This is just a random spur of the moment. I was reading a story about this kid turned into a vampire, and he was talking about Death Note. The thought of this got me to thinking what would happened if Reid from Criminal Minds was reading the Manga of Death Note on the jet home after a case. This is more random, and has nothing to do with the main series, but I like the idea.

Oh, and nothing belongs to me, only the vague idea of this, but nothing else. Enjoy!

Criminal Minds

Parody of Death Note

"Reid, what are you reading?" Hotchner asked, looking at the young man. Reid looked up from a book he was reading, and looked at it.

"It's called Death Note, a manga created by Tsugumi Ohba. I saw some kids reading it from the last case, and decided to read it." Reid answered, and went back to the comic book. Hotchner sighed at this, but was pretty happy that Reid didn't go to explain something that had nothing to do with him reading a comic book.

The last case had been rough for everybody. A boy who was considered a genious had killed over 86 people in the hope of making the world into a better place. It had ended badly, for a friend of the boy had went and killed him for killing his little sister. It had been gruesome, and not many people wanted to talk about it.

As for Rossi, he and a few others had started to talk about the boy.

"Why did he do it then?" Rossi asked the group, many of whom looked at each other.

"Because he thought he was better than everybody else that he could make the world safe." Reid answered from his seat on the jet, still reading the manga. "Its like in this story that I'm reading. Light Yagami was a genious also, but found a way to help people. He thought it was a good idea, to show true justice, but found it on odds with the police. In the end, he killed so many people in his belief, that even his father died trying to figure out the murders."

Everybody looked at Reid, who finished his comic book. Rossi on the other hand, chuckled, and brought his hands out.

"You don't mind if I read that comic then?"