed the red head and everyone cheered, even wolf whistled. When the teens broke kiss, the pink blob laughed, turned into a metal, and hung himself on the left side of Jim's jacket. The graduate put his arm out and Ariel grabbed his arm with her own arm.

Mrs. Dunwiddie began to play the music and everyone gathered around. Jim and Ariel bowed to each other, linked arms, and jigged through the aisle. Delbert and Amelia were next in line. Morph was watching the babies and Anna pulled Daniel's ear as he started to cry. The pink blob panicked and turned himself into a baby rattle. Daniel grabbed the rattle, shook it, and laughs. Everyone was dancing, including B.E.N. who out showed them all with his dancing. Sarah clamped along with the music and looked at the two teens, who were clamping along with her. Jim then stops slowly clapping and looked at Ariel with a smile. She shyly smiled back and then looked at the night sky. The red head said, "Look." Jim looked up and smiled as he wrapped his arms around Ariel's waist. The red did the same with him. The cloud began to form into a certain scalawag and his robotic eye shine through the sky with a sly grin. Jim may have let Flint's treasure slip away, but what he had learned during his adventure to believe in himself, to chart his course, and stick to it. Ariel had learned to listen and follow her heart. Both of teens looked at each and kissed happily.

It's good to see the sun and feel this place,

This place I never thought would feel like home.

And I ran forever;

Far away and I always thought I'd end up here alone.

Somehow the world has changed me.

I've come home,

To give back the things they took from you.

And I feel you now,

I'm not alone,

I'll always know where you are.

When I see myself, I'll always know where you are,

Where you are.

Jim and Ariel were remembering what Silver had taught them on the RLS Legacy.

And I found something that was always there

Sometimes it's got to hurt before you feel,

But now I'm strong and I won't kneel,

Except to thank who's watching over me.

But somehow I feel so strong.

And I've begun,

To be the one I never thought I'd be.

And I feel you now,

I'm not alone,

I'll always know where you are.

And when I see myself, I'll always know where you are,

Where you are.

They remembered their final goodbye to Silver and hoped they meet again.

Now, it's all so clear,

And I believe that everything's been opened up for me.

And I feel you now,

I'm not alone.

I'll always know, I'll always know where you are.

When I see myself, I'll always know where you are.

When I feel the sun, I'll always know where you are.

When I see myself, I'll always know where you are,

Where you are.

7 years later…

A little five year old boy came running down the stairs trying to catch a pink blob. He looked like his father but he had his mother's eyes. "Come on, Morph. I'll get you this time." The pink blob was whirling around the boy as he tried to catch it. The red headed woman smiled and put pictures of herself and her husband in their younger years and remembered what happen.

Angel in disguise

Stories in his eyes

Love for every true heart that he sees

She remembers the day that they bump into each other.

Was it just a lucky day

That he turned to look my way

She saw him watching galaca whales and wondering, 'He looks different somehow…'

Or is it heaven right before my very eyes

Jim showed all of the stars and took her and a scalawag on a ride on the longboat.

He showed me all new things

He took them in inside a comet and had a bumpy ride in a fun way. She remembered that she laughed and the scalawag was holding on to his hat with a nervous face.

The shimmer of moonbeams

She thought that the treasure was more important to the cabin boy than her. He then explained why he needed the treasure.

I was lost but now I'm found

She danced with him and was happy for the first time in her life.

His happiness surrounds

She had the courage to face pirates, avenge her mother, and fall in love with him.

And now I've found that my dreams can come true

She remembered that she tried to cheer him up when she tried to serve hot coco and the pink blob drank both mugs and she whined when he did this. He mentally laughed and thought, 'She's kind of cute, when she whines like that.'

Cause I'm gonna love you

She would sneak on deck just to see him work and the cook of the ship told her to stop staring and start helping. She giggled and looked back to see what he was doing.

For the rest of my life

He would sneak into the captain's stateroom by cracking the door open and saw her combing out her long blood red hair. The cook caught him, dragged him away, and told him that he does this again he'll make sure that he will separate the two of them.

I'm holding you safe here

The redhead would stare at him sometimes and when he looked at her, she looked away and blushed with a shade of light pink.

In this heart of mine

She tried to reach for his hand as he was trying to hold on to one metal bars that was going into the wall as her widen with fright.

I can't live without you

Tears were streaming down her face as she thought, 'Please I don't want to lose you, the way I lost my mother.'

Cause my soul would die

She remembered that he looked into eyes with love, passion, and care as he wiped tears from her eyes.

