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Chapter 2


Montressor Spaceport was the most popular spaceport of all because of cargo and expeditions. In an ally, the magical bubble appeared and sends Ariel to the ground. 'I did it. I'm human.' She thought. Ariel looked down and saw feet instead of a tail. Ariel couldn't help but smile. She went outside of the ally and saw many things that this world had to offer. She tapped the a shoulder of an auburn hair feline and asked, "Excuse me?" The feline saw the girl and said, "Can I help you?" The feline had blue uniform and white gloves that you could see her claws. Her eyes were the color of jade. Ariel wanted to know where she was because this world baffled her. There were hardly any humans for her to talk to. "Can you tell me where I am?" Asked the redhead.

"Why you are here at Montressor spaceport and best market place." Said the feline. Ariel didn't know what to do, she wanted to see more and have an adventure. The feline saw this and had an idea. "How would you like to be a cabin girl for a voyage? I'm going to be short handed and I need one more person to help me on deck." Said the feline. Ariel's eyes lit up, she couldn't resist the opportunity that she was offered. "Ok I'll do it. Thank you…um," Said the red head offering a handshake. "Captain Amelia. We are going to be leaving soon so why don't you go see the rest of the spaceport before we leave?" Said Amelia as she shook Ariel's hand. Ariel hurried off to see what the spaceport had to offer. "The ship we will be on is called the RLS Legacy." Yelled the Captain as she went to her ship. Ariel was awed by what happened around that she didn't know she was going to bump into the being she admired most.

Jim and Delbert finally reached the spaceport. Jim walked out of the cargo ship with his bag on his shoulder and looked around. 'Finally.' He thought. Jim was finally out of his home and going on an adventure. "Jim! Oh. Jim! Wait for me!" Yelled Delbert. He came out of the ship and wore a tan-yellow metallic suit with a helmet. The doctor was having a hard time adjusting to the suit and walked funny. Jim laughed and thought, 'this the best thing that's ever happened to me.' Delbert finally caught up to Jim and said, "Well, Jim, this should be wonderful opportunity for the two of us to get to know one another." Jim breathed out and thought, 'Oh brother.' He was going to hear the doctor blabber all day long. "You know what they say, familiarity breeds, um... well, contempt, but, in our case" Said the doctor as he tried to explain. Jim had to stick to the point and said, "Look, let's just find the ship. OK?" Jim went on ahead to ask for directions and left the doctor to his thoughts as his lid of his helmet fell on him.

Jim looked to see if anyone would give him directions to the ship the doctor commissioned. He then bumped into someone and fell down on his back. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I wasn't paying attention." Said the person he bumped into. Jim got up to see who it was. It was a…girl. She was about his age and looked… 'Wow.' he thought. She had blood red hair, her eyes were almost the same as his, and had ruby lips. Jim hoped his mouth wasn't hanging or he looked stupid in front of her. Ariel looked at the boy in front of her, he had chestnut hair with a ponytail, an earring on his left ear, and blue eyes almost the same as hers. 'What is he looking at?' she thought. Ariel saw his bag on the ground and picked it up. "Here you go." Said the red head as she handed the bag to him. Jim grabbed the bag and said, "Thanks." Ariel got nervous and said, "Well, bye." Ariel left a boy who was struck by her beauty. As soon as she left, Jim just realized he forgot to ask what her name was.

Jim slapped his forehead and thought, 'Way to go Hawkins. You just let a beautiful girl go without asking her name.' Jim thought they were never going to meet again and boy was he wrong. He managed to ask a cleaning crew where the ship was. "Second berth on your right!" Said the cleaning robot. "You can't miss it." Said the hairy alien holding the ladder. "Hey, thanks." Said Jim as he went down the stairs. Dr. Doppler managed to catch up with Jim and said, "It's the suit, isn't it? I should never have listened to that pushy two-headed saleswoman." Jim ignored the doctor's rant and continued to find the ship. "This one said it fit, that one said it was my color. I didn't know what to do. I get so flustered." The doctor bumps into Jim from behind and Jim wish it was the red head he met, not Delbert. Dr. Doppler looked up and found the ship. "Oh, Jim! This is our ship! The RLS Legacy!" The ship was enormous and had everything an adventurer could ask for. "Whoa!" He said as was impressed by the ship.

On deck, the crew was making sure everything was ready. "Stow those casks forward! Heave together now!" Yelled a rock like figure with a bright red coat and a black hat. When Jim got on deck, he was thrilled and said, "How cool is this?" Jim bumped into an alien that was weird and stepped on it. "Sorry about that. I didn't mean" Before Jim could finish his apology; the alien made angry farting noises and messed up Jim's hair. Jim didn't know how to say sorry in that language. Delbert saw this and said, "Allow me to handle this." Delbert spoke the language what the creature was speaking. After Delbert spoke, the alien chuckled and forgave Jim. "I'm fluent in Flatula, Jim. Took two years of it in high school." Said the doctor saluting the language. Jim heard a new language and said as he fixed his hair, "Flatula? Cool."

