Chap 1- The Tragedy

The Gate shut down and Jack held his arm tightly, blood going everywhere. He looked up to the control room, sadness clouding his eyes,

'Infirmary to the Gate Room! Colonel Where is the rest of SG1?" General Hammond Said into the speaker, Jack just lowered his head and shook it slowly; Janet ran in with the infirmary team and checked O'Neil. General Hammond lowered his head and walked to his office.

Jack sat in the infirmary While Janet wrapped up his arm. He was silent and his head stayed low, Janet was filled with sadness, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c Had Gone forever, she felt a tear go down her cheek and over her lips. How would she explain to Cassy?

"Ok Colonel, You're all done here" Janet said, She could hear her voice tremble with sadness

'Thanks" Jack said walking away, he thought about going and giving Janet a hug to make her feel better but he just wanted to go to his quarters and sleep.

Jack opened the door to his quarters, he looked around, he saw his bed and layed across it and feel asleep shortly.

Jack Stood as he watched all his friends burn to the death, There was nothing he could do, The Goa'uld had set the timer before he was transported up and Jack was to stand and watch while he was tied to a wall

"Colonel! Argh! Jaaaack!" He heard Carter scream as she went up in flames

"CARTER!" He yelled trying get to her, but the restraints where too tight.

"Jack! Arrrrrrrrrrrrh" His Best friend Daniel yelled

"" Was all he heard from Teal'c, as they all were burnt to death it all happened today this morning.

Jack was released; like something triggered the restraints to unlock when his friends died He walked over to the body of Samantha Carter and held her gently.

"This is my entire fault" he whispered to her

"I WOULD GO WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE JACK O'NIELL" He heard a Goa'uld speaker say. He got up.

"WHY THEM? WHY THEM? WHY NOT ME?" He screamed to no one

"You Have 10 Seconds before destruction" The speaker said



Jack looked at the black bodies of his team mates, He picked up his bag and ran




Jack just managed to get out before the whole place exploded, but bits of Naquida went flying and one scraped past Jack, Splitting pain went through O'Neill!

"AAAARRRRRRRH!" Jack woke up sweating and screaming, Sweat dripped from his face as he slowly caught his breath. He got up and walked to his dresser.