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Story Start- 5 days until the Academy duel.


Exiting the two offices was Naruto and the dead boy's younger brother Danny. This was the type of publicity that Duel Academia didn't need. A student dead on campus, Kaiba was going to have to spend a lot of money and do a lot of maneuvering to keep the bad press down. Outside waiting for Naruto were Shou, Misawa, Hayato, and the Obelisk trio.

Danny took one hateful glance at Naruto before walking the other.

''Aniki! What happened? Don't tell me you're expelled!?''

Naruto placed a comforting hand on Shou's head. ''No Shou I'm not. With over dozens of witnesses, I'm not at blame. All I did was duel with another student. Can't expel me for that.'

''But you know something don't you Naruto-san?'' Misawa spoke up. ''You didn't react like everyone else was. You seemed oddly calm for someone who just witnessed a death in front of him.''

Asuka walked between the two boys. ''You're not questioning that he's somehow involved are you Misawa?'' A fierce protective glare marring her beautiful features.

Misawa started to sweat and fumbled over his words. ''N-No...of course not...A-Asuka-san I was just thinking out loud.''

''I don't blame you for your line of thought Misawa. After all being pointed out and told that 'I seek...I will take one is safe...'it will be mine.' most will be paranoid.'

''So, what are you going to do now Uzumaki?''

''Well first Chumley I'm going to get some vanilla spray for our dorm room. Because seriously man flatulence like that isn't natural.''


''Can we talk about something else?'' Junko piped up hopefully.

''Yeah, this is getting creepy,' Momoe added.

''What? The other thing or Chumley's version of pepper spray?'


Everyone except Hayato shared a laugh or smirk at that.

''That reminds me...I haven't had anything to eat all day. Let's go get something to eat,' Naruto suggested as the group of six threaded down the hall. Not too far away on the corner Danny had been listening to the conversation. He clutched his fist in anger. 'Bastard? My Big brother is dead and all you can do is joke and laugh with your friends. I'll make you pay...''

That night Fanny had formed a plan. He was going to steal the cards of several students and framed Naruto getting him expelled. What he didn't expect was come across said blond who was sneaking off somewhere with Asuka. He could only smirk as that would make sneaking in and placing the card in Naruto's things all the easier. In fact, maybe he could steal some Obelisk cards as well. It would look suspicious if only Ra Yellow Cards were missing and happened to end up in Naruto's possession. He then heard a voice and ducked behind one of the bushes. It was one of the campus security guards decked in a black uniform. He flashed his flashlight in about 270 Degrees in front of him and went on his way. He made his way to the Obelisk dorm when he heard a whisper.

''You want Uzumaki to pay don't you?''

''W-Whose there?'' He stuttered out, looking around with his flashlight in all directions trying to uncover the origin of the voice.

''I can help you get revenge.''

The light landed on a purple cloaked figure. His flashing yellow eyes were the only thing Danny saw before he screamed.


''Killer Crabs!"' Junko screamed as she jumped up covered in sweat.

''Kyaah!'' Momoe looked around. ''Why'd you scream?'' She whined wiping the crust from her eyes.

''K-K-Killer crabs!'' Junko squealed, holding her covers around her tight.

''Again? Kami, this is the fifth time this week. Asuka-san are you awake?'' Momoe asked, noticing Asuka wasn't voicing her annoyance at Junko's behavior. Junko checked Asuka's bunk to find Asuka. ''Junko! Asuka's gone!'

''What!'' Junko threw back the sheets and checked the bunk. ''Maybe she could have done to the restroom?''

''No look...'' Momoe said going to one of Asuka's drawers. ''Her duel disk is gone. You don't think?'

Junko smirked at Momoe's inquiring. ''A mystery date at midnight. Asuka-san is the only girl we know who thinks dueling at night with the moon out is romantic.'' She then pouted,''Man why does she have all the luck? First she has nice breasts and now a cutie like Naruto whose she's dating.'

''Want to go spy on them and take pictures to embarrass Asuka-san later?'' Momoe asked with a mischievous smile.

Junko flashed one of her own and replied,''Does Uzumaki-kun most likely have a big di-''

''JUNKO!'' Momoe cried out scandalized. ''You're such a pervert I swear.''

''Every trio needs one dear little Momoe.''


Naruto and Asuka were in the forest. They were sitting in a tree, her in his lap as they kissed passionately. Whatever they came out to do they ended doing what could only be defined as more 'interesting' and a hell of a lot more 'fun.' They broke the kiss, 'So what are we supposed to be doing again?''

''I'm not even going to lie Asuka...whatever it was I sure as hell don't care now. Looks like you got your wish of dragging me out back and...''

