AN: This is just a very quick one-shot I wrote this morning as I sit here missing my Dad and wishing I could see him today. No matter how old you are being an orphan is tough.

As usual, I don't own Gibbs or his team and I'm not making any money from this. I just had to spend some time with them today.

Gibbs looked up from his position on the floor and took the beer Abby offered him. From where he sat, surrounded by the pieces of the bookcase he was assembling, he could see the other members of his team.

Tony and McGee were repositioning the sofa for what had to be the tenth time. Ducky was unpacking boxes of books and loading them onto the bookcase Gibbs had already assembled. Abby had returned to the kitchen and her task of unpacking and putting away dishes. Palmer was arranging lamps and other items on the end tables.

And in the midst of it all Ziva was directing the activities. Gibbs saw she was looking slightly overwhelmed and nervous. The lead agent put down his beer and crossed to where his she stood. Slinging an arm around her shoulders, Gibbs gave her a friendly hug.

"You okay, Ziver?" he asked.

She tried to smile but her huge, chocolate brown eyes relayed her concern. "I am fine, Gibbs. I just did not expect all of this," she waved a hand at the chaos around her.

Gibbs hugged her again. "This is what friends do. It's what family is for. You didn't think we would let you do all of this by yourself, did you?"

"No, but I did not expect everyone to give up their free weekend for me," she replied quietly.

Gibbs leaned closer and whispered so only she could hear, "We're all proud of you, Ziva. You've made some tough choices. This was the toughest one of all."

And that statement was the truth. Ziva David, the newest NCIS Special Agent, the newest American, was now the newest homeowner. The team had spent all weekend moving her into her new home. They had scrubbed and cleaned and painted on Saturday. They had spent all day Sunday packing and moving her from her apartment.

The entire team had been surprised when Ziva had announced that she was buying a house. At their questions the young woman had answered she was now free to live wherever she wanted. And, she confessed that she had always wanted to have a real house in a quiet neighborhood.

What none of them had expected and what had surprised Gibbs the most was the fact that the house she had purchased was next door to his own home.

Gibbs' elderly neighbor had recently been placed in a nursing home. Her children had decided to sell the property. And, Ziva had snatched it up the moment it was placed on the market.

Tony flopped down on the sofa and looked across the room at his team mates, "I still don't understand why you didn't buy a newer house. This one's got to be close to a hundred years old."

"Because, Tony, this house has character. It has a personality you do not find in new houses. It already feels like home." She smiled at her partner and returned her boss's one armed hug. "And, I already like one of the neighbors."

Gibbs kissed her lightly on the side of the head and returned to his project. The activity continued around him as everyone worked to help Ziva make her dream come true.

He knew the young woman had told Tony the truth. But, that was only part of it. Gibbs knew she had also purchased this house because she would feel safe here near him. After the events in Israel and Somalia, he and Ziva had grown closer.

She had spent many nights in his basement. Some nights they had talked of the past. Most nights they discussed the future. Often she just sat and watched him work. She seemed to draw comfort and find peace by just being with him.

Gibbs smiled as he took a swig from his beer and prepared to tighten another screw. It had been a long, tiring weekend; but, he didn't mind. He couldn't think of a better way to spend Father's Day.