Irene Adler had to admit, she was taken aback at a raven speaking, but she had seen a lot in her life, and was not all that surprised at this. She stood and unwrapped a piece of paper from around the bird's foot, and upon turning to read it, Evermore hopped down onto her shoulder. She read the neat calligraphy she recognised as that of Phileas Fogg.

Irene, my dear, I see you have found yourself in yet another predicament, I hope my accomplice here reaches you before you try one of your wonderfully complicated escape attempts. His majesty's government is willing to give you amnesty for trying to steal the crown jewels on the grounds that you join our taskforce and recruit our next legionnaire, should you accept, go to Paris, your mode of transport is of no concern and we excuse any crimes committed as long as no one is killed.

Best wishes,


Irene read the words with a joy in her heart, excusing all crimes committed, what a dream come true. She called the guard towards he cell and showed him the letter, being sure to point out specific phrases before grabbing him by the back of the head and smashing his face against the bars. As he collapsed, Irene pulled the keys from his belt and undid the locks of her cell, she stepped out, and robbed the guard of any and all moneys on him, and also a rifle he was carrying. She never could stand these clunking creations, having to be reloaded every few moments, and new powder loaded in. She had to admit, however, that they made very good clubs, as she proved on three guards before making her way towards the helm; Evermore flew next to her the whole time. She leapt at the captain of the prison ship and broke his jaw on the butt of the gun, which finally broke under her strength. She grabbed the wheel of the ship and spun it off course, heading directly towards Paris to recruit the fourth, and most theatrical of the legionnaires.

Several weeks later, in Paris' opera populaire, thirty thousand people watched as their latest soprano, Paix Aigle, sung the aria from Romeo and Juliet, only for the trapdoor of the stage to open up and swallow her in a pillar of smoke and fire. The crowd looked horrified as they fled and screamed for release, the opera house itself had been filled with rumours and legends of the past that many believed true. The crowd broke free of the great doors and ran in a state of panic through Paris's streets, as from the lyre of the statue of Apollo on the roof, two burning red eyes watched them, before turning to see to his prisoner.


AUTHORS NOTE: My favourite thing about this "chapter" (I think it's too small to call it that) is the opera singers name, Paix means Peace, as does the name Irene. Also Aigle means eagle, as does the name Adler. Can you tell who it is yet? By the way, chapters will get longer after every character is introduced.