The Fortune Teller

A/N: This is the english version of La Diseuse. I write this because there are readers who told me that they use Google Translate to be able to understand La Diseuse.

Disclaimer: I don't own Amélie.

Amélie walked among stands and tents that offered a number of entertainment. She took pleasure at the sights and sounds of the fair. Suddenly, an old gypsy woman called to her.

"Come here child, I will show you your future.

Amélie didn't believe it but nevertheless she entered the tent.

"Show me your hand. Well, it's interesting. You will do good things."

Amélie was going to respond, but the gypsy lady stopped her.

"I know you're a good girl. You will do very good things. You have a good heart."

Amélie was silent.

"You will find love. I know that. Look at the pictures. Search for a man wearing red sneakers."

"Pictures? Sneakers?" It was confusing for the girl, but the old woman didn't answer her. Instead, she caressed Amélie's hand.

"Usually I charge 5 euros, but for you it's free."

Amélie thanked the gypsy and left the tent. She thought the experience was strange. She decided not to dwell on it again, but she also decided to visit picture galleries the next week.