Whap! Asuka smacked Naruto on the back of his head. ''Kami...can't you stop being a pervert for more than five minutes?''

''That's something coming from the girl grinding her ass against my crotch!''

Asuka blushed scarlet red at this,' I was trying to get comfortable!'' She exclaimed.

''Uhm-Hmm...'' Naruto himmed disbelievingly. ''You've been a bad girl Asuka...I think you need a spanking,' He followed up with, his grin the very definition of mirthful and mischievous.

''Naruto, I swear if you even try...'' A scream interrupted their 'fun' time. ''What was that?''

''I don't know. Let's ignore it,'' Naruto suggested as his hand massaged Asuka's back.

Asuka shivered at the touches. ''Someone could be in trouble.''

''It could be a trick by security to coax students out of hiding.''

''Do you really believe that?''

''Enough to where it hopefully convinces you not to go.''


''Did you hear that?'' Momoe fearfully asked as she bumped into Junko who nearly jumped out of her skin.

''Don't do that,'' Brown haired girl hissed, her hand already shaking belying her nervousness.

''I thought I heard something.'''

'It's your imagination. '' The bushes rustled and both girls squeaked and tightly hugged each other as the flashlight Junko was carrying fell and rolled enough to where the light conveniently landed on the bush. Out of the bush came a raccoon. Both girls let out a breath of relief.

''Death is coming...''

The girls turned around and screamed.


''Junko! Momoe!'' Asuka hopped up. ''That was them, wasn't it?''

''As much as I wish my sense of hearing was failing your right. That was them...come on...'' The two of them trailed to the forests following the origin of the noises. Zig-zagging around and between trees and heading back to the school they found a flash light on the ground. Naruto picked it up and sniffed it. ''Junko.'' He stated as Asuka gave him a worried glance. ''We'll find them Asuka...don't you worry...'' Naruto said as he went out and grasped her hand. ''We'll find them...''

''U-Za-Mah-Kii!" A voice gargled out. The two turned and were faced with an extremely pale Danny. His eyes were lifeless. ''Come...if you want to save them!'' The possessed boy said as it took off in the direction of the Abandoned dorm. They were led down to where Naruto previously dueled titan. There on the opposite side of the room sat Junko and Momoe who were both unconscious.

''Junko! Momoe!'' Asuka tried to run over when Naruto grabbed her arm. ''What are you doing!? They need...''

Both girls seemed to levitate up. Both their eyes were as lifeless as Danny's own. ''That's not Junko and Momoe. At least not now...''

''Oh Kami!'' Asuka said in horror.

''If you...''

''Want them...''

''Back you...''

''Have to...'''

''Duel us...''






''Lose and...''

''Your Souls...''

''And Power...''

''Are Mine...''

''That Voice...'' Naruto narrowed his eyes. ''I thought it was familiar. It is you...''

''Who? Who is doing this Naruto.'

''The Ventriloquist of the Dead. A Puppeteer of Doom was one of Pegasus's Player Killers during Duelist Kingdom. Pegasus in all his wisdom picked certain individuals, one in particular was the Mimic of Doom and the other was this guy. The latter was a child murderer to use dueling monsters to pick his victims. The former used Seto Kaiba's stolen deck to duel, while using a puppet of Kaiba against Yugi as an attempt to convey that Kaiba sold his soul to beat Yugi or some stupid shit like that. "

'And now...''

''It's too late...''

''I shall...''

''Have your...''

''Power and...''

''Your companion...''

''As well...''

''Quite the...''

''Lovely doll.

Asuka scowled in disgust, her blood boiling, and something dark flashing in her eyes. She was no one's fucking doll!

''Two on two...we win then you return Junko and Momoe unharmed in any shape, form, including memories and spiritually.''


The two girls opened their eyes as their duel disks activated. Naruto and Asuka activated their disks. ''Head's up on your friend's style?'' He whispered to her.

''Momoe uses a spellcaster style deck, one of her strongest monsters being the Magician of Black Chaos.''

Naruto was surprised at this. ''And Junko?''

''A Harpies and Winged Beast, Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys and Raiza the Storm Monarch are her strongest cards.''

''We got the advantage of you knowing their cards and style. While Puppeteer may have a glance of your style from your friends unfortunately, he doesn't know about your deck change or all the new cards I have.''

''They may not seem like incredible duelists trust me...Junko and Momoe are both deserving to be in Obelisk blue.''

''Puppeteer let's draw who goes first. The Highest Attack to lowest determines the order.' Something wasn't right. Naruto felt a familiar power. Vast, enough to make him feel nervous.

