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A New Beginning

Third Person's POV

"Finally! I made it!" a navy-haired girl in a gray cloak stopped in front of the Konoha gates. She grinned enthusiastically running towards the gates.

"Please state your name, age, purpose, rank, and association M'am," a guard stopped the girl.

"Oh, yeah. Right. My name is Tsukimoto Misaki, I am 12 years old, my purpose here is to live in Konoha, I am a shinobi student and my association is to the Angel Village." the girl said proudly setting her hands on her hips in a heroic pose that sadly did not work on a girl who happened to be 5'2".

"Ah, you don't seem like much of a threat. Okay, you're free to enter Konoha." The guard wrote her name on the clipboard and smiled inwardly laughing at her ridiculous pose.

Misaki grinned walking pass him, "Thanks, mister! I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy it here in Konoha!"