I decided to put up another chapter, This one is called "Traveling Church at Swan Quarter" and the first one is called "little Anse"

Centurion Marcus

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Some people believe in miracles, some don't. I do and so do the people in Swan Quarter, a little village only a few feet above the waters of Pamlico Sound.

In the 1870s, the Methodists there decided to build a church. They chose a vacant lot that was conveniently situated and was on top of the highest plot 'o land there. The building committee went to the lot owner and offered to buy it. No, the owner said, he had other plans for that lot and would not sell it for any price they said. The disappointed committee began to look for another plot and found a much less suitable one near the waterfront, and began to build their church.

In September, 1876, the church was almost complete when a very strong storm swept in from the sound. On the second day of the storm with the streets flooded to a depth of five feet, the unfinished foundations of the church gave way. The startled Methodists looked out their windows to see their church building float pass. It sailed down the streets, through intersections as if there was a pilot aboard, turned into to the lot the church originally wanted and settled down.

This was to much for the owner of the lot, who hopped in his rowboat to find the chairman of the committee. After he found him, he gave the lot to the group.

Today at Providence Church is a sign that proclaims to all that it's "The Church moved by the Hand of God."

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