Rima's POV

While basking in the sun's warmth I waited. Usually, it was he who was early and, I was late. I guess today was different. He wasn't just any friend; he was my best friend. However, this may have been a blessing in disguise because thanks to his tardiness I was able to admire the beauty of my surroundings more so then I ever had. By now, I knew this place better than my own house to be honest. This truly was an utopia, at least in my opinion. A faint aroma of ripening fruits suddenly wafted through the air as I closed my eyes and exhaled.

Spring was a beautiful time of year; especially since we lived on a tropical island.

Typically, we played in open fields of lush and fresh grass. It was a place where flowers seemed to always be in bloom and where the sun seemed to in mere seconds. Where delicate white clouds surrounded the gentle sun and leave you in awe by it's simplicity. The clouds represented him and I was the sun. It reminded me how he always protected me, at this thought I began to giggle until I heard someone calling my name. I turned around to see him.

"Rima," Nagihiko yelled while one of his hands were behind his back.

I began to pout, "Nagi, why are you so late?" As he stood in front of me catching his breath I only grew more impatient. He then faced me and asked, "Rima turn around and close your eyes I really want to see something, please."

I gave him a questioning look and responded slowly so my brain could process if I should oblige of not. I mean why would he want me to turn around with my eyes closed, "Al…right, but if this is a trick I'm not talking to you for a whole minute or maybe even 90 seconds!" I finished with a cheeky plastered on my face as I turned around.

I heard him chuckle as he placed something in my hair. Whatever it was, it was soft, as it rested upon my ear. I heard him let out a sigh of mixed suprise and relief, "Wow Rima, I knew it would look amazing on you."

I turned around to see him smiling. In my hair was an orangish yellow flower. It gave off an enchanting aroma; I took in the scent and then blushed at his comment as I thanked him.

Next thing I knew he reached his hand out. At first I didn't know what to do until he grabbed my own and opened his hand. "There. Now even when the flower dies, you'll still look as pretty as ever." It was a bracelet with a flower that resembled the one he had just given me.

I gave him my brightest smile as the pout on my face disappeared. That day I promised that I'd try to never take off my bracelet; ever.

Ever since I was young Nagi was my best friend, my most anticipated rival and the person I wanted to always be around. The only person I ever smiled for.

At the age of seven; even an hour apart felt like an eternity.

Every day we spent together was a dream. When we'd talk and just sit out in the fields saying nothing at all I just felt at peace. It was magical. I honestly felt that we could be best friends forever.

But see, that's the main word, "could be best friends forever."

One day, after school, we entered the sixth grade and Nagi told me the worse news ever. We were in our favourite open field and the wind seemed to be blowing a bit more recklessly then normal.

The tension in the air was tight despite nothing being said. The atmosphere was just weird all in all. Nagi had an irritated look on his face, instead of his natural carefree, calm smile he usually had. I decided to break the tension. I could tell something was wrong. I was worried.

"Nagi, what's wrong?"

He didn't face me until I pushed him on by pestering him. I regretted even asking him after I saw his face. He turned around with a sad look.

"I'm going to school in Europe."

"What?" My features went from worry to anger in seconds.

"I'm sorry, Rima".

"How long have you known" I questioned. He didn't reply. "Well if you knew all this time why didn't you say something? Why'd you waste my time; giving me hope if you were going to leave me anyways?" I yelled not letting the tears forming to fall. I was too strong to let him see me cry. I don't even know why I was this upset, but I was.

"You won't miss me?" He asked sounding a little hurt, but he had no right to sound hurt. I had the right!

"No, I don't care what you do. I can always make new and better friends" I said looking away

As he reached his hand to touch me I slapped it away. "Rima, I—" I cut him off, I didn't want to hear anymore of this crap.

"Just shut up. I hope I never see you again."

With that I ran away. We never saw each other after that.

My heart broke in half that day; Fujisaki had taken it with him when he left. My dream finally came to an end that day; that I could have a happy ending anyways. But I'll never know if he loved me or if I loved him; all I know is that I needed him. I still wear his bracelet today. I thought if I wore it than someday I could see him again.

My alarm than rang. Beep, beep BEEP!

Waking me up from my dream of a flashback. I decided to ignore it; I did NOT want to wake up, not after that memory. I was just going to drown everything out, that was until, SLAP!

I mumbled through the pillow, "Yaya! Don't ever do that again." I then removed the pillow away from my face and pushed the snooze button on my alarm clock.

"Yaya! What are you doing in my room?" I asked losing control of my tone. Who wouldn't?

"But if Rima sleeps in we're all going to be late for school! Yaya wants everyone to get ready now, because we don't have uniforms in high school. You have to pick an outfit now. Yaya is sorry for coming in Rima's room though." She finished with a sad look. Pouting and tears forming (I could tell they weren't all fake tears, but there were some fake ones at the beginning.)

I just sighed and put a smile on, "Alright Yaya, I'm up, see, let me get dressed and we can go. Alright, just please stop crying." Yaya just gave a thumbs up and ran downstairs with a grin, yelling, "Amu are you up yet!" I started laughing to myself, I guess Yaya is waking up everyone right now. Poor Amu.