Delbert saw the rock like figure and thought it was the Captain of the ship. "Good morning, Captain. Everything shipshape?" Asked the doctor in a good mood. The rock like figure said in a stern tone, "Shipshape it is, sir," He then explains to the doctor, "but I'm not the captain. The captain's aloft." The feline jumped off the rope, spun herself, and landed perfectly. Delbert and Jim looked at each other and thought 'This Captain is a…woman?' The Captain put her hand behind her back and said, "Mr. Arrow, I've checked this miserable ship from stem to stern, and, as usual, it's...spot on. Can you get nothing wrong?" Mr. Arrow tipped his hat and said, "You flatter me, Captain." Amelia was worried where the cabin girl was and they were going to take off soon.

She looked at the doctor and thought, 'Time to have some fun.' "Ah, Dr. Doppler, I presume?" Asked Amelia mischievously. Delbert was flustered at this and said, "Uh, um, yes. I" 'Time to bring it up a notch.' She thought. "Hello! Can you hear me?" Amelia asked as she banged on the helmet. "Yes, I can! Stop that banging!" Said Delbert annoyed as he tried to take off his helmet. The feline knew how to get the helmet off and said, "If I may, Doctor, this works so much better... when it's right-way up and plugged in." She put the plug in the back of the doctor's suit and Delbert took of the helmet. "Lovely. There you go." Said Amelia as she finished helping the doctor. "If you don't mind, I can manage my own plugging!" Said Delbert as he shook the plug in front of the feline telling her that he could just fine without her. Amelia ignores this and said, "I'm Captain Amelia...late of a few run-ins with the Protean armada. Nasty business, but I won't bore you with my scars." Just then a red head pushed Delbert. Jim looked at the back of red head and thought, 'It can't be…'

The red head said, "Sorry Captain, I had to ask directions to know where the ship was." Amelia knew the girl meant well. "This is…" Said Amelia in a stating voice. Ariel finished the sentence for her and said, "Ariel, the cabin girl for the RLS Legacy." 'Ariel, huh…' thought Jim as he was staring at her. Ariel got nervous and said, "Oh it's you." The Captain was surprised and asked, "You know each other?" Ariel explained, "We bump into each other earlier." Amelia then said, "I see you've met the cabin girl. You've met my first officer, Mr. Arrow. Sterling, tough, dependable, honest, brave, and true." Mr. Arrow was blushing lightly and said, "Please, Captain." Amelia loved their banters and said, "Oh, shut up, Arrow. You know I don't mean a word of it."

Delbert had to stick what this voyage is about. "Ahem, excuse me. I hate to interrupt this lovely banter but may I introduce to you, Jim Hawkins? Jim, you see, is the boy who found the treasure" Before the doctor could finish his sentence, the feline grabbed his mouth to silence him and said, "Doctor, please!" She looked at the crew to see if they were eves dropping. "I'd like a word with you in my stateroom." They all went to the stateroom and Amelia locked the door behind her. She was not in a good mood after what the doctor almost did. "Doctor, to muse and blabber about a treasure map in front of this particular crew demonstrates a level of ineptitude, that borders on the imbecilic, and I mean that in a very caring way." Delbert was angry at what the feline said and said, "Imbecilic, did you say? Foolishness, I've"

The Captain ignored the doctor and asked, "May I see the map, please?" Jim was reluctant to give the map to the Captain but Delbert told him to cough it up or he will never hear the end of it. "Here." Said Jim as he chucked the map at the Captain. Amelia caught it and looked at it. Her eyes widen and said, "Hmm. Fascinating." She opened her cabinet, placed the ma in a small box, and said, "Mr. Hawkins and Ariel, in the future you will address me as ''Captain'' or ''Ma'am.'' Is that clear?" Ariel knew the captain meant business and said, "Crystal." Jim didn't like where this was going and groaned. Amelia was waiting on Jim's answer and asked in a stern tone, "Mr. Hawkins?" Jim looked at the Captain and said, "Yes, ma'am." Amelia locked her cabinet with the key and said, "That'll do."

