Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created by Joss Whedon

Star Wars was created by George Lucas

Siri Tachi was created by author Jude Watson.

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*Chapter 2*

October 31st

Xander walked along Buffy's street in the late afternoon light as he went over what the stupid principal Snyder told them today in school. 'Stupid Snyder. Volunteer means that, actually Volunteering for something. Not demanding, or saying you Have to do something. There's supposed to be a choice in there!' He grumbled to himself under his breath, since Snyder was making them take out a bunch of kids for Halloween this year. "At least Willow is something different this year" He said softly as he perked up with that thought. There was hope in that train of thought. His normally shy friend was something different. Hopefully with even this small change, she wouldn't be so shy and she would then come out of her shell. Xander's train of thought continued along that vein as he walked up to Buffy's house and knocked on the door.

"Well hullo there Xander. Don't you look dashing in that costume" Joyce greeted as she opened the door wider to let Xander into the house. "You are a Jedi right?" she asked.
"Yes ma'am." Replied Xander to her question. "Are Buffy and Willow ready yet?" He asked.
"They are almost should be down shortly. And I don't know what you did to get Willow to change her costume this year, but she looks so much more confident than before." Joyce exclaimed. I will go upstairs and see how they are doing."

Xander settled back into the couch as he waited for Buffy and Willow to finish getting ready upstairs. Even though they were stuck looking after a bunch of bratty kids. It wouldn't last all night and then they could go and spend the rest of the night having fun at the Bronze. So it wouldn't be a total waste of a night.
As Xander stared at the ceiling in boredom, he heard someone start down the steps. He looked up to see Buffy in all of her fancy Lady glory. "Wow.' He breathed. "My Lady Buffy of Buffonia. You look absolutely wondrous in that gown." He exclaimed dramatically and gave a deep bow to his secret crush. Buffy smiled widely at the complement Xander gave her. "Just wait until you see Willow. She looks fabulous!" She bubbled.
With that cue, Willow started down the stairs. The way she wore the Jedi outfit, it was like she had worn it forever. She felt more comfortable in this, then regular everyday clothes. She even enjoyed the blond wig that she had on. She felt so different, it was very exciting. She walked up to Xander and spoke softly with a smile. "May the Force be with you my fellow Jedi Knight."

Xander returned Willows soft smile, then he posed dramatically. "Hark, I hear a child in danger of not getting enough candy. Let us be off and defend candy rights from the evil Empire and the Dark Side!" He bellowed as he bounded down the front steps and into the warm October evening. Everyone laughed at his excitement. "You sound more like a swashbuckler than a Jedi Knight Xander" Buffy yelled after her silly friend as he bounced around her front yard like he was already hopped up on tons of sugar.

An Hour or so later

The Scoobies were walking along the road with their charges for the night, who were eating their candy as the same time they were walking. Buffy and Willow were quietly talking to themselves while watching the kids and Xander was over to one side trying to convince one kid to at least share a chocolate bar as payment for them taking them out this evening, when a strange feeling came over all of them. It was subtle at first but it increased in strength, when the totally unexplained happened.

Point of View for Obi-Wan/Xander

Obi-Wan Kenobi stared at the strange scene in front of him. There were strange creatures scattering to the winds and the architecture was definitely primitive. Using the Force, he stretched out his senses to access the situation. There was a great disturbance in the force that caused the area to be cloudy and dark. It made him feel sick as he felt the darkness on the horizon. The last thing he actively remembered he was fighting Vader on the Death Star. He opened his eyes as he heard a distant scream fill the air. Where ever he was, there was danger and as a Jedi, it was his duty to protect the innocent from it. Obi-Wan took off down an ally way to find the source of the scream.

As he reached the other side of the ally, he saw a woman being attacked by 3 small creatures. The woman was screaming at them while trying to get away. "Whats gotten into you? Why are you doing this? Kieth, its mommy, stop this!" She screamed in fear.

Obi-Wan stepped forward and used the Force to push the creatures off the distraught woman. They were pushed a couple of feet away and landed in a pile of bodies. The taller of the three stood up and growled at Kenobi. He stepped forward aggressively and bared his sharp pointy teeth. A deep menacing growl proceeded the attack as he surged forward to Obi-Wan while he activated his blue colored lightsaber with a snap and hiss. (A/N: Sorry. I suck at fight scenes, suggestions to make it better would be greatly appreciated)
The creature surged forth towards him, so Obi-Wan dropped into the basic first Form of Shii-Cho, easy to defend himself, without seriously injuring his opponent. The creature, while menacing, didn't look to be much of a challenge.

And as he could hear, the distraught woman was shouting out. "Don't hurt my baby, he doesn't know what he is doing!"

Obi-Wan sensed that while this creature was vicious, it was apparently a child. And he would never hurt children, no matter how monstrous they seemed. As the demon child rushed towards Kenobi, he thought of the best way to disable the child without harming him to much. He started out with a quick movement that tapped the demon child once on the right leg and arm. Not hard enough to dismember him, just to give the child some thought of what he was up against. The demon child let put an angry roar at the stings he received. It only seemed to anger him more. Obi-Wan tapped the child once more on the left leg and arm, then pushed him back with a light shove of the Force.

As the demon child landed once again on top of the other demon children, it decided that the human it was fighting was to difficult, so it growled at its companions and they left to find easier prey that wouldn't fight back.