Everyone drew a card. Asuka drew the Ice Empress.


The Ice Empress


Type: Warrior


Attack: 3550


Effect:When summoned the user can choose to place Ice Counters on whatever targeted monster in exchange for not be able to attack the turn the effect is activated.


Naruto drew the Card Gamabunta the Toad Boss


Gamabunta the Toad Boss

Created by: Devil Master 7 but altered.

Stars: 9



Attack: 3200

Defense: 2600

Effect: Can only be Special Summoned if 2 or more Toad monsters are in the graveyard and the field. When sent to the Graveyard special summon one monster with the word sage in it's title from the deck to graveyard.


Junko drew Harpie's Pet Dragon and Momoe drew Dark Magician.




The cards were added back to their decks and the decks shuffled. ''What are the rules of the game Puppeteer?''

''Each time a monster is destroyed, and life points are subtracted the bearer of that card has a positive memory ripped from there mind.'' The two possessed girls spoke as one with the Ventriloquist's voice.


''Draw! I play Senju of the Thousand Hands in Defense mode.'' A humanoid monster with multiple hands appeared. (1000 Defense) ''When Normal of Flip summoned I can activate my monsters effect. I can select 1 ritual monster from my deck and add it to my hand,'' Asuka explained. She shuffled her deck and chose two cards. ''I set two cards face down and end my turn.''

''My turn,'' Naruto drew a card. ''I summon level four Nogitsune in defense mode.'' (600) ''I activate it's special ability. My sacrificing a thousand of it's attack points I can summon a kitsune monster with a thousand attack points or less from my deck or hand to the field in defense mode.'' Naruto went through his deck and picked a monster. He chose none other then New Born Kit. He then shuffled his deck. ''I place two cards face down and end my turn.''

''Draw...I summon one Harpie's brother in attack mode.'' (1800) A red cloak and scarf wearing winged male with a mask appeared. ''I place one card face down and end my turn.''

''Draw...I summon one Harpie Lady in defense mode.'' (1400) The red haired winged woman that was mostly associated with Mai Kujaki appeated. ''I place one card face down and end my turn.''

''Draw! I summon Cyber Tutu to the field.'' The red hair skated monster did a twirl. ''I then activate the quick play spell card Prima Light. I send Cyber Tutu to the graveyard to special summon Cyber Prima from my deck to the field.'' A silver haired monster wearing red, purple, and blue mask along with a silver and blue outfit appeared. (2300) ''I attack...Junko's Harpie Lady...''

''I activate my Trap Mirror wall. Your monster's attack power is halved.'' With Cyber Prima's attacked dropped to 1150 a lost of 250 life points were subtracted.


Naruto & Asuka: 3750

Junko & Momoe: 4000


''I end my turn!''

''Here I go!'' Naruto drew a card. He then ran his finger over the top of all his cards. ''Hey, Asuka, will you be using your other monster for anything?''

''Beyond choosing one of the monsters that I need no.''

''Good...I tribute Senjuu of a Thousand Hands and Summon Cyber Kitsune.'' A metallic looking Kitsune appeared.


Name: Cyber Kitsune.

Created by:Radomir

Attribute: Light


Stars: 6

Attack: 2300

Defense: 2000

Comment:One of three Kitsune triplets altered into a cybernetic machine. Rumor says when all three are gathered a power that rivals dragons is awakened.


''I end my turn!''

''Draw! I summon Tactical Espionage Expert in defense mode!"' A brown haired youth dressed like a solider appeared. (1300) ''When normal summoned trap cards can be activated. I end my turn.''

''Draw! I summon Cyber Harpie Lady in attack mode.'' (1800) A Harpie's lady with an energy whip and metallic armor appeared. ''I attack Nogtisune level four.'' Cyber Harpie whipped her whip, wrapping around the neck of the monster and shocking it until it was destroyed. ''I end my turn.''

Naruto frowned, 'Something wasn't right. The Puppeteer liked to toywith his opponent. He hadn't tried realizing his control on either girl as an attempt to weaken the will of Asuka or himself. Something wasn't right.

''Draw!'' Asuka drew a card.'' I activate the spell card Fusion Gate. As long as it's activate, I can fuse fusion monsters without using the Fusion Spell card. I fuse the Two Ice Nogitsune in my hand to summon the Two-Tailed Frost Terror.''


Ice Nogitsune

Type: Kitsune



Attack: 800


Effect: A Nogitsune whose seek solitude in cold climates. A Nogitsune so isolated it's power transformed it into an Ice incarnation.''


