Sequel Information

P.s. I made some changes to the Epilogue so I suggest you read that before you read this.

Hey guys it's me! :) The sequel to Through Think and Thin will be about Tony and Sophie at age 14 to begin with. When Tony's dad (Grant) gets a job in another country, he and Sophie have to say a sad goodbye.

Now Sophie has to go through her first years of high school with out her best friend in the world. Tony was the one who she could always trust, the one person who would always be there for her. She never knew what she had until he was gone. Two and a half years after they say goodbye, Sophie finally has gotten over him, and she changes. Her wardrobe changes as well as her attitude. She needs something, or someone, to knock some sense into her. If only Tony was hereā€¦

Tony moved right before freshman year and he misses Sophie more than anything. She was the one he could go to for girl advice. He would drop everything just to hang out with her. He loved her so much, as a friend, that he would do anything for her. After he moved away from Sophie, he lived in Anzio, Italy. It's a little ways from Rome. There were beautiful girls every where, but he couldn't stop thinking about Sophie. Ever since he got there, Tony's been asking his parents to move back. His grades are horrible because he doesn't care about studying. He needs to get it in his head that he needs to forget Sophie.

Will the time and space between them split them apart? Or make them realize that they need each other more than ever. Find out in All we Need is Love.