(AN: In this story I will be exaggerating greatly Rex's skills and other slight things such as new tech. Also to go with the justu in the scroll he will use something akin to alchemy. Concerning Naruto's look, I don't believe I'll use Rex's clothes, though maybe down the road I'll shift some in as in like casual clothing.)

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One month later

We join the son of General Larry; I mean Naruto walking down the street on his way to the academy for team placements as Iruka was finally released from the hospital. 'Wonder how the others will take the news' he thought to himself. He was passing through the more populated part of town and was gauging the reactions of the people on the street as they saw him. He wasn't too surprised at the open hostility he was receiving but he was at the looks the younger females were giving him. The reason for this is his new look. 'I'm glad Kuu-chan helped fix my physical problems.' He thought of his malnourishment that hampered his growth and mental capacity. He now stood a little over 5'9. He was dressed in:

Purple and UV reactive lime green cotton pants with black piping and lime green stitching throughout, a belt style waist with 2 zipper pockets on each side with overlaying fabric to hide them, a O-ring lace up center back, 2 front pockets, a couple pockets down each leg, alternating colored spikes at the bottom of each leg and a velcro and triple snap closure.

Handmade black genuine leather Ed Hardy belt decorated with a vintage classic bulldog, pewter studded design.

A black lined jacket with grey skulls and spider web throughout, overlaying black mesh on the front and down the sleeves, 2 front zipper pockets, adjustable straps around the collar, down the arms and across the chest, the bottom half of the jacket zips off and it has a zipper closure currently open showing off his ripped abs through his black long-sleeved stretchy fishnet top with a skeleton's ribs print and a copy of his seal on it.

Demonia Wicked 800 boots with a 4" heel, 5 buckles going down the boot and in between each buckle is a spike. It has spikes on the back of the heel and on the front of the boot.

Jointed finger armor, 3 segments move with 4 hinged rivets and 8 more rivets hold solid connections throughout the piece. All cold connections (no solder). 20 gauge bronze, silver tubing for rivets, 4 small animal vertebra of a young fox...'I'm glad at least now his soul will rest in peace.'


(one week ago)

Naruto walked alone at night after leaving his apartment complex, yes his, as the Hokage gave it to him after the previous landlord tried to kill him in front of the hokage.

'Man, this month has been long what with Bre...' his thought interrupted by angry voices, sounds of wood hitting what sounded like padded flesh, and the word 'fox'. He quickly took off to find the source and when he did he was aghast. There were two of the more ruthless of the villagers beating defenseless baby fox who's white coat was smeared red from its own blood. Seeing enough he charged forward with a lead pipe, for he was unable to use his power due to his own fear, and took out the closet ones legs alerting the other to his presence on the ground where he grabbed the fox and pulled him to his body trying to cover it. The other man checked his accomplice on the ground and saw that the Kyuubi-brat broke both his legs and when he fell his head landed on a large piece of glass killing him instantly. He turned back toward Naruto enraged and went to attack but felt a pulse of chakra from him. Thinking it was nothing he went to attack again but found his arm held. Eyes widening he turned to see who had him and nearly crapped himself seeing the Neko ANBU. He looked at her with fear in his eyes knowing that she was one of the ANBU that actually looked up to the kid. He was slightly confused when she stood straighter and turned her head the opposite direction of Naruto and let go of him. He turned the same way and did crap himself. Standing in front of him was none other than the Hokage, his personal ANBU guards, and a new girl he had never seen.

"Neko get Naruto and bring him to me." spoke the hokage with an iron gaze on the man as he fidgeted. Neko did as told and grabbed Naruto and the baby fox and shunshined beside the hokage. "Naruto, what happened?"

Before Naruto could answer the Hokage the man rushed up to the hokage, dropped to his knees and pleaded, "Hokage-sama, please help! Me and my friend were just walking and then that demon and his fox attacked us killing my friend!" At the news of the death the hokage's eyes widened and looked to Naruto and saw his face go white and start shaking at the knowledge he caused a death. Seeing this he turned to the man and kept a straight face and spoke.

"Naruto, what really happened?" The man looked shocked and started begging.

"I was just walking and heard these two beating this baby fox. I was scared but I rushed in and hit the other with a lead pipe in the legs and managed to cover it with my body." Naruto said shakily as the Hokage finally noticed the blood and fox in his arms.

He nodded and looked back down at the eyes of the man and saw that Naruto told the truth. "Tenzo, go check the body." Getting a nod from the ANBU as he followed his order, he then motioned for Neko to come to his side. "Kill him for assault." The man's eyes widened as he quickly got up and before Neko was able to catch him he brought out a pocket knife and charged at Naruto and stabbed at him, but was only able to stab the fox killing it as it jumped up to protect the one who saved it. Then everyone was assaulted by a massive KI. The Hokage being the only one really able to move, looked at the source and saw Naruto, 'Is Kuugen influencing him?' only his eyes were not bleeding red he realized the death was really effecting the boy. He watched as Naruto stalked forward and rammed his fist up toward the man's face resulting in his death as the bone in his nose was shoved into his brain.

The KI lessened for everyone to move but everyone was stunned at the fierce death of the idiot, but a new girl ran up and hugged Naruto from behind and talked to him. "Please stop this isn't you." She said into his back trying to calm him down to regain control of his emotions and KI. He tried to fight her off but she just held on to him as best she could. He fought for several minutes but was slowly calming down.