Obi-Wan Kenobi deactivated his lightsaber as he walked over to the hysterical woman. "Ma'am, I suggest you retreat to indoors as it is very dangerous out here."

"But, but, my Kieth and his friends, what are they? They are just children. What happened?" She whimpered. "No! I have to go and find them and make sure they are safe. They have to listen to me. I am an adult" She continued to groan out as she tried to go after the departing figures of her demon child and his cohorts.

Obi-Wan ventured that this would turn out horribly as the woman was hysterical and her demon child obviously didn't remember her, she would only end up very hurt or worse, dead. Kenobi waved his hand in front of the distraught woman and said in a soothing voice. "Your child is safe with his friends. You will go home and rest for the rest of the evening."

"I will go home and rest. Kieth is safe with George and Micheal." The woman repeated in a monotone voice. The tears form her earlier breakdown still apparent on her face.

As the woman turned and walked away, Obi-Wan reached out with the Force to find where the disturbance originated from. If he could find the source, maybe he could end this madness. With that thought, he tried to find the point of the disturbance in the sea of darkness that seemed to spread out in this town. He felt there was a huge evil force of the Dark side on one side of him, with smaller ones intersected at various points elsewhere. One of the smaller ones seem, chaotic and happy at the same time, coming from somewhere in the middle of the town.

As he made his way there he was stopped by a humanoid that stepped in front of him. Using the Force, he sensed that this creature was dead, but still mobile. That in of itself was very confusing. And now given the fact that the creature was trying to fight him, just confused the Jedi more.

"Hey, since look very tasty, I think I will make you into a to-go package while I continue the buffet tonight" the undead creature sneered to Obi-Wan as its face turned into a monstrous parody. Three more similar creatures came out of the shadows and started to surround him.

Obi-Wan could sense the Dark side radiating off the humanoid creature in front of him. He activated his lightsaber with the well known snap and hiss and dropped into Form III: Soresu, for the coming battle. He centered himself with the Force and slipped into the beginning stance of the form he knew so well. The first one charged Obi-Wan while the three started to circle around him, trying to confuse the Jedi with all of the movement. The leader lunged at Obi-Wan, but he dodged the creatures outstretched arms with a wide sweep of his saber taking off the right arm. The undead form screeched and grabbed his stump in pain. The other three, stopped their circling and looked at their leader for direction.

"No more fooling around." the leader growled menacingly. "Kill the bastard!" with those words all three surged at Obi-Wan.

The Master Jedi was a centre of calm, as he dodged and flowed away from the humanoids. The first of the three, reached out with a arm and tried to grab his tunic, but Obi-Wan merely slipped away, bringing his saber down in a sweep of light and took off the offending creatures head. It's bursting into dust momentarily startled the Jedi, but didn't stop him from turning to face his next attacker. One of the monsters, (which was what Obi-Wan was now calling them) tried to grab him from behind, in a tight hold, but he was able to dodge the offending arms and spun around and took off the next head, turning it into dust as well. The third creature, stopped and looked at the two piles of dust that used to be his cohorts. The look on its face was fear. It seemed, not many fought back, and its indecision seemed that it wanted to retreat but it was stopped when its leader yelled at him to continue the fight. It looked at his master, then over at Obi-Wan who mearly stood still with his activated lightsaber humming beside him, then turned and ran away while his master ran after him yelling that he was a coward.

Obi-Wan Kenobi once again started toward the chaotic disturbance that he believed started what was happening at a light jog. The Force spread out around him, keeping alert for others that were disturbed on this night. As Kenobi passed a small park he heard another woman screaming from the middle of the greenery. There was a woman in a strange dress struggling in the arms of a blond man, while a blond woman was trying to talk and diffuse the situation. Obi-Wan felt he knew the woman, and she was dressed as a Jedi. If there was another of his kind in this town, it would be a great thing. Two Jedi in a perilous situation was better than one.

As Obi-Wan grew closer to the figures, he spread out with the Force to find out who the strange woman was. The shock that came mere seconds later almost drove the stoic Jedi to his knees. It couldn't be. She was dead. He held her in his arms as she took her final breath. What is this madness? He desperately thought to himself as he drew closer. As Obi-Wan came up behind the female Jedi, he made himself ask the question he both wanted to know and was afraid to receive the answer for. In a soft quiet voice he asked, "Siri?"

The woman gave a small jerk of surprise that made her spin around to face the confused Jedi. She replied. "Obi?"

The face that greeted him was not that of Siri Tachi, but the Force he had spread towards her sensed it was her. There was no other that had the same feeling in the Force. There was no other to give off the power that was only her. The woman in front of him had blond hair and a different face. But the power she radiated was identical of his lost love.

Angry that he was being ignored for the moment, Spike realised that now there were two of them. Buffy had passed out in his arms from all the fighting and screaming she had done, but Spike was not stupid. Willow on her crazy trick of believing she was a Jedi was one thing. He could have probably taken her. But now the tool Xander had come up and he was also dressed as a Jedi. Two he wouldn't be able to take. As these thoughts circled in his mind. Siding on the road of cation seemed the better of the two outcomes. So Spike dropped Buffy and made a hasty retreat before the two Jedi decided to use those working lightsabers on his body. He saw Willow use hers on his minions, and so he didn't relish the same work over to his own body.

Obi-Wan Kenobi turned to watch the undead creature make a hasty retreat before walking closer to the female Jedi that felt like his love.

To Be Continued: Dun Dun duun...