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Light was having a nightmare. He tossed around on the sofa, sweating and mumbling. In his dream, he was being tortured by L. The task force had finally become convinced that Light was Kira, and now he was completely at the mercy of his nemesis, enduring the worst kind of torture ever known to man: tickling. L was using a tickling-machine, a big monster that roared and thumped and had feather dusters protruding from everywhere, and L was laughing at him and taunting him and telling him that it was too late, he could just as well confess to being Kira, and then L started screaming Light's name… "Light! Light! Wake up!" But he couldn't wake up, because this was real and he was being tickled to death by his enemy and all was lost…

With a gasp, Light sat up abruptly. He looked around him, still lost in his dream, and saw L standing over him with a concerned look on his face and a feather duster in his hand. Light screamed. "No! No! Don't tickle! I confess! I am Kira! I'll confess to everything, just please don't tickle me…" He started to sob out of sheer fear. Then he saw the look on L's face. He looked… confused. Why should he be confused when he had just won over Kira?

Still sobbing, Light sat up and took a new look around. He was in the head quarters. The task force was there. They were all dressed in working clothes. Everyone held a cleaning apparatus. Apparently, they were spring-cleaning. They were all looking at him, astonished, like he had just started singing "Love is all you need" in a falsetto voice or confessed to being Kira or something equally unlikely. Actually, come to think of it… he just had confessed to being Kira. In front of the entire task force, plus L.

Damn it.


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