She put the key into her thigh boot and said, "Gentlemen and Lady, this must be kept under lock and key when not in use. And, Doctor, again with the greatest possible respect zip your howling screamer." Delbert tried to tell the Captain he could keep a secret. "Captain, I assure you I" Amelia was going to tell the doctor what she thought all of this. "Let me make this as monosyllabic as possible. I don't much care for this crew you hired. They're...how did I describe them, Arrow? I said something rather good this morning before coffee." Mr. Arrow then repeated the words what the Captain said. "''A ludicrous parcel of driveling galoots,'' ma'am." Amelia loved it when Arrow reminded what she said. "There you go-poetry."

Said the Captain tauntingly. Delbert was furious now at what the Captain said. "Now, see here" Amelia didn't have the time for this and said, "Doctor, I'd love to chat- tea, cake, the whole shebang but I have a ship to launch and you've got your outfit to buff up." She then became strict and said, "Mr. Arrow, please escort these two neophytes down to the galley straightaway. Young Hawkins and Ariel will be working for our cook, Mr. Silver." Jim couldn't believe what he just heard and said, "What? The cook?" Before Mr. Arrow took Jim and Delbert to he asked, "What about the cabin girl?" The Captain replied, "She will need to be properly dress for to work here." Mr. Arrow took them down and closes the door.

Ariel looked down at her clothes and asked, "What's wrong with the clothes I'm wearing?" Amelia shook her head and laughed lightly. "I can't have you cleaning like a chamber maid. Luckily, I took the liberty to buy you an outfit." Ariel took off the dress easily but putting on new clothes was different. Amelia laughed and said, "Goodness girl it's like everything was done for you. Like you were some princess." Ariel laughed and thought, 'If you only knew…' Amelia finish helping Ariel put on her new outfit. She had a light blue tank top, light black pants, and black boots with a light blue strap. Ariel looked at her seashell necklace and thought, 'Well, I hope they' re ok' Amelia broke her thought and said, "It's time for you to catch up with Hawkins and Dr. Doppler. Hopefully you will pull your weight around here and no slacking off." Ariel smiled and said, "Aye, aye Captain."

Ariel opens the door and went towards the galley. The doctor was not happy after what happened. "That woman! That...feline! Who does she think is working for whom?" Jim couldn't agree more. "It's my map, and she's got me bussin' tables?" Mr. Arrow had enough from those two and said, "I'll not tolerate a cross word about our captain!" As he grabbed both of their shoulders. Delbert and Jim made a note to themselves 'not to speak badly in front of Mr. Arrow.' "There's no finer officer in this or any galaxy." As soon as Mr. Arrow let them go, Ariel caught up with the group. "Hello Dr. Doppler, Mr. Arrow, and…"Said Ariel and her sentence was trailed off when Jim was staring again. When Jim saw Ariel in that outfit, he looked at her from head to toe. 'Man, that girl could really stand out.' Mr. Arrow knew what Jim was doing and slapped him on the back of his head. "Ow! What did I do?" Said Jim as he rubbed the back of his head. Ariel covered her mouth and giggled. 'You were staring at me.' she thought.

She then heard whistling and saw a chubby man. "Mr. Silver?" The man looked up, clean his knife, and said, "Why, Mr. Arrow, sir. Bringin' in such fine and distinguished gents to grace my humble galley. Had I known, I'd have tucked in me shirt." As he bowed, tucked his apron in, and chuckled. Jim got a good look at him. A robotic leg, arm, and eye…Jim knew what he was. "A cyborg!" He said underneath his breath. Ariel was amazed at the cyborg; she didn't know you could put machinery on your body. Mr. Arrow began the introductions, "May I introduce Dr. Doppler? The financier of our voyage." Silver's eye made a laser point and said, "Love the outfit, Doc." Delbert was getting a little uncomfortable when Silver's eye was roaming around his suit. "Well, thank you. Um, love the eye." Delbert then grabbed Jim and introduce him. "Uh, this young lad is Jim Hawkins."

Jim walked up to the cook and was surprised by weapons. "Jimbo!" The cyborg looked at his robotic arm and changed it into his hand. Jim looked at the hand and gave Silver a look. Silver saw this and said, "Aw, now, don't be too put off by this hunk of hardware." He then got to his duty as cook of the ship. Ariel couldn't stop staring at what Silver was doing; he used all sorts of machines to help him. "These gears have been tough getting used to but they do come in mighty handy from time to time." Silver was putting the final touches on his dish and taste it. "Mmm!" Knowing that it was ready handed two bowls of whatever it is. "Here, now, have a taste of me famous bonzabeast stew." Silver notices Ariel and asked, "Now, who is this little wonder?" Mr. Arrow said, "This is Ariel, the cabin girl of our voyage."

