A/N: It's been ages since I've updated anything! I blame school for ruining my creativity ;P

So, this is a very short story I wrote some time ago, forgot about because I thought it was bad, discovered again and decided to publish it because, well, because. It's probably still bad, sorry about that -.- Hopefully you'll enjoy it anyway :)


When Light finally managed to locate L, he was standing on the roof, admiring the view. The sight was a strange one – two days ago, L would have been far too busy to even consider taking a break. Now, however, Higuchi was dead, Kira hadn't killed any new criminals (yet), and all there really was to do was to interrogate Rem while waiting for Kira to make his next move.

Of course, what L didn't know was that Kira was actually in the HQ with him. Light knew, obviously, but that wasn't information he intended to share with the detective. Very, very soon, L would be dead, and then Kira's teachings would rule the world. All of Light's dreams were very quickly becoming true. Just a few more days, and he would be ready to put his plan into action.

L turned around when he heard Light walking over the roof, then turned back again, disinterested. Light came to a stop beside his nemesis, and for a moment, they both stood there without saying anything, just watching the sun's last dying rays over the city.

"Why are you standing up here, all to yourself?" Light finally asked.

"I'm not all to myself. Light-kun is here."

"Well, yes, but I wasn't here a moment ago." L was silent for a long time, and Light thought he wasn't going to answer at all. Then he said,

"Why is Light-kun up here?"

"I was looking for you."


"No special reason." Again, they stood in silence.

"It's a beautiful sunset," Light finally said. L didn't bother answering.

"When I see sunsets like this, it makes me think of a cottage we had. It was by the sea. We used to travel there every summer when I was a kid. Then my dad got so busy with his work, so we didn't have enough time anymore. I kind of miss it… " Light's babbling was suddenly interrupted by a loud scream from behind. Light and L both turned around, shocked, and saw Misa running against them.

"LIIIIGHT! Misa has been looking everywhere for you! Misa sneaked into the building because she was so desperate to see her Light! Misa has missed you sooooo much!" And with that, Misa threw herself at Light and hugged him.

This would, from Light's point of view, have been a bad idea under any circumstances. And when he was standing on the edge of the roof of an extremely tall building, it suddenly turned into an exceptionally, catastrophically, amazingly bad idea. "Misa, no…" he started. Too late.

L looked over the edge of the roof. "Ooops," he said. Then he walked back inside to tell Yagami-san that his son and said son's girlfriend had died a most sudden and tragic death, and it if the killings didn't resume it was 100 per cent certain they were the first and second Kira. Also, L would want to search their rooms.

Whistling happily to himself, L went to raid the fridge for cake.