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Chapter 5

This is not good, I thought.

'If I were you I would definitely run' I heard Jason's voice in my head, 'and fast...'

I was shocked and scared at the same time. I looked at him and he was staring intensely at me. His face was emotionless but is eyes were full of sorrow, sadness, and something else I couldn't define. I looked at the man next to him, he was also staring at me intensely, though his eyes held nothing but darkness. I shivered again. He smiled, showing his sharp and pointy fangs.

I froze, Oh NO! Not again! This wasn't happening to me!

I looked at Jason again, his face was serious and emotionless.

"It was nice to meet you... Becky," he said, his voice was pure sadness.

I wanted to say something back but I couldn't, for my voice was lost. All I could do was stare, my gaze drifted between the two night monsters, and every time I looked at the other vampire I knew that this was the end. There was no way out... There is no way out... I had a strange feeling inside me, something I couldn't describe. After some more seconds of staring the vampire, Jason disappeared in the blink of an eye. I felt so unprotected now. I know, it's crazy but I would've preferred that Jason had killed me, than even acknowledge such a creature that stood in front of me. A soulless monster. Jason was cruel but you could see something behind that. I could see Jason's soul, he would show his feeling as much as he tried to hide them and this... thing, showed nothing.

"A soulless monster..." I whispered so low that even I couldn't hear it. As the words slipped down my tongue, another cold shiver passed through my body.

"I saved your poor life and this is how you thank me?" the creature said.

I said nothing, just glared at him. I was tired of people getting inside my mind, messing with my feelings, and doing god knows what with me. I already had enough from my own life and I couldn't bare this.

"Oh, but its only going to get worse, and worse, and worse, and worse..." he whispered loud enough for me to hear it.

"You've seen, felt, and heard nothing yet" he said again.

I glared at him, no matter what he says, nothing is going to make me feel worse than I already was.

I opened my mouth but closed it immediately, afraid of what could come out. I looked down, and traced the patterns of the wood floor with my eyes.

"A silent treatment..." he whispered to himself, but loud enough so I could hear.

I heard his footsteps in my direction, and my body froze instantly. I couldn't move, or breathe. I was trying really hard to make my lungs work but I was in shock, afraid of what he would do to me. I knew that what he had in mind was worse than, what Jason did. And as much as I wanted to run, my body couldn't find the strenth to do it.

I kept my gaze on the floor, though I could see him raising one hand. I felt something warm against my cheek, and that was when I realized I was crying.

Next I felt something cold against my cheek, I realized it was his hand and flinched. I tried to take a step back, but my foot hit the door. He brought his hand to my cheek again, as some new warm tears fell, and wiped them.

"Please don't cry," I heard him whisper.

His voice was so soft, sweet and full of concern that it scared me even more. I looked up and we were so close that I could stare directly inside his eyes. They weren't cold, dark and soulless anymore, they were full of understanding, and... love? No, no, it couldn't be.

"I am sorry to have to do this," he said, with the same voice again, "I really am, but... this is what we are and this is how it's supposed to be."

I just stared at him

"I'm sorry but there is no other way," he said.

"Wrong," I said, my voice confident, exactly the opposite of how I felt.

He looked at me, eyes gleaming with amusement.

"There is always another way," I started, "you just can't lose hope," I finished, whispering the last part to myself. I was impressed at how confident I sounded; this wasn't like me at all.

He said nothing, for a long time we just stared at each other. Then he turned around and walked more deeply into the room, close to where the moonlight touched the floor, he stared at the full moon and said, "You say pretty words, but life is no fairytale." The way he said it, made me think I was missing something. They way he spoke those words, made me regret a bit after calling him a soulless monster.

"Don't," he said.

"Huh?" I asked.

"Do not regret calling me that, because you are right," he looked up at me, "I am a soulless monster."

At that moment I felt my heart ache. His voice was so sad, his eyes were so... miserable. I wanted to go there and give him a hug, but I couldn't, I wouldn't. He looked at me, with the saddest smile I ever saw, I tried to smile back but I couldn't.

