Disclaimer: Annette Curtis Klause owns Blood and Chocolate, I am just associating myself with her book, I own nothing but this poem, if you want it P.M. me... but give credit were its due, I DID write it after all.

The Wolf's Struggle

The runners of the dark

try to run and catch the day

though often it never makes a mark

but, they always catch their prey

often considered a beast

the graceful hunting packs

upon the carcass of deer they feast

Moon and Stars, they glisten upon their backs

the Pentagram symbolizes their wondrous life

their only enemy is the man in light

tooth and claw, their eternal strife

now witness this eternal plight

I got the inspiration for this poem after reading Blood and Chocolate by Klause... If anyone wants to read an amazing sequel, go to my profile and look at my favorite stories... Kaiai's Blood and Chocolate sequel is an incredible story.