Hey Guys, I've got this book of old legends from my state and I wanted to put one of them on here, it's got a biblical character in it, see if you can guess who it is!

Centurion Marcus

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You can find Mr. Joe John Collins' house up that winding dirt road, with terraced fields with good looking corn and much livestock. He'd feed any hungry neighbor or care for any sick one. The only trouble he had was that his boy, Anse, was crippled ever since the day his legs were run over by a wagon.

One day a man came up to Joe Johns house. "I wonder if I can find any work there" he said, He went up to Mr. Collins house and said "I'm a Carpenter, Do you have any job I could do?" Mr. Collins liked the look of the man; so he said "Yes. Come across the yard here. See that neighbor-house yonder?"

Between the two houses ran a footpath, But a large ditch had been dug about midway across with water running thru it. "that man and I used to be like brothers, but we had a falling out over a piece of land, and he dug that ditch to show that he doesn't want me coming over to his place anymore, so I'll do him one better, I want you to build me a board fence so he can't even see me. The carpenter thought for a minute then said "I can do something you'll like." Mr. Collins replied " All right . Now I'm going to the upper field to chop weeds. See you later."

Mr. Collins left and the carpenter set to work. Like anyone working alone he started to sing. Not a silly song or a funny one, but you felt good to hear it, or to sing it, I reckon. In Mr. Collins home, little Anse hears, and got off the couch and took his crutches and began to inch out there, on his poor, hurt little legs. And when he got to where the carpenter was working, little Anse smiled and the carpenter smiled back at him.

All that day the carpenter worked and talked to little Anse, and when he finished he went back to the house, and then Mr. Collins came in from the field "All finished?" he asked. "Yes" replied the carpenter "come and see."

Mr. Collins went down there and saw that the carpenter hadn't built a fence but a bridge and across the bridge came neighbor Tom with his hand out! "Joe John, you don't know how sorry I was after I dug that ditch. But now you built this bridge to show that you never favored us being cut off-" Mr. Collins shook his old friend's hand. "Why, I'm just as pleased as you are but this bridge notion wasn't my idea, this carpenter, he thought it up." They both looked as the carpenter picked up his tool kit, ready to leave, he smiled then put his hand on little Anse's head, just half a second. "Throw away those crutches" He commanded. Little Anse threw his crutches away and ran to his daddy. Next moment, the carpenter wasn't there, but all of them knew who he was and how He promised to be with us always even unto the end of the age.