As Jack said Goodbye to the last of his guest's he couldn't help but to think about that Puzzle piece, Daniel had never brought over a puzzle, and Sam didn't have any Puzzle's… unless it had numbers all over it. He laughed at his thought; Teal'c wasn't interested in puzzles. Jack opened up another bottle of bear and sat on the couch, Next week he was going to go thru Sam and Daniel's House and Teal'c's quarters.

He went up to his room and flopped onto his bed, he opened up his top draw and pulled out a book, Sam's Favorite book, from under his Father's day cards from Charlie, and opened to the first page with the title Pride and Prejudice, and began reading…


Jack woke up to hear the phone ringing and Pride and Prejudice lying on his chest, He waited for a moment then sprung up to get the phone

"Hello" He said stretching

"Hello, I am Yon Valgenberg; I am calling from the White House, Is this Colonel Jack O'Neill"

"Ah crap!" Jack Mumbled to himself "Im Jack O'Neill, What do you want" He added aloud

"Colonel I have Senator Kinsey on the line, He would like to talk to you"

"Nope, Tell him I said GET THE HELL LOST, nothing personal" Jack said as he went to hang up

"COLONEL" He heard thru the phone, he sighed and put it to his ear.

"Senator! How great to hear from you! It's been so long! How have you been? Oh! Wait I don't give a CRAP"

"Now now Colonel, No need for that"

"Oh did you want my apologies'? Or did you want to rub my crap life in my face?"

"Nothing like that Colonel! Do you think you can make yourself free to meet up with me later?

"Nah, Ill be perfectly fine without you"

"Colonel that wasn't a an offer, Ill pick you up at One O'clock"

"Well you know I have to be at the SGC at- The line was disconnected

Jack sighed as he hung up, this could be the second worst day of his life… No actually it was his third worst day of his life; Jack went to the kitchen and pulled out a packet Coco pop's and poured milk into the bowl with them, As he ate his Coco pops, he thought about all the other Mission's SG1 had done he closed his eye's and scanned his brain for why this was happening, He finally remember the time they went to a planet where an image was put into their mind of Daniel dying! That was it! Sam, Daniel and Teal'c weren't dead at all it was just an image someone had put in his mind! Jack got up and grabbed his Jacket and headed for the door, leaving his half eaten bowl of Coco pop's on the table…


General Hammond looked up to find the leading office of SG1 standing in his office door way…