And I'm tellin' the truth

She smiled back at him and rested her head on his chest as she closed her eyes.

I'll spend the rest of my life loving you

All she wanted was to be human, have an adventure, and be free from her father.

It didn't start this way

When she and the cabin boy were getting the longboat ready for the cyborg, she notices something different about him.

It happened just one day

He looked at her and gave her a shy smile and she blushed a light pink shade with a shy smile of her own.

You smiled at me and I saw you differently

Later on in the years, he wanted to take a private walk with his redhead. He then took her hand and got down on one knee. She was almost about to tear up and her lower lip trembled.

Now I would tremble just to be

He showed her the ring and asked, "I love you with all my heart, my soul, and I would make you happy for the rest of your life. You are my soul mate and…will you be my wife?"

A part of you as we

She smiled and leap into his arms. "Yes. Yes, I will!" She said as tears of joy were running down her face. The robot was spying on them, turned around, and told everyone, "She said…YES!" As everyone cheered and some threw hats in the air.

Begin a life that's sure to never end

'The wedding was beautiful.' Thought the redhead as she put a picture of herself and her husband on their wedding day.

Cause I'm gonna love you

Everyone at the Inn was invited; his mother and his best robot had everything arranged for them. Then everyone sited down, waiting for the bride.

For the rest of my life

She came out with her white gown and everyone was struck by her beauty as she walks down the aisle.

I'm holding you safe here

She then reach the alter and was standing in front of her soon-to-be-husband with a shy smile.

In this heart of mine

They both exchange their vows and their rings to each other.

I can't live without you

The pastor looked at them and said, "I now pronounce you husband and wife." He then cupped her cheeks and kissed her with love and care as she wrapped her arms around his neck and threw the bouquet in the air. His mother caught it and caught a glimpse of a figure with a robotic eye. She was going to tell her son but the figure already left. She then smiled as she looked at the bouquet.

Cause my soul would die

The redhead put a picture of the newlyweds on their honeymoon on the stand. She wore a light blue bikini and he wore light brown swim trunks.

And I'm tellin' the truth

They were at the beach because her husband knew that she loved to swim. The redhead taught her husband to swim and he pulled some serious moves to impress her back in his younger days.

And I'm tellin' the truth

She then put the family picture on the shelf. Their son was on top of her husband's shoulders as the son held on to her husband's head. She smiled and laughed on her son's 3rd birthday.

I'll spend the rest of my life loving you

She turned around to see her son petting the pink blob. "Ok, John let's go outside and play." John looked at his mother with a smile as he let go of Morph and said, "Dad said he's going to bring a surprise for me." She laughed and said, "Oh, really?" Her son run through the door and stopped as he climbed up on a rail. He then tried to balance himself. "What do you think it is?" She then smiled and answered, "Well, it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you." As she grabbed her son and lifted him up in the air. He then pouts as he crossed his arms and said, "That's no fun." The redhead said as she tried to make her son smile, "Jonathan Pleiades Hawkins, don't pout or no surprise." She then tickled her son's sides and he laughed his hardest. "Hey, you two!" yelled the husband as he climbed up the stairs. His son saw him and yelled, "Dad's home!" She put her son down as she watched her son being lifted by her husband.

The rest of my life babe

"Hey squirt, did you finally catch that blob of mischief?" he asked as he put his son on his shoulders. "Yeah and could you teach me how to build a solar surfer?" asked John with excitement. "Yeah…when your eight." Said the father with a smile. "Aw." Whined John as his head rested on his father's head. "Don't aw or don't you want your surprise?" Asked the father as he put his son down. His son looked around and asked, "Where is it?" The father chuckled and said, "Not it. Him and his right behind me." His son looked over his father and saw a cyborg. "Who's that Dad?" asked the five year old. He smiled and said, "Say hello to your grandpa Silver. His, uh, bit of a scalawag." His son was happy and rushed towards the old scalawag.

Loving you

The husband turned around and saw his wife. He then ran towards her, lifted her up in his arms, and smiled. "Ariel, you look beautiful." She then kissed him on the cheek and said, "And you look handsome as always Jim." The scalawag had their son on one shoulder as his robotic arm supported them. As they reached at the Inn, Ariel and Jim were kissing and their son made a face. "Yuck!" Said John as he was grossed out by his parent's kissing. Silver change the subject and said, "How's about I tell ya the story of how your mum and dad met? It has adventure with pirates in it." John loved to hear stories especially with pirates and asked, "Is there kissing?" As he made a face. The cyborg chuckled and said, "One day, you won't mind as much."

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