It was late at night on the day of the graduation exams. Naruto Uzumaki, a young boy of 12, sat in a small clearing outside of his home village of Konohagakue no Sato. He stood about 4'8 which was short for his age. He had wild untamed blond hair, deep sky blue eyes, three whisker-like scars mirrored on his cheeks, wearing a bright orange jumpsuit with a red swirl on the back. In front of him lies the infamously famous Forbidden Scroll. Earlier after failing the exams his sensei Mizuki told him if he was able to acquire the scroll and learn one jutsu he would pass on to genin status. He managed to take the scroll and learn Shadow Clone Jutsu as well as Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu.

Contrary to the popular belief of most villagers Naruto wasn't the happy-go-lucky dobe they all thought him to be. While not as smart as Shikamaru he was smart enough to challenge Shino. He always wore his mask to hide his pain and keep the council from making things harder for him. Something that Naruto had noticed was that theory was meaningless so he focused on the practical aspects and such. He also had the chakra control of a mid to high genin, and the chakra reserves of a mid special jonin.

"Damn it! What else to do! Mizuki-sensei won't be here for about another hour or two, and I'm sure that most of these jutsu are too hard for me." He said and looked through the scroll until, "Hello. What's this?" What he was looking at was a picture of a gear shaped object with eight squares jutting off of it (Providence symbol), but what truly caught his eye was that on all but one had a letter on it. The letters read 'U', 'Z', 'U', 'M', 'A', 'K', and 'I'. "Why is my name on this thing?" he asked himself quietly. He then noticed two more things. One was that across the gear was the word/name 'Breach'. The other was that under the gear were some instructions.

"If you are of Uzumaki blood cut your palm and lay it on the blank square." Nauto stopped there and did so but when he did he suddenly jerked his hand back finding it numb and burned. Wondering what happened he looked back at the scroll. "CAUTION: those of Uzumaki blood may be burned, and those not will forfeit their arm." After a palm slap to the face he continued not noticing the gear glow and spin. "The gear holds four scrolls. One is a seal to awaken and implant the Uzumaki bloodline 'Nanites'. *Cue fist pump from Naruto* "The second contains skills and jutsu to use with the bloodline. The third is a sealing scroll holding a young girl with a bloodline that is dangerous to all but her. Hers is called 'Evo'. She herself is called Breach. She is currently in a state of cryostasis, She looks to be about 13. Not much is known, but know that she is a friend and can help with the bloodline. P.S. she can only be awakened by a kiss from an Uzumaki male. The fourth and final is a scroll of explanations about both hers' and your bloodlines."

With that he finished reading and was enveloped by smoke. He frantically waved his hands to ward the smoke of and found where it came from. The gear was gone, and instead there lied the four scrolls. Feeling anxious he grabbed the first and saw it was the blood seal to awaken his bloodline. He quickly took his hand and cut it again and put his hand on it and was instantly knocked out from the shear pain coursing through his body.

When he woke up he noticed two things. First he noticed he felt different. He grabbed a mirror and looked at himself and was shocked to see his one blue eyes, while still blue, now had a redish black hue to his eyes and his hair had black tips. Second he noticed the position of the moon and realized he had about 10 minutes before Mizuki would arrive. He quickly stuffed scrolls 1,2,and 3 in his pockets, and started looking at the second scroll and managed to read about his bloodline. He finds out that he can control the nanites in him to change his molecular structure to grow various machines out of his body and then absorb them back into himself when done. He also learns his powers are linked to his emotions, and fail with low self-esteem or other strong emotions. He just finished his bloodline when Iruka appeared.