Silver grabbed her hand and said, "Now if you anything, you let Silver know." Ariel smiled and said, "Thank you, Mr. Silver." Jim didn't like Silver when he grabbed Ariel's hand like that. "Ah. Almost forgot." Said the cyborg as he handed her a bowl of his stew. "Try it. It will make you a wonderful jewel that you are." Ariel looked at the stew and didn't know if she should taste it. She looked at the doctor and saw him enjoying it. "Mmm! Delightfully tangy, yet robust." Silver took the compliment and said, "Old family recipe." When Delbert took another lick, an eye popped up and startled him. "In fact, that was part of the old family!" Said the cyborg as he burst out laughing. Delbert was starting to worry about this. Silver explained to the doctor as he was almost done laughing. "Oh, ho! I'm just kiddin', Doc!" Finally Dr. Doppler got the joke. "Uh, yeah, well" Silver picked up the eyeball and popped it into his mouth.

"I'm nothin' if I ain't a kidder." As he elbowed Jim on his side. Silver tried to get Jim try his stew and said, "Go on, Jimbo. Have a swig." Jim took a spoonful and looked at the stew. His spoon gobbled the stew and spoon's head had turned into a pink blob face. Jim was startled at this and let go of it as it when into a pink blob panting. "Morph! You jiggle-headed blob of mischief!" The creature turned into a straw and drained Jim's bowl. "So that's where you was hiding!" Morph came out of his bowl and burped. The pink blob came up to Jim's face and cuddled him. "Wha-? Ha! What is that thing?" Jim asked. "''What is that thing?''" repeated the pink blob. When Jim touched him, Morph transformed into Jim. "He's a morph." Explained Silver. "I rescued the little shape-shifter on Proteus-1."

Morph gave Jim a lick and went to cuddling his owner. "Aw, he took a shine to me. We been together ever since." Silver then talked to his pet. "Right? Yeah. Nice boy." Mr. Arrow knew that they had to go. "We're about to get underway. Would you like to observe the launch, doctor?" Delbert was acting like a little kid again. "Would I? Does an active galactic nucleus have superluminal jets?" Mr. Arrow gave the doctor a look and Delbert said, "I'll follow you." Jim and Ariel wanted to see the launch too but Mr. Arrow put his hand in front of them and said, "Mr. Hawkins and Miss Ariel will stay here in your charge, Mr. Silver."

Silver nearly choked on his stew. He didn't mind working with the girl but… the boy? "Beggin' your pardon, sir, but" Jim couldn't believe that his was working for him but the bonus was that he can work with Ariel and get to know her better. "Captain's orders! See to it the new cabin boy and cabin girl's kept busy." Mr. Arrow left two men complaining, "Aw, but, no, but" "No, you can't" While they were complaining, Ariel gave her bowl of stew to Morph and the pink blob gobbled it up. Morph chirped happily and licked Ariel on the cheek. She looked at the men and watched them rubbed their foreheads at the same time. Silver looked at the cabin boy and girl.

"So, Captain's put you with me, eh?" The cyborg asked as he put his hand behind his back. "Yes sir." Replied Ariel with a smile. Jim didn't care and said, "Whatever." Silver really didn't have much of a choice and said, "Well, who be a humble cyborg to argue with a captain?" Jim looked at the barrel of purps and said, "Yeah." He picked up one of the purps and said, "You know...these purps... they're kind of like the ones back home on Montressor. You ever been there?" Silver went back to cooking and replied, "I can't say as I have, Jimbo."

Ariel wanted to know where Jim was going with this. Jim hopped on the counter top, took a bite out of the purp, and said, "Come to think of it, just before I left... I met this old guy, who was, um... he was kind of looking for a cyborg buddy of his." Silver thought of the question and asked, "Is that so?" Jim thought this was the cyborg Billy Bones warned him about. "Yeah. What was that old salamander's name?" As he rubbed against the purp to his forehead. "Oh, yeah. Bones. Billy Bones?" He asked in a suspicious tone. "Bones? Bones?" Asked Silver as he picked up a pot stew. "Mm-mmm. T'ain't ringin' any bells." He put the pot down and said, "Must have been a different cyborg. There's a slew of cyborgs roamin' this port."

The whistle is heard on deck and Mr. Arrow yelled, "Prepare to cast off!" Silver had an idea and said, "Eh, off with you, lad and lass, and watch the launch." Ariel was happy that she gets to see the launch and said, "Thank you, Mr. Silver." She ran up the stairs and on deck. Jim walked slowly looking back at the cook as he said, "There'll be plenty work a-waitin' for you afterwards." Jim thought, 'Maybe I can try to know her.' Silver watched Jim going up stairs to make sure he was gone. Silver handed Morph a cracker and asked, "We best be keepin' a sharp eye on this one, eh, Morph?" Morph rested on Silver's hand eating the cracker. "We wouldn't want him strayin' into things he shouldn't."

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