The Innocent story of two lovers

Another day as me...

Hello, my name is Isabella or Bella Swan aka The Freak. I'm 9 ½ years old and I don't really like to talk. That's why Tanya and her "Posy" always make fun of me. I live in the sunless city of Forks, Washington. I live with my father, Charlie, and my stepmother Sue and her kids. Lea or the Tweet is one of Tanya's followers, my younger stepbrother, Seth, is awesome! But he's a 1st grader and we(lea and myself) are 4th graders. Anyways, my father Charlie works for the FBI, but keeps his public job as Chief of police here at Forks. We live in a HUGE mansion. We kids, have our own floor! But since my father had me first, then got married to Sue, I choose first. I got the the biggest floor, it had an extension to a little downstairs room. That room was secret. Only my dad knew about it. We also have our own cook and cleaning staff! I only have one real Best friend, her name is Alice Brandon. She sweet and amazing. I still don't understand why she choose me before Tanya. We are so different but at the same time almost alike! She loves to shop, I don't mind it, but she goes crazy! We've been friends since we were born! We laid side to side at the hospital as the nurses did test and what not. Our parents were so happy that they befriended each other. Although Mrs. Brandon still doesn't forgive my mother. Renee... She left me at the age of 2, because she fell in love with a truck driver who now plays for a minor league. Phil is a good guy, but he took my mother away from me, he plays baseball. I still cant believe she left us of a dru-

"Bella! Your going to be late for school! Hurry up or I'll drag you out! You too Lea!" Sue yelled.

"One second, Sue!" I yelled, I don't like calling her mom, cause she isn't.

I got downstairs and grabbed the pop tarts in the pouch.

"Bella, honey there are some hot one's in the toaster." Sue told me.

I looked up and said, "You should know by now, I don't like my pop tarts hot, Sue." I was angry, she knew this, because every single day I told her the same things over and over again.

She looked like she was about to cry, when Lea came in, she greeted her.

I was dressed in a blue strap dress, with a small white sweater. Alice told me that the day we got back from spring break we would get all "Dolled" up, because something Big was gonna happen. Alice says she's Physic and she can't "see" the future. I kinda believe her she is a bit strange sometime.

Our front door opened up and Alice walked in. No one was surprised, Alise did this all the time.

"Hey!" She said as she spotted me and ran towards me.

I was scared, even though Alice is much smaller then I am she was strong as a bull.

She squished me so tightly I had trouble breathing.

"Hey, how are you Alice? Did you have a good time with your cousin Cynthia?" I asked as soon as she let go of me and had my backpack in hand and towing me towards the door, then to her car, where Mrs. Brandon was waiting.

"It was great! She told me there this cute guy she likes! And she gave me some of her make up! I'm going to put some on you and me in the car!" She squealed.


I was about to protest when Mrs. Brandon said, "Good Morning Bella."

"Good Morning Mrs. Brandon."

She opened the door and we climbed in. As soon as I was seating down, Alice was working on my face.

"Girls, did you hear about the new family that moved to Forks? They have kids your age, isn't that wonderful?" Mrs. Brandon said.

"No we didn'-" Alice glared at me and she said.

"Yeah, we knew."

Alice finished putting on lip gloss on her tiny mouth, when her mom open our door.

She managed to put pale blue simmer like eye shadow and lip gloss on me.

She was wearing a silver dress with small heals, her make up was silver simmer eye shadow, blush, and lip gloss.

Everyone at Forks knows that I am clumsy and I blush sooooo much.

We were seating down at our tables when the bell rang.

"Good Morning Class." Mrs. Taylor said.

"Good Morning Mrs. Taylor." The whole class echoed.

"Please get out your reading time log and put it on your desk." Mrs. Taylor asked.

I had mine on my desk in less then 1 min and looked around the room and saw that Alice had hers, but other people were going to get in trouble.

Knock knock

There was pause of silence and then Mrs. Taylor open the door and said something to whoever was behind the door,

"Class, it looks like we have a few new students. Please all of you welcome the Cullen's and Hale's." She said in a high unusual voice.

Nervous? Maybe, but why...

She moved and the most beautiful man walked inside, then 4 kids walked in and behind them a women.

"Introduce yourself, kids." Said the beautiful man.

I'm Emmett Cullen." Said the tall, brown short curly hair, hazel eyed boy.

"I'm Rosalie Hale." Said the honey blond, straight haired, skinny, blue eyed girl.

"I'm Jasper Hale." Said the tall, honey blood wavy haired, blue eyed boy.

"I'm Edward Cullen." Said the tall cooper colored, messy haired, green eyed boy.

"And We are Mr. Cullen and Mrs. Cullen Hale. Nice to meet you. We have to go now. Bye." They said and closed the door.

"Well, you guys need to choose any open seats, okay?" Mrs. Taylor asked.

"Yeah." They said.