He walked up to me again, and hugged me. Yep! He hugged me. One arm around my waist and the other around my shoulders. I did nothing, I had no idea of what to do, I knew I wouldn't hug him back, and even if I wanted I couldn't able to pull back; his grip was too strong. That scared me.

'What if he tries something?' I thought

"Please do not fear me," he said, his voice was so sad that it made me regret everything bad I thought about him. A single tear rolled down my right cheek. I let out a sigh.

"How can I not fear you?" I asked.

How could I not fear him? He could snap my neck and in less than a few seconds I would be cold dead on the floor. He could suck my blood till I was as dry as a prune. He could do anything to me.

Still holding on to me he let out a sigh.

"What if I promised not to hurt you?" he asked.

"What about the others?" I asked.

"They wouldn't touch you if I told them you are mine," he said.

That woke me up. I pushed him away with all my strength. If I hadn't take him by surprise, I don't think I could've got away from his embrace.

He looked at me with a puzzled expression.

"I'm no one's," I said coldly.

"I was the one who found you-," he started but I cut him off.

"You didn't found me, you kidnapped me," I said, "I'm not yours."

"I was the one who kidnapped you, so you are my pet, therefore-" he started again, but I cut him off, again.

"I am not your pet," I said, just as coldly as before.

"You are my pet," he said, "therefore, I decide what to do with you."

"No you don't," I said slowly, "and I am NOT your pet."

We stared at each other for a long time before he spoke again. Well I glared at him, and he stared at me.

"You belong to me, and I gave you a chance to give me your opinion about what would happen to you," he said.

"You gave me the chance to give an opinion about what would happen to me?" I shouted, angry now.

"I don't remember you asking my opinion about me being kidnapped, or locked in a car, or staying alone in a dark cold room full of monsters, or even if I wanted a fucking vampire to bite me and suck my BLOOD!" I shouted all loud as I could, I was pretty sure that by now all the neighborhood could hear me.

I was furious, by now I could kill anyone that tried to mess with me.

"What's your name?" He asked me.

I glared at him. Where did that came from?

"Rebecca," I answered.

"Mine is Scott," he said offering his hand to me, "It's nice to meet you, Rebecca"

I glared at him. What the f**k? Okay, where did that came from?

"Wish I could say the same..." I murmured under my breath.

He laughed. Gud! He must be bipolar...

"Well Rebecca I am sorry to inform you that a) you are my pet b) you are mine, and c) I control your present and future, therefore you should start behaving yourself if you still want one." he said, with a smile.

You wanna know what I got from that? I got: "Well Rebecca I am sorry to inform you that a) I am a jackass, b) I am a jackass, and c) I am a jackass, therefore we can conclude that I AM A JACKASS!"

He laughed again.

"Well Scott I am pleased to inform you that a) I am not your pet b) I am not yours c) You do not control my present nor my future, and d) I hope you burn in hell," I said with the sweetest smile I could manage.

He laughed again, and then stopped and glared.


"You have no idea with who you are talking to," he said in a low cold voice.

"Wrong!" I said, "Again..."

He looked at me amused.

"I have perfect idea of to who I am talking to," I said.

"Jackass" I said in a cough, than I cracked up laughing.

I heard him growl, and I stopped laughing immediately.

"You know I have much more important stuff to deal with, than a fool teenage girl with PMS." he said, then turned around and started walking.


"First of all I am 18 so that means I am already legally responsible for myself, second of all I DO NOT have PMS, since PMS is a stupid excuse for the industrial pharmacy to sell more, and third of all do not call me a fool because the only fool we have here is you," I said, "you kidnapped me, I did NOT asked for it, and now you will have to deal with it mister." I finished poking him in the chest 3 times.

Oh gosh that was soooo like my mom talking...

He simply ignored me and kept walking. Oh! How I hate him...

He stopped briefly close to the door. (AN: In the room there are two doors, the one Becky got in, and another one to the right)

"Like I said, you've seen nothing yet," he said.

"Humph" was all I said.

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