When he was finally able to calm down he turned and hugged her back and said "Thank you Breach." After he let go of her he picked up the fox and saw that the knife had cut through its spine and some of its vertebra fell off. Naruto seeing it placed it in his pocket for keeping. He turned to the Hokage and looked at him dead in his eyes. "Jiji, I'm going bury him." And with that he walked away.

The hokage stared after the boy and then turned to Breach. "Go, he will need you with him for this." She looked to him and back to the back of Naruto and silently nodded and ran off after him. 'Naruto, how strong are you? I thought that was Kuugen but that was all him. I'll need to have him tested. I wonder what all he learned from Kuugen this past month.' With that thought he turned and motioned to the ANBU to dispose of the bodies and shunshinned back to his tower and dreaded paperwork.


With that thought gone now he took out a hidden iPod and popped in his ear buds before turning on Hollywood Undead's Bullet. He then focused on the girl who consoled him, and has become a big part of his life in the short amount of time they have been together. He still shuddered at the consequences of awakening Breach from her long sleep.


(One month ago)

(Naru's view) As I was kissing her, her eyes sprang open and looked to me and she socked me hard across the cheek sending me a good five feet into the wall. 'DAMN! She got a mean left hook.' I thought as I rubbed my sore jaw and looked toward her with her back against the other wall looking around in fright. As I went to stand her eyes locked with mine. I noticed she was breathing heavy and looked about to pass out. Trying to not scare her I put my hands up in a placating manner...'Not the best idea' came to my mind as I barely dodged a chair only for it to somehow appear in front of me again and actually land.

(Breach's view) 'Ehhh mmmm. what taste like ramen?' I think to myself as I come to. When i manage to open my eyes I see these big bright blue eyes staring back and notice it's a boy kissing me and lay in to him. 'PERVERT! This kid is a fucking perv...' I look around. A huge room, made of wood, no technology, only him and me in here...'WHERE THE FUCK AM I!' I scream to myself and get as far as I can from the boy. I look around some more to try and see if I can figure out where I am, and then see the boy getting up. I lock eyes with him. 'How is he getting up? That should have put him out if not dead. He looked at me carefully and then went to raise his hands and not knowing what he was planning I grabbed the closest thing, a chair, and threw it straight at him as hard and fast as I could. As he dodged I thought, 'Damn he's fast! But lets see him dodge this.' I opened a portal behind him and opened a second in front of him letting the chair get a second shot that hit. He flew back into the wall again and the chair shattered loudly. Then I turned to see the door open and an old man run in. 'Who is this?'

(Normal view) The sandaime was coming back from the bath room when he suddenly heard a loud crash coming from his office. His first thought was 'Naruto!' And with that he rushed and tried to assess the situation. He looked and saw the woman against one wall and looked to the other and saw what was once his chair smashed against the wall. Though looking more carefully he noticed an arm sticking out and realized it was Naruto's. He withheld his fury and signaled his ANBU to capture the young woman but not hurt her. "Neko go check on him." He said looking straight at Breach and moved to his desk. Neko nodded and went over to the downed boy to remove the debris.

As she was doing that Breach was standing still trying to take everything in. She was surrounded and was terrified by this old man. It was inconceivable to her as to why though. Then she found out as one of the men around her muttered out loud "Good riddance to that fucking demon trash."

And she saw firsthand how that old man completely decimated and destroyed that young, maybe 20 year old man by just looking at him. His KI was focused on him but she felt waves of it hitting her lightly. "Duck take Goose, no he's now stripped of that. Take Anusu yarō Orokana to Ibiki and tell him hold nothing back, then when his done quick execution." Duck nodded and took the offender away.

Breach was now terrified. 'He's going to be executed just for slighting that boy?' She then realized that she did more than slight him she wounded him. 'WTF are they going to do to me!' She mentally contemplated. She was so deep in thought that she didn't see that the boy was fine and getting up and the men around her moved her to take a chair at the hokage's desk.

Sarutobi seeing that she is deep in thought coughed to get her attention. Seeing he now had it he started talking. "Hello, I am Sarutobi Hiruzen. I am the Hokage, leader of this village, Konoha." He waited to let her take that in and signaled for Naruto to come to his side. "This is Uzumaki Naruto." Breach stiffened at the sight of him unconcusly, though not from fear this time but cause she knows the name 'Uzumaki'. "Miss are you okay?" The aged leader asked her.

She couldn't answer right away as her mind was being asulted from her past. Her memories where flying to her at hyperspeed. "Rex said something about being an Uzumaki. Where is Rex? Are you related? What happened to him?" She fired off at Naruto.

This is as far as I got.

Some things to answer about the story.

Breach uses her portal powers as a storage dimension. She doesn't have her full memory.

The iPods(one for Naru and one for Breach) were something I thought of after reading Naruto: Life is A Game by RebukeX7. Its main purpose is BGM. The music is to use with the different moods and feelings of the two of them.


Hollywood Undead



MCR (before they sold out)




Green Day

Blake Shelton

Trace Adkins

System Of A Down

Sugar Ray

Bruno Mars

Lil Wayne

Kid Cudi

Lonely Island


Breach's iPod:


Taylor Swift

Nicki Minaj

Katy Perry


Dia Frampton

Toby Keith


Imogen Heap

Black Eyed Peas

Bruno Mars

Mac Miller


Kid Rock


Chris Brown

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