Two-Tailed Frost Terror

Type: Kitsune

Attribute: water


Attack: 2300

Defense: 1400

Effect: Fusion of Two Ice Nogitsune.


''I activate the spell card Mystical Space Typhoon. I destroy Momoe's face down card on the left.'' The card exploded, revealing it was a trap. 'Now I attack Momoe's...''

'' us...'' Momoe pleaded, tears in her eyes. Asuka froze but then remembered what Naruto told her before.

'In a Shadow duel anything can happen. Your enemies will use your friends against you. If your friends are mind slave never believe they were genuinely let go. Those who break free from Mind Control are genuinely tougher to control. Do not hesitate. Because if you fail both you and the mind puppet will lose your souls.''

''Bastard! You'll pay for using them like this!'' Asuka declared. ''Two-Tailed Frost Terror destroy Momoe's Harpie's Brother.'' Momoe cried out in distress as her monster was destroyed. Asuka clutched her fist as she tried to keep calm. 'No daddy! Where are you daddy? Daddy please come back!'

Naruto wasn't sure what the memory was. Whatever it was Asuka seemed to know by how she was trembling. ''Keep a calm head, Asuka! We can't afford to make mistakes here!''

That feeling was returning, whatever it was it was drawing closer and closer.


Naruto: & Asuka: 3750

Momoe & Junko: 3500


''I end my turn!''

Naruto drew a card. ''I activate Premature Burial. By offering 800 Life points I can summon one monster from the graveyard to my field. I choose Nogisune Level four.'' Naruto's Dark Kitsune returned.


Naruto & Asuka: 2950

Momoe & Junko: 2700


''I activate it's special ability by sacrificing a thousand of it's attack points to special summon one Kitsune monster from my deck or hand to the field. I choose another New Born Kit. Now I sacrifice both New Born Kits to summon Kurenai the Genjutsu Mistress in Attack mode.''


Kurenai the Genjutsu Mistress

Type: Shinobi

Attribute: Fire

Stars: 7

Attack: 2100

Defense: 2300

Effect:This card can attack opponent's monsters without activating opponent's monster effect's or spell cards.


''I attack Momoe directly!'' The possessed girls hardly bat an eye lash.

''Harpie Lady block the attack!'' Junko commanded as Naruto's kunoichi attack moved from their life points to the monster which was now trapped it an in illusion. She then sunk into the ground and sprouted on the other side of the field slitting it's throat. ''I end my turn!''

''Draw! I summon Harpie Lady 2!'' The Orange haired winged woman appeared this time. ''I then activate Diant Kieto the cure master and raise ou life points by a thousand! Your monsters are sealed for three turns. I then activate Graceful charity. I draw three cards then discard two. I then activate the spell Life Force exchange! I can special summon a monster per 1,000 Life points a turn. I offer two thousand life points to resurrect Harpie's brother and Harpie Lady.'' The two defeated winged monster's returned. ''This duel is over Uzumaki. You're defeat is at hand. I activate one last spell Even exchange. I can switch one card from my hand with my opponent or in case of a tag duel one designated person. I choose to switch Junko's Garuda the wind Spirit with my Sky Dragon of Osiris.'' Naruto looked on in disbelief and Asuka in Horror as one of the Three Legendary God Cards was shown to them.

''How? That's impossible? How the hell can someone like you get his hands on the Gods?''

''The master...when I offer up your soul the master will resurrect me.''

''So, the dummy has become a puppet for another puppet master.''

''Enough Talk! Your end is near! I end my turn!''

''Draw! I tribute my three monsters on the field to Summon Sky Dragon of Osiris!'' A beam of light appeared the darkness, piercing the unseen sky. From above emerged the massive red Dragon, the Sky Dragon of Osiris. Massive like a serpent it's body occupied the sky, the entirety remained visible as parts of it were in the darkness. (4000 Attack) ''Sky Dragon of Osiris. Destroy Uzumaki's Kurenai the Genjutsu warrior!'' The beast gave a mighty roar as it blasted the representation of Kurenai. Naruto let out a pain cried as he fell to his knees. Being hit by a terrible memory and feeling the blast from a God Card was not something one could easily brace for.


Naruo & Asuka: 1050

Junko & Momoe: 2700


The Ventroliquist's voice echoed from both their voices, already laughing in trimuph.

''Naruto? What do we do?'' The fear was evident in Asuka's voice. She had just begun her training and embracing her other nature. She wasn't ready to face a god card.

''Give it up Uzumaki Naruto. This duel is over...'' The Ventriloquist mocked.

Naruto frowned and clutched his fist. Only a miracle was going to pull them out of this situation.