Stoker savoured her kiss before returning it; he touched her lips with the tip of his tongue and tasted her when they parted for him. Charley moaned in delight as the kiss became more passionate, her fingers curled in his hair as she pulled his head back so she could kiss his throat, he pulled her onto his lap, letting her feel how hard she was making him. Stoker slowly and deliberately started to unbutton her shirt, relishing the feel of the skin underneath. Charley shivered in anticipation as he undid the last button, was she still day dreaming or was this really happening, she thrust her hips closer to him as he slowly slipped the shirt off her shoulders and down her arms, closely followed by her bra. She let out a gasp as his teeth grazed her nipple, her hands fisted in his hair as she rocked her hips against his hardness. Stoker lifted his head from her breast as he felt the material of his shirt ride up his back, he let her pull his shirt off before kissing her hard, worrying her bottom lip with his teeth and making her moan for more,

"What do you want?" he whispered in her ear.

"You, I want you," she moaned,

"What do you want?" he murmured,

"You" she cried "please I want you", Stoker chuckled,

"You want me, yes, but what do you want, say it, tell me what you want," he growled,

"I want you love to me, now," she whimpered,

"Your wish is my command," he said with a grin. He wrapped his tail around her waist, pulling her closer so she had to wrap her legs around him, he stood and carried her into his room, he kicked the door shut and dropped her to her feet. Charley let a shiver run down her spine as the fur of his chest gently tickled her breasts as he held her close, she ran her hands across his shoulders, down his chest, across his ass and up his spine relishing the feel of his muscles under her palms and stroking her fingers through his fur. Stoker grabbed the waistband of her jeans, unsnapped the button and sank to his knees, he grasped the pull of the zip in his teeth and pulled it down, he smiled at her surprised gasp as he pulled the jeans and underwear down over her hips and let them pool around her feet. The scent of her was overwhelming him, he could see a snail trail of her juices running down her thighs, the sight and smell of her had made him so hard it was painful, now he wanted the taste of her. Stoker pulled her closer and gently lapped at her thigh, licking it clean of her juices and biting down hard, working the skin with his teeth and watching with satisfaction as the skin turned purple. He licked further up and finally buried his face between her thighs. Charley's brain shut down as Stoker's tongue buried deep inside her, her hands gripped his shoulders in an effort to keep herself upright, she cried out as he moved his tongue to her clit. She could feel the orgasm swirling in the pit of her stomach, before it slowly began to build in strength, her hips began to buck and her toes flexed in anticipation. He could hear the gasps and moans above him as her orgasm began to mount but she was trying to delay it by shifting away from him, he wouldn't let her, he wanted her coming under his tongue. Charley shrieked as she felt him graze her sensitized clit with his teeth, she barely felt the second time he did it as the orgasm raged through her like an avalanche. Stoker caught her as he tumbled to the floor and held her as she finally calmed down; she kissed him eagerly, tasting herself on him,

"You are too good at what you do," she murmured,

"I'm glad you think so because I'm no where near finished with you yet" he said. He picked her up and laid her on the bed and he removed the rest of his clothing, he gazed at the beautiful, dishevelled woman waiting for him, he stroked his shaft as he looked at her, giving the ache a little relief, she was so passionate, a joy to love and he couldn't wait any more to love her. He climbed onto the bed and ran his hands over body savouring the sounds coming out of her,

"Do you want this?" he whispered, she leaned up and kissed him hard, twining her legs around his,

"Yes" she replied. He slipped easily into her; she was so wet that it was never going to be difficult. Charley ran her nails down his back and grabbed hold of his ass as he slammed into her. His tail wrapped around her leg and raised it up as he drove himself deeper into her. She could feel the orgasm building again, how greedy was it to have two orgasm's in less than an hour. She didn't care, her lover was incredibly skilled and she would let him pleasure her forever if she could. She was holding back again, Stoker knew it but he didn't want her to hold back, he wanted to see the fire in her eyes, the passion on her face and his name on her lips. Charley gasped as she felt his tail slither between them and begin to stroke her clit, her hips began to buck wildly and her fingers clutched at his fur as the orgasm began to swirl. Stoker saw the passion playing across her face, biting her lip in an effort to control her cries; he gently pulled her bottom lip out from between her teeth with his,

"Come for me my love, don't hold back, let it go and let me see you give in to the passion," he murmured. Charley gasped again as he pressed the tip of his tail harder against her clit as he drove deeper into her,

"Stoker...oh God Stoker please...I need...I want...please" she cried. The thrust of his hips and the pressure on her clit drove her over the edge; she screamed his name repeatedly as her body shook from the intensity of her orgasm. Stoker felt the tremors through her body and couldn't hold back any longer, he

joined her in the climax.

The Next Morning...

Three motorcycles pulled up to the Last Chance Garage, the riders dismounted and looked up at the living quarters,

"Odd, Charley's not up yet" said Throttle

"The curtains are open" remarked Modo "maybe she didn't come home last night"

"What? Charley staying out all night? Nah, why would she do that, she knew I was coming home today" said Vinnie.

The three mice entered quietly, just in case, Vinnie spotted Stokers bike and cheered,

"Hey, Stoker's here, see Charley wouldn't have gone out and left Stoker here by himself" he said as he raced off upstairs. Modo and Throttle followed, still wary of the silence, Modo went off to check Charley's room and Throttle headed for the living room, someone had definitely been here last night, 2 beer bottles on the table, stereo still on, he spotted clothing on the floor, Charley's work shirt and...Stoker's shirt, Modo returned,

"Charley's bed's not been slept in" he said. Throttle picked up the clothes,

"I think I know where she is" he replied. Modo put the pieces together and a thought struck him at the same time it stuck Throttle,

"We've got to stop him," said Modo.

Vinnie bowled into Charley's spare room and whipped the covers off the bed,

"Hey hey hey old timer, up and at 'em it's a beautiful day...ay...ay" Vinnie's brain finally caught up with what he could see in front of him "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH" he screamed,

"A little privacy here rookie" said Stoker as he used his tail to pull the covers from Vinnie's hands and cover himself and Charley up. Throttle and Modo came running when they heard Vinnie scream, they pulled up sharp when the saw Charley in the arms of the General,

"Um...we' out for breakfast" said Throttle as he backed away to the door. Vinnie, having finally put all the pieces together took in a deep breath to yell at Stoker and Charley but found Modo had clapped a hand over his mouth,

"Sorry to have disturbed you General, Charley-Mam, we' leaving now," said Modo as he too backed away, dragging Vinnie with him.

"Bring some lunch with you when you come back" said Charley, the mice understood, don't comeback for a few hours. Modo dragged a still struggling Vinnie behind him as they left,

"Well well well, Charley and Stoker" said Throttle with a chuckle,

"Yeah, who'd have guessed" Modo replied, Throttle nudged Modo and pointed at Vinnie who was turning a fetching shade of blue.

"Sorry Bro" said Modo as he took his hand away from Vinnie's mouth,

"Did you see that, did you see that, Stoker stole my girl" Vinnie spluttered, Throttle chuckled,

"She was never your girl Bro" he said,

"That's not the point, why would she have an old dude when she could have a studly young mouse like me, I'm heartbroken" Vinnie said. Modo rolled his eyes,

"I think you just answered you own question there" he replied,

"Let's go to that place on the corner, they've got a really cute blonde waitress. Throttle and Modo rolled their eyes, so much for heartbroken.