Our class was to be seated in a girl-boy style, so Alice and I couldn't seat together, but she was across from me, cause our tables were in a square box shape.

Edward and Jasper looked at Tanya's table that had one open seat and our table that had enough for both of them. They walked to our table and Edward sat down next to me, while Jasper sat next to Alice.

Emmett and Rosalie to the table by Angela and Ben, they sat together.

Tanya looked unwanted and then glared at me.

"Okay Class, today we are going to learn..."

In a whisper Edward said, "Hi, I'm Edward."

"Hello, I'm Isabella Swan. But Peo-, I mean my friends call me Bella." I said while I blushed and looked down, his eyes were so intense. I was about to say people called me Bella, but that was a lie, people called me Freak.

"Nice to meet you, Bella. Your name suites such a beautiful girl." He said and picked up my hand and tenderly kissed it,that made me blush like crazy.

He turned his attention to our teacher and I was shocked and I looked across the table and saw Alice staring into space, flushed cheeks. She liked Jasper. And I think I liked Edward too, as a friend. I think...

Alice and I were currently in the front of the Lunch line, when Tanya and posy cut us. We didn't say anything, because it was their daily routine.

I was shocked when a cold hand grabbed mine and both Alice and I were taken to the front of the line.

I looked to see who was playing with me, Edward. He was smiling Why?

"Come one Bella, why are you all quite?" Edward asked in the most honey like voice.

"What would you expect? After all you're talking to The Freak and the Cuckoo head." Tanya sneered and glared at me. The I saw why she was glaring. Edward was holding my hand. Holy molly!

"Excuse me?" Edward asked a bit mad.

"You don't have to ruin your reputation, by hanging around this creatures. We could go and get Pizza later?" Tanya asked.

"I'm sorry Tanyee, but I already said No thank you. Plus, Bella and Alice are fantastic people and even better friends, excuse us." He said, grabbed one tray while Jasper grabbed another and filled it with food, and led us to a table in the far corner, where their other siblings were sitting.

"Hi, I'm Rosalie, but call me Rose. And this is Emmett, call him goof ball." Rose said.

"Hi, Bella." I said.

"Hi, I'm Alice." Alice said with a small voice. Wow. She's never quite.

"Well, how long have you guys lived here?" Jasper asked.

"All our lives, we became friends the day we were born. Well I was born on September 13, while Alice was born September 14." I said.

"Wow that's so cool. We're pairs of twins." Emmett said.

"Yeah, I kinda noticed that."I said.

Emmett's laugh shook the table. The cafeteria went quite and then a voice said, "Wait till James get back tomorrow." Victoria.

We chatted about our interests, hobbies, favorite movies, etc. We all went back to class and did more work. Ar.

The bell rang and it signaled for us to go home.

"Bye Bella." Edward said.

"Bye." I replied. Still thinking about how he didn't let go of my hand all during lunch.

"Bye Bella." The other Cullen's yelled as Alice pulled me towards the door.

We waited for Mrs. Brandon's Car. When she got here we jumped in and her mom as always had a snack waiting for us.

"Good day girls?" She asked.

"Yeah, we met the Cullen's and Hale's twins." Alice gushed.

"That's fantastic!" Mrs. Brandon replied.

The ride home was talk about the Cullen's and Hale's.

"Your house or mine." I asked Alice.

"Mine, I got a new poster! I just have to show you!" Alice gushed.

We lived across each other, so it was easy to go over each others house.

"Come on!" Alice ran up her stairs and put on her TV.

"Bella lets DANCE!" She yelled and ran to her Ipod and it started to play.

You come from here I come from there You rock out in your room I rock a world premiere We're more alike than Anybody could ever tell (Ever tell) Friday, we're cool Monday, we're freaks Sometimes we rule Sometimes we can't even speak But we can get up and Let loose and LOL It may seem cliche For me to wanna say That you're not alone (That you're not alone) And you can call I'm cool But it's a simple fact I got your back (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) Chorus 'Cause we're one and the same We're anything but ordinary One and the same I think we're almost legendary You and me the perfect team Chasing down the dream We're one and the same I'm kind of like you You kind of like me We in the same song And a different key It's got a rhythm Than you and me Can get along (Get along) It may seem cliche For me to wanna say That you're not alone And you can call I'm cool But it's a simple fact I still got your back Chorus: 'Cause we're one and the same We're anything but ordinary One and the same I think we're almost legendary You and me the perfect team Shaking up the scene We're one and the same 'Cause we're one and the same We're anything but ordinary One and the same We're so good moment momentary Cause we're one yeah, Yeah, Yeah 'Cause we're one Anything but ordinary You and me the perfect team Chasing down the dream Oh, You and me the perfect team Shaking up the scene We're one and the same That song described us. Me. Alice. We. We would always be there forever. Even if we were called freaks, we were freaks together. Idk if I should continue. Plz review and tell me ur opinion. This is my very first not book related story. All human. Pic of dresses on Profile.