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Main Characters Ziva/Cauis

Ziva David had met him years ago and she was terrified for a Mussed Officer she was terrified to be around this man. He was not a man either he was a monster. He looked pale and he was cold that she thought was not normal. She had met him when she was younger she was with her father visiting Italy she had gotten lost. She was curious and she went into the castle when she saw him. Her eyes grew ten times bigger. She ran away but the guy that she came to know as Cauis was by her side and she stood there frozen and scared until she heard her father yelling for her. She turn towards his voice and then turned back he wasn't there anymore and she cried and her father came to her he was about to scold her but saw that she was crying and hiccupping. He scooped her up and took her back to the hotel. That was not the last time she would run into this monster. The next time they would see each other would be on her fifteenth birthday. He had left her a gift. It was her twenty-fifth birthday today and like every year since her fifteenth birthday he had given her a gift. She had taken it to work with her. She went to the morgue where Ducky was.

"Ah my dear Ziva what can I do for you"

"Nothing" Ziva says setting the gift down on the morgue table

"What is this" Ducky says going over to the gift

"I was just going to open it"

"Ah its your birthday isn't it"

"Yes twenty five" She says

"Hmm happy birthday"

Ziva nods her head "Thank you"

"well are you going to open it"

Ziva unwrapped the gift carefully and slowly and took the gift out of the box.

"That is nice" Ducky says

"Do you want" Ziva says handing him the pendent

"O I don't think so"

"No you can have it"

"Are you sure"

Ziva nodded her head "Si"

"Okay if you say so but is it from your father"

Ziva shakes her head "No its from a demon, a monster I wish to forget"

"Ah he bothers you"

"You can say something like that"

"Have you told Gibbs"

"No I was not planning to tell him"

"Dear why not he could help"

"This monster you cannot kill easily"

"Was he a family"

Ziva shakes her head

"A lover perhaps pardon me for saying"

"I met him when I was nine we remet when I was fifteen I was scared both times but every year and I do not know how Ducky he has given me a gift on my birthday I do not wish to keep" Ziva says

"O okay I think you should tell Gibbs"

"No Ducky no one can know please" Ziva says pleading and Ducky could see the fear in her eyes

"all right but you should really tell someone"

"I did" She smiles and walks off. Ducky put the pendent back into the box and left it on his desk. He went back to his work.

After Ziva left autsopy she went back upstairs.

"Happy Birthday Ziva" McGee says

Ziva nods her head "Thank you"

She makes plans to go to Las Vegas. She put in for some vacation time and even if the director didn't approve it she was going to go anyways. She needed to talk to someone who knew her best and is the only one who knew of this said monster besides Ducky.

"Augustine" Ziva breathed in her phone.