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Chapter 8

Jake was resting his head against the arm of the couch he had fallen on the night before in his semi-drunk stupor. Different varieties of cans littered the floor in his vicinity. His pants hung rather low sitting about mid thigh his bright blue boxers clearly showing while his shirt was no where to be found. Wrenching open eyelids seemingly glued shut, Jake ran a hand over his face and turned into the couch trying to block out the light filtering in through the open window opposite the room.

His head pounded, throbbing in time with his heart. Struggling to remember the events of the night before, he squeezed his eyes shut, trying to squeeze the pain away. Jake sighed. It wasn't helping. A low rumbling sound from his stomach reminded him that he was hungry, and Jake sat up slowly. A soft thump behind him registered faintly in his brain, but he wasn't in any state to react. The rough fabric of a burlap bag covered his face. It took the hung over man several seconds to realize what was happening. Jake's first instinct was to scream. He struggled as strong arms bound his hands together behind him, and as his legs were too tied together tightly. A soft voice whispered in his ear, dangerous. "You better not scream, boy. It won't help"

He contemplated compliance for a moment, then decided against it, taking as deep a breath as he could, he opened him mouth and screamed. At the same time, he felt a sharp pain in his arm. The semi-darkness around him blurred, and then faded.

The bright light was the first thing that awoke him, that and the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls. Jake rolled to his side feeling the carpet against his face. He jumped up suddenly from the floor in terror only to trip over the blanket that he had wrapped himself in.

The room he was in had pale blue walls and a white carpet that he himself had previously occupied. The leather couch was lying underneath a small widow on the opposite wall while a mahogany side table and coffee table were placed around it.

He was wearing only his boxers; there was a stack of clean clothing on the coffee table. He took these and put them on gingerly. Jake's head hurt, hell, everything hurt. Judging from the placement of the window and the amount of light streaming inside, he realized he must be in a basement. The faint smell of cinnamon buns again greeted him wafted from the stairwell to his left, and groaning, he crept up none too quietly. His legs felt heavier than bags of bricks. An unpleasant rawness on his leg prompted him too look down at the plastic bracelet around his ankle. "Oh Damnit. What the hell is this? Some sort of monitoring device?" he mumbled to himself. When he reached the top, Jake reached for the doorknob. Perhaps not surprisingly, it was locked. Panic and fear began to seep into his chest. Up until that point, he had almost accepted the situation, if only out of stupidity. He remembered the pain in his arm, and the creepy voice warning him not to scream. Jake looked down at the forlorn bracelet again. He knew it would be hard, if not impossible to get out. The young man began banging on the door. What if he had been kidnapped? Where was he, anyways? His stomach reminded him he was hungry, and out of habit, he reached into a pocket for some smokes. Finding none, he let out a yell of fury.

Upstairs, Rory was checking the oven for the cinnamon buns when she heard the strangled yell of Jake Harris coming from the basement. "Good, Mr. Sleepy-pants is up" she thought, and went to wake his brother, who was snoozing on her couch. Untying the apron from around her waist, Rory hung it on the hook by the doorframe in passing, and continued her way into the living room at the front of her house.

"Josh," Rory gently shook the figured draped across her own couch in the front room. "Josh…"

"Ten more minutes…." He pushed her hand away out of habit not really registering where he was.

"Your little brother is up. I'm heading down to check on him and serve him breakfast. Are you coming or not?"

"Alright, I'm coming. Where'd you put those masks? His fat ass better appreciate those delicious smelling cinnamon rolls…" Josh replied, crawling up and reaching for the plate on the counter.

"Hey! Those aren't for you! There's some on the counter, but those are for later" Rory slapped his hand away, and handed him a Darth Vader mask, which he slipped over his head. "Here we go…"

Josh opened the door slowly, not sure if Jake was behind it waiting on the steps. Quiet as a mouse, he tiptoed down the stairs, Rory following him. She made sure to close the door behind them, locking it in case Jake decided to run for it. She felt the cold key in her pocket.

"You!" Josh spoke carefully, but forcefully. His direct tone made Rory shiver. She heard Jake jump up in fear.

Jake POV

The dark figure pointed at me. Behind him was another. Both wore masks.

"Who are you?" I asked. "Why am I here? What have you done?" My voice got louder by the second.

The first one, wearing the star wars mask, pointed at me accusingly.

"Do you really think we are going to answer that? No. But I will tell you why you are here. You have done wrong and must learn a lesson. This is your punishment. Accept it. You can't get away from here"

Infuriated, I stepped forward, almost nose to mask. "And who are you to say that? I want a cigarette, now!" I screamed. That headachy feeling when I haven't smoked was starting to build up.

"No. You will not. There is no smoking inside" He said.

"Gimme a damn smoke!" I yelled. Without thinking, I slapped him across the face.

The other person, a woman, I assumed based on the ponytail sneaking behind her own Yoda mask, spoke "That's enough. Do you want food or not? You can starve, I have nothing against that, but you will NOT mistreat Mr. Darth Vader there"

"What the fuck do you care! Just let me the fuck out of here." Pushing forward past Ms. Yoda, who had moved forward to stand between Darth and myself, I headed for the stairs. Only three more steps…

"Shit." I groaned from my position on the ground. Rolling over to lie on my back I saw Yoda with her arms crossed. Following the length of her body down to the source of my fall I found her foot pinning the hem of my pants to the floor. Looking back up her legs to her torso then finally her 'face' his pants became slightly tighter. Yoda posture immediately changed, he knew for a fact that if that mask weren't there would be an eyebrow raised.

"Wow… really? Does Star Wars give you a hard on? This is classic." Vader broke out into a peal of laughter after seeing Jake's predicament.

With a scowl I sat up quickly pulling my pants from underneath Yoda's foot. Moving over to the couch I snatch up a cinnamon roll and angrily take a bite from it, the gooeyness stopping me in my tracks I sighed in delight. "Damnit this is good…"

Watching me with her arms crossed from across the room was Yoda, leaning on the wall next to Vader, who was slouched near the stairs, ready to catch me if I ran. Even through the mask I could tell she was staring me down intently; her eyes were like fire, burning through my soul. What could she be thinking about?

Rory POV

This kid…what the hell was he thinking? Even though I made that comment about his unfortunate erm…situation as a joke, I was totally serious. Josh's brother really does have some issues with his life! Here is some stranger, he's living in my basement forcibly, and he's a druggie, smoker and sex addict? Never in a million years would I have dreamed of myself in this situation, yet here I am now. Just look at him, eating his cinnamon roll like an animal, tearing it apart with his teeth, crazed look in his dark eyes. As he finished his breakfast, I finished my pondering and went to retrieve the plate. I glanced at Josh, waiting by the stairs. He nodded, and I reached out for the plate. Picking it up and wiping the crumbs off of the table onto it, I turned and headed up the stairs.

"We'll be back, there's a bathroom down the hall on the left." Josh said before following after. The last thing I saw as I was closing the door to lock it back up was Jake glaring up at me from the bottom of the stairs.

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