I pulled the currents apart so I could see what outfit to where. California was very different from the Tropics. How my life had changed. I looked at the picture on my night table and greeted my parents. Hi Mama, hi Papa. I'm still missing you everyday. I sighed as I put the picture frame down. See, after my parents accidents I moved out and met my friends whom I now live with; just us girls. We live in a condo near the beach and I have to be honest I love it here! It a huge place to live just us four girls.

I have a decent room with a nice even yellow coating of paint; I find it refreshing. I don't share my room of course. My bed is queen sized; despite my petite stature.

That girl who is always full in spirit, she's Yaya. She loves anything cute; she's two years younger than me. Her orange hair is always in pigtails and matched well with her baby personality. Her brown puppy dog eyes are a killer to everyone but Amu has taught me to build immunity to it. Although sometimes we pretend to be affected by her puppy dog eyes to make her happy.

Of course, there is my best friend Amu. She has pink hair, yellow eyes and her style is always changing from peppy to gothic, but she is totally perfect in every way. She's Miss too Cool and Spicy but that's just her demeanour; I too have the same vibe. Amu and I are in the same grade. Amu is great when it comes to sports but could use some tips in the brains department, haha.

Then there is Utau, she is a teen pop sensation, at least in Tokyo. She has lighter blond hair than me and her pigtails are much longer than Yaya's. She has a high maintenance personality, but she doesn't look cute like us girls, but she is beautiful. Her eyes have a dangerous feel which helps with her image. Her eyes are a mysterious purple and she is a grade ahead of Amu and me.

Finally, there is me. I used to live in the Tropical Islands until I moved to Tokyo. My parents died in a car accident, while I was in attending middle school. I was left with all the money my family had (which was a lot because they were workaholics) and I decided to move. My friends didn't want it to be goodbye so we moved together. Everyone's parents agreed and everyone had money (Utau was allowed to do anything, I mean she's a teen pop sensation! She does have her own money, she's rich! No one argues with her.) I'm shorter than all my friends and I'm the cutest girl out of us all. I hate being called cute by anyway except my friends. My long gold hair curls naturally and my eyes are a sweet honey yellow. Most guys fall for my looks and I admit we all have slender bodies, even Yaya and sh sweets!

Ahhh! Picking outfits are harder then it looks! What a waste of time. Hmmmm, maybe I'll just ask Amu. "Amu, what do I wear on the first day of high school?" I never had this problem with uniforms in Tokyo =_=

"Rima, just do what we're all doing, white tank top, sunglasses, loose bag and a skirt that's your favourite colour," she smiled at me, her smiles we're real never fake, unless she's hiding something.

I nodded and than left. In California, it's so hot all the time so it made sense to wear a tank top and skirt. Yellow was my colour so I wore a white tank top with a yellow skirt and tied my hair in a high ponytail with curls and bangs framing my face.

When I walked down to get breakfast and saw everyone I had to admit we looked good. My ponytail swayed as I walked down the stairs and it was refreshing to feel the breeze. I smiled and waved to everyone saying, "Morning."

"Rima, you look cute." Utau commented.

"Rima, always looks cute," Yaya argued and Amu gave me a thumbs up.

I rolled my eyes at them, "Look who's talking. You girls look better."

Amu then argued, "No we all look great and the same outfit idea was good. But don't forget your sunglasses Rima, or you'll seriously go blind with the raging sun outside."

I grabbed my loose bag with my cell phone, binders and pencil case, put my sunglasses on the top of my head and popped a piece of toast in my mouth before we all hit the door.

Utau grabbed her car keys and motioned for us to move faster. She had her license (no one would argue with her) and a black convertible. We looked so hot, I mean c'mon, look at us. We put on our black sunglasses before we entered the car because of the sun. Before Utau started to drive, I noticed something.

"Looks like people are moving into the condo next door." I said to no one in particular.

"Yeah, I heard some new teens, this is going to be a fun school year," Amu smiled

"Yaya, just hopes that they like to party and like sweets!" Yaya sang merrily

"Pay attention girls. Its time to get to our new school and meet new people, so smile, be yourself and lets show California how Tokyo does things." Utau winked.

We nodded annoyed, Utau's our friend but she's starting to sound like a parent. I clutched the bracelet I always wore. I never told my friends about my past on the tropical islands, because: I didn't want them to get upset and what past is past right? I'm at a new place with a new start so anything is possible.

Yaya's voice pulled me out of thought, "Utau," she whined, "if we don't get to school in 5 minutes we'll be late." Yaya said panicked.

"Don't worry Yaya, I can get us there in less than 3 minutes." Utau put on a smirk.

The funny thing is we all believed her, we buckled ourselves in and Yaya, Amu and I held each other's hand tightly. As Amu spoke with one eye closed, "Hit it, Utau!" Amu finished with a laugh as we all giggled.

"You got it." Utau than started driving and we all felt freedom rush through our veins. I'm glad we chose sunglasses; the wind is a bigger problem than the sun now. We were still giggling as Utau was smirking as she drove. Geez, we were definitely getting a speeding ticket today...

I'm 16 years old now

Amu is 16 years old

Yaya is 14 years old

Utau is 17 years old and we all attend the same high school.

"Four Season's high, here we come." Utau laughed we all just sweat dropped and smiled.

Revised edition~ June 13th 2013 :) I'll be revising the other chapters too, all in good time. WARNING: plot might change too as a result xP