Rima P.O.V

I hesitantly opened my eyes; a mixture of fear and anxiety wasted over my very being while doing so. I looked about, hmmmm, where was everyone? However, the only one who replied was my echo. The gymnasium of the school was completely empty as I walked out the door. Why was no one around? I continued walking around the court-yard when I heard the gasps of air that came from crying.

I happily yelled, "Yaya!"

Yaya turned and faced me with a happy smile while regaining her composure, "Oh Rima-tan, where is everyone?" I shrugged, if she didn't know I didn't either. Oh, that's when I noticed Kukai, but Yaya noticed him first.

"Kukaiiiiiiiii, where were you?! Yaya thought she was alone and lost with Rima!" To her expression Kukai chuckled. With his regular overly self-confidence, he pumped "Don't worry girls, I'm here". I rolled my eyes as Yaya cheered. Oh God, here we go.

"Follow me" was all I needed to hear and without even letting him finish his sentence I gestured him to move.

As we walked I couldn't help but question what was really happening. Yaya and Kukai were chatting amongst another as I did so. Until Kukai asked, "What's up Rima?"

"Well, why am I here? Why are you here? Isn't this all a little strange to you? No matter how far we walk, we always end up back to the start. I think we're in a mazed. " I continued. That's when a very loud Yaya yelled "Oh Yaya found a kitty :3." I turned, surprised to see Ikuto. "Ikuto?" Kukai exasperated. If we are in fact in a maze though, how come we haven't found any one else yet? We had been walking for what seemed like forever.

"Yo," Ikuto said. See, this is what I meant. "We all conquered our battles, and the war should be over; yet why are things the way?" I asked.

"Ohh" I heard Yaya squeak. We all looked at her with a 'why' expression. "What's wrong with you?" Asked Ikuto.

"Well...it's just I noticed something...is all" Yaya began. "What?" Kukai motioned. "Look around, well Yaya is the Ace of Autumn and Rima is the Queen of Spring right?" I nodded in response. "Well, at first Yaya thought that we were incomplete." She then started pacing around.

"In order for the world to continue rotating, Mother Nature and Father Time must work along with the seasons. As in some places of the world it may be Spring or Autumn while others it may be Winter or even Summer" Yaya finished. My chin started hurting how because when my jaw dropped it ran for miles. "Yaya that's so poetic!" I awed. Yaya giggled, "Notice Kukai and Ikuto" Yaya pointed.

I looked at the guys, and nodded, "Well, Ikuto is a Winter and Kukai is a follower of Summer...could it be Yaya, Rima, Kukai and Ikuto are stuck like this for a reason?" Hmmm, the theory was possible but why? "We must not have won the war yet; just the battle" Kukai said seriously. "We've got to stay calm though" Ikuto finished.

"Ohh let's try texting Utau and Amu!" Yaya yelled. Pretty clever, but I had already tried, "they either fell on their cell phones, lost 'em or there is no signal where they are" I sighed. Yaya and I were on the verge of crying, we'd never been this far away from Amu or Utau; the world was a scary place.

"Don't worry", Kukai knocked my in the head. "Ouch! Kukai what are you doing" I said, fixing my hair. "It worked right? Now your not crying because you head hurts" he laughed. I took in a deep breath; trying to hold my smile back. I looked over to see a wailing Yaya. "What about Yaya I asked. Kukai laughed, "I don't need to do that with Yaya, she's more upset because I didn't knock her on the head; and at least she's not missing Utau and Amu now.

In a distance I could hear Yaya, "That's not fair! Yaya knew Kukai a whole 20 seconds more than Rima. Kukai's a meanie!" She wailed, I giggled at her reaction.

"C'mon," Ikuto said as he carried Yaya and faced Kukai and myself. "Let's go find the others before they start crying like this baby". We nodded assuring Ikuto we would. We all continued on our quest to find the lost people.

To be honest this was a good time; I hadn't ever gotten to know Kukai or Ikuto. I never really got the chance or wanted to for that matter. Kukai looked like an average player and Ikuto, kind of a pervert. What is it that Utau and Ikuto see that I never could? I realized now that it was probably their would be-selves because Kukai was actually a really considerate guy and Ikuto was more mature and responsible then even myself. I let out a sigh as we forwarded on.

"What's up?" Ikuto asked me. Night was befalling and we were still walking around in circles, "nothing really" I answered. I looked over to see a sleeping Yaya in Ikuto's arms. She sure was cute.

"Ohh I get it! Rima's jealous of Yaya's special treatment" to which I glared in response. He chuckled at my expression, "Well then, let me treat you like the Queen you are." With that last comment, even before my resisting could begin he knelt down. "Here" he gestured. "I'll give you a piggy back ride."

"No I'm fine" I stubbornly walked away; only to be dragged back. "C'mon". I finally gave in, "Fine" but I couldn't help hide a blush. Even though Kukai was just another slave it was weird to carried; I can see why Amu blushes so much with Tadase and Ikuto now...


I sneezed once again. "Amu, stop sneezing already!" Utau nagged. "Hey, I can't help it!" I said, while blowing my nose. Utau rolled her eyes "From now on your not a Queen. I'm removing your status. You are totally the Joker of Winter now". I looked at her wittingly, "Fine but your the Devil of Summer" I stick my tongue out. Once again receiving another roll of the eyes.

Tadase smiled in response causing me to blush, "Perhaps someone is talking about you".

"I'll go search for the others. I'll take Tadase" Utau commanded. I looked at Utau with a 'WHY' expression, why was she taking Tadase away from me. "Because marriage is forbidden before we find the others" she winked. I flushed bright pink, "Whaaat! Fine take Tadase, but I wasn't even thinking about that" I stuttered. Utau laughed as before we could even discuss other plans, she was off with Tadase. "She's so irrational. Geez." I sighed.

"Hmm, Kairi?" I asked "Your sister used to be Utau's manager right, so why'd she take Tadase? She barely knows him."

Kairi had a shocked look on his face, "Yes...but it's only natural that Utau be friendly with Tadase, I mean they are childhood friends..."

"WHAT!" I gasped. "Well that's why Tadase and Ikuto are so close, competitive rivals. They are childhood friends. Actually..." Kairi smiled, he kind of had a cute smile. "Utau probably gets her competitiveness from Ikuto" Kairi laughed.

"Well Utau is way more competitive and straightforward and-WAIT, WHAAAAAAT? ARE YOU SAYING UTAU AND IKUTO ARE RELATED?!"

Kairi looked at me like an idiot "You really are a joker aren't you. Of course. I thought you and Ikuto and Tadase were close. How'd you not know this?" That's when I finally reflected on my relationship with Ikuto and Tadase. It was shallow...

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