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"Dastan, have you been drinking the potion?" My eyes widened as I remembered the little vial that was lying under my bed. I shook my head.


I could almost feel the disappointment and fear radiating off my brothers as they stared down at me. Tus was shaking his head and Garsiv had paused his efforts to reach me.

"Why?" I gave them pained eyes before I answered.

"I forgot." Tus was frowning at me, and Garsiv didn't look any happier. My arms shook as I tried to keep my weight up, but then my fingers started slipping. I looked down at them before looking back up at my brothers, panic evident in my eyes.

"I'm slipping!" Garsiv didn't think twice before lunging forward and wrapping his hand around my wrist. He immediately grunted and started sliding forward before Tus grabbed him around the middle. We immediately stopped falling, and I realized I was in no position to reach up and grasp the edge anymore-I was too far past. Garsiv seemed to figure this out and his eyes met mine.

"You're going to be alright Dastan-we've got you." He twisted his head up to look at Tus, and I caught the strained look on my eldest brother's face. His grip was slipping.

"Call for help!" Garsiv ordered, and Tus sent him a glance.

"No one would hear me!" One of my eyebrows managed to raise before a sharp pain shot through my chest, and I flinched violently. That brought their attention shooting back to me.

"Dastan?" I lifted my head slowly to stare Garsiv in the eye.

"It hurts." I whispered, and Garsiv looked even more panicked, if that was possible.

"Tus, call someone!" He roared, and my brother immediately leapt into action…figuratively.

"Guards! Someone, help! Anyone? Bis!" The shouts echoed through the halls with no answer. Tus looked desperately at Garsiv. I almost felt the exasperation pouring off of Garsiv as he rolled his eyes. Tus started yelling again, this time accompanied by Garsiv.

"Someone! Help! Dastan's falling!"

"Guards! Bis! Come quick!" With both of the princes shouting, the sound carried further through the palace, and faint sounds of men running reached my ears. Garsiv twisted back to look down at me, smiling.

"Someone's coming. We'll be up in a moment, and then you're going to take the medicine." He reprimanded. I smiled weakly, and then my eyes widened. The fabric was slipping from Garsiv's fingers. I yelped slightly, fingers scrambling to latch hold of Garsiv's hand. My brother leaned further down, dragging Tus closer to the edge.

"Dastan, hold on-they're almost here!" I nodded jerkily, and Garsiv tightened his hold on me. Tus looked down the hall and then back at us.

"They're almost here brother, just hold on!" He encouraged, and Garsiv lifted his other hand from where it braced him against the wall.

"Grab my other hand," He said, reaching down as far as he could. I bunched my muscles up and lunged upwards, fingers barely reaching Garsiv's. He automatically grasped mine, and proceeded to pull my hand up farther. I cried out as my chest twinged, and Garsiv automatically froze.

"Dastan, what is it?" He asked, eyes searching mine. I didn't meet his.

"Nothing…" I was saved from further questioning as the guards arrived, lead by Bis. He frowned at me once he saw where I was.

"You seemed off today. This just proves there's something wrong with your version of fine." I managed a weak chuckle as he leaned over to grab Garsiv by the back of his shirt. Several guards helped him haul Garsiv so far back that my hands reached the middle of the rail. Bis left Garsiv to lean over the rail and grasp my forearms. I winced as he pressed into a reopened cut and ground my teeth in pain. More soldiers grabbed onto me, some clinging to my arms, a few grabbing my shoulders. I mentally cried out at all of the pain, biting my lip to keep silent. Bis was careful to lower me to the ground, settling me against the short wall as my breathing hitched and more blood blossomed across my chest. He stared down at it in horror.

"Dastan…" My brothers pushed Bis aside, and my friend went without a word. Tus stared down at me, and I managed to smile weakly at Garsiv.

"Told you…I could make it." I breathed, and Garsiv cocked an eyebrow.

"Right. We're taking you back to your room." He didn't leave me any room to protest as he picked me up and started carrying me to my room. I frowned at him. It wouldn't stop me from complaining every step of the way.

"I can walk!"


"Yes, I can!"

"No, you can't."

"Yes I can!"

"No, you can't."

"Tus, help me out here."

"Garsiv, don't let him go."

"…Thanks Tus."

"You're welcome, little brother."


I glared at my eldest brother before staring pleadingly at the second oldest.



"Hmph." I continued to frown at him until we reached my room and he finally set me down outside the door. I swayed minutely as he swung open the door and walked in first. Tus nodded inside and I took it as my cue to walk.

As soon as I took a step, I knew I was done for.

I literally started tilting forward as soon as my foot left the ground, and if not for Tus's quick reflexes, I would've crashed to the floor face first. He yanked hard on my arm, and I cried out in pain as he quickly shot around to the front to support my shoulders. That only made my feet slide backwards and I descended towards the ground. Bis shot forward and placed his feet next to mine to keep me from sliding. A quick shout sent Garsiv running back to us, and he helped Tus flip me over. I groaned as my stomach protested and Tus winced in reply.

"Sorry Dastan. We're going to move you to the bed, alright?" I frowned at how weak they were portraying me, but then Garsiv grabbed my ankles and I was being lifted onto the large bed. They both retracted their arms and Tus pulled the blanket up on me while Garsiv searched for the little vial.

"Brother, where is the medicine?" I frowned in thought, trying to remember-first, Tus shows it to me, then he places it on the table. We talk, and he leaves. I try and fall asleep, and in doing so, knock it onto the floor where it rolls…

"Under the bed." I muttered, and Garsiv crawled under the large bed. Soft clicking sounds came, and my brother came back up with the little golden substance. He smiled brightly, and handed me the vial. Struggling up the pillows, I grudgingly took the medicine and uncorked it, eyeing the sludge warily. Garsiv prodded my shoulder in a silent admonishment to drink it, and I hastily threw it back before he accidentally prodded one of my injuries. Instantly, a warm feeling swept through me and I sighed contentedly, slowly dipping back into the pillows. I saw all three of my guard dogs crowded at the foot of my bed. I managed a small frown as sleep slowly crept up on me.

"Go 'way." I mumbled, and they smiled. Garsiv's looked particularly smug.

"Not for the world, little brother." He remarked. I huffed haughtily.

"Fine." With that, I turned away from them and burrowed deeper into my pillow, eyes drifting closed. A soft snort came from the direction of my feet (I suspected Bis,), But then, I was asleep.

Maybe we'd all come a few steps forward from our